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DeLonghi Dedica Arte vs Bambino – Full Comparison

With Delonghi releasing the Dedica Arte, it is now really close in features to Breville’s Bambino espresso machine. Torn between the two? This comparison is for you. Comparison Getting to the point… here are the main differences between the two models… Dedica Arte vs Bambino – What’s The Difference? Dedica Arte Breville Bambino Professional Steam Wand Yes Yes Portafilter Size…

Is DeLonghi La Specialista a Dual Boiler Machine?

As a follow up to our comparison post of DeLonghi’s La Specialista models, there are several questions we have come across that we will address in this post. La Specialista is a great espresso maker with advanced features and packs a whole lot of features for its price. It is available in four models, La Specialista (the first gen), Prestigio,…

DeLonghi La Specialista Prestigio vs Breville Barista Pro – Comparison Guide

Breville, DeLonghi Sep 15, 2022

For a while now, Breville has been the leading brand in offering high quality yet user friendly espresso machines for the barista at home with a wide range of machines under their name. But you might have noticed that DeLonghi has been catching up with their La Specialista line of espresso machines, offering the same experience and top notch quality…

Can You Use Pods in a DeLonghi Espresso Machine? (Yes, but not just any pods!)

DeLonghi, Tips & Tricks Sep 11, 2022

Have you recently purchased a pump espresso machine, either by DeLonghi or other brands and wondering what pods can you use with it? Using a manual espresso machine can be a bit of a hassle sometimes. Other times, you want a quick shot of espresso without having to measure, tamp or ‘work’ for your espresso shot. Using espresso pods is…

DeLonghi Dinamica Features and Comparisons (TrueBrew vs LatteCrema)

Fully automatic bean to cup espresso machines have always been a great option that deliver convenience and high quality. However, at some point, they were limited to making espresso drinks only. DeLonghi’s Dinamica does not limit you to espresso drinks only. In fact, it can make drip-style coffee as well as iced coffee, all with a push of a button….