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DeLonghi Dedica vs Magnifica – This Is How They’re Different

DeLonghi Mar 26, 2023

If you are a coffee enthusiast, you know that having a good coffee machine is essential for the perfect cup of coffee. But what’s even more important, choosing the right one for your needs. Among the popular brands in the market are DeLonghi Dedica and Magnifica. Both machines are known for their quality and features, but which one is better?…

DeLonghi Stilosa vs Dedica – Which To Choose

DeLonghi Mar 23, 2023

the Stilosa is one of DeLonghi’s long time best sellers, and recently, Dedica is another model that has been topping the charts. In this post, I look over the difference between DeLonghi Stilosa vs Dedica, what makes one better than the other and which should you choose. Difference Between DeLonghi Stilosa EC260 vs Dedica EC685 Dedica is a newer model…

DeLonghi All-in-One COM530M vs COM532M – The Main Difference

DeLonghi Mar 22, 2023

DeLonghi has one of the best selling combination espresso and coffee maker of all time, that they simply call the All-in-One. And if you’ve decided on that machine as your purchase, you probably found two models: COM530M and COM532M, which look IDENTICAL. In this post, I will tell you the one difference between COM530M vs COM532M (as well as some…

DeLonghi Stilosa vs ECP3420 – What You Need to Know

DeLonghi Mar 20, 2023

If you’ve ever visited Amazon recently looking for an espresso machine, then you probably seen the two best sellers: DeLonghi Stilosa and ECP3420 models. These are budget manual espresso machines for under $200, which is the perfect entry level price for anyone buying an espresso machine for the first time. But the question is, what’s the difference between DeLonghi Stilosa…

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