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Nespresso Alto Pod Not Working in Vertuo? Here’s Why!

Nespresso Machines & Guides May 21, 2023

So you’ve heard the news, Nespresso Alto pods are back!

You got yourself some Alto Ambrato and Alto Onice, which are the new releases for Alto pods.

But, none of these Alto pods will dispense in your Vertuo.

There’s two possible reasons for this, and one of them is the sure problem.

Why Nespresso Alto Is Not Working In Your Vertuo Machine?

The problem with Nespresso Alto pods not working in Vertuo is compatibility. The new release of Alto pods do not work with all Vertuo machines.

Nespresso Alto Pod Not Working in Vertuo? Here's Why!

New Nespresso Alto Pods will only work in these models:

So, if you happen to be trying to brew an Alto pod in a:

Your machine will start blinking twice, then stop. Which means, it doesn’t recognize the pod.

How To Brew Nespresso Alto Pods

Nespresso Alto Pod Not Working in Vertuo? Here's Why!

If you do have a Nespresso Vertuo Next, Pop or Vertuo Creatista and you’re still having trouble brewing Alto pods, here’s what you need to try:

Upgrade Your Vertuo Software

Vertuo Next and Pop are connect machines, which means they receive updates to their softwares to help them perform best.

Connect your machine via your phone or tablet, and check for any recent software updates.

Clean the Barcode Reader on Your Vertuo

There’s a possibility that your Vertuo can’t read the barcode around your pod. This is specially true if your machine is having trouble brewing any type of pod.

How to Clean Barcode Reader on a Vertuo

The barcode reader is the plastic part around the pod holder inside your Vertuo. To clean it, simply wipe it using a damp cloth, which should get rid of any residue stuck on it and blocking it from reading your pods.

Should You Change Your Vertuo To Brew Alto Pods

The new Alto pods are locked to Vertuo Next, Pop and possibly newer models of Vertuo machines.

Is it work it to upgrade from an older Vertuo to a Next or Pop just to brew Alto pods?

Personally, I don’t think it’s worth it:

  • Alto pods now brew 12 oz, unlike the older pods that used to brew 14 oz.
  • They come in a package of 7 instead of 10.
  • They cost about $1.50 per pod (as of the time of writing).

The price per volume is not bad at all. The problem is in the machine model. Vertuo Next is not as reliable as previous Vertuo models. Giving up your VertuoPlus to a Next is a shame.

I would suggest waiting to see if newer, more reliable models, become available and compatible with the Alto pods. But for now, stick to your older Vertuo machines.

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