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DeLonghi La Specialista Arte vs Arte Evo: Discover the New Feature!

DeLonghi La Specialista Arte vs Arte Evo: Discover the New Feature!

DeLonghi Espresso and Coffee Machines Nov 28, 2023 No Comments

The La Specialista Arte is DeLonghi’s entry-level semi-automatic espresso machine in the La Specialista range. It comes with simple and easy-to-use features for beginners to create all their favorite coffee drinks at home without the complications of professional espresso machines.

DeLonghi has upgraded the Arte to a new version: the La Specialista Arte EVO.

Both the La Specialista Arte and Arte Evo models share key similarities, including being semi-auto espresso machines with integrated grinders and active temperature control technology. However, there is one major difference that sets them apart.

Key Difference

There’s one single upgrade in the Arte Evo model:

La Specialista Arte Evo has a cold brew extraction technology that no other La Specialista machine has.

Everything else is the same as the older La Specialista Evo model.

Key Features of the La Specialista Arte

  • Built-in burr grinder for precise and consistent dosing
  • 8 grind settings to explore different bean varieties
  • Powerful steam wand for creating smooth micro-foam
  • Compact design and easy-to-clean features

Exploring the Arte Evo

DeLonghi La Specialista Arte vs Arte Evo: Discover the New Feature!

The Arte Evo is an excellent espresso machine for beginners and intermediate users alike. While it can share a lot of features with other espresso machines, the cold brew extraction technology sets it apart from the crowd.

Cold Brew Extraction in La Specialista Arte Evo

DeLonghi La Specialista Arte vs Arte Evo: Discover the New Feature!

Arte Evo’s Cold Brew setting works differently than your average ‘Over Ice’ setting on other machines.

It uses slower water flow and a really low water temperature, almost lukewarm, to extract true cold brew coffee.

This setting takes around 5 minutes to brew a full cup of cold brew coffee. It takes longer so it steeps the coffee longer at that low temperature, making sure it extracts all flavors into the cup.

The first thing you’ll notice is that when brewing cold brew over ice, the ice cubes will remain intact, which only confirms that the coffee is brewing at a low temperature.

Extracting coffee using the cold brew setting produces a smooth and naturally sweet cup of coffee. It’s truly different from an iced Americano or Iced Espresso, which tends to be harsher and more bitter in taste.

How To Make Cold Brew with the Arte Evo

DeLonghi La Specialista Arte vs Arte Evo: Discover the New Feature!

The steps to making a cup of cold brew work just like making espresso, but the machine will handle the task differently.

  • You’ll select a single or double dose, grind the coffee, tamp it, and attach the portafilter.
  • Select the Cold Brew option and hit start.

The first thing you’ll notice is that the machine will not increase in pressure and the gauge needle remains low. Then, you’ll see coffee start to drip out of the portafilter slowly, unlike the flow of an espresso shot.

The coffee will be extracted from the portafilter, at a low pace and lower temperature, until it reaches the volume you set.

So while the steps to make cold brew at the same as espresso, the extraction method is different.

Other Features

One of the standout features of the Arte Evo is its ideal pressure system. Equipped with a 15 bar Italian pump, it delivers the perfect amount of pressure throughout the brewing process. This ensures the extraction of rich flavors and aromas from your coffee beans, resulting in a delicious cup of espresso every time.

In addition to its ideal pressure system, the Arte Evo also incorporates active temperature control technology. This ensures that the water temperature remains stable throughout the brewing process, which is crucial for optimal extraction.

The Arte Evo is not only packed with powerful features, but it also offers a user-friendly experience. With simple-to-use buttons and controls, clearly labeled and backlit.

Similarities Between the Two Models

When comparing the DeLonghi La Specialista Arte and Arte Evo espresso machines, you’ll find that these two models share the same features.

Preset Coffee Recipes

Both models offer a range of coffee recipes to help you with your brewing process.

La Specialista ArteArte Evo
Integrated Grinder
Active Temperature Control
Preset Coffee RecipesEspresso, Americano, Hot WaterEspresso, Americano, Hot Water, Cold Brew

Espresso, Americano, and Hot water are a shared preset between the two models. Cold Brew is available on the Arte Evo only.

The Americano preset works great, too. It starts by extracting espresso, and then adding hot water directly from the machine’s hot water dispenser. All is done automatically.

Controls and Pressure Gauge

DeLonghi La Specialista Arte vs Arte Evo: Discover the New Feature!
Arte and Arte Evo have identical controls. The only difference is the added Cold Brew option.

Both models share identical control panels. On the right, you’ll find your coffee presets: Espresso, Americano, Hot Water, or Cold Brew (in the Arte Evo).

To the left, there are all your dose and grinder options. You can dial in your dose level, select single or double shot options, and select your brew temperature.

Once you have selected all your customized settings, you’ll have to press the OK button in the middle for the extraction process to start.

As for the pressure gauge, it’s just a helpful tool that allows you to monitor the optimal pressure of your machine at every step.

Integrated Grinder

Both models share the same built-in grinder with 8 grind settings. Compared with other brands, the 8-grind settings is limiting, but it is enough to find the right espresso grind size for a perfect shot.

Active Temperature Control

Another shared feature between the La Specialista Arte and the Arte Evo is their active temperature control technology.

This technology allows you to select from 3 brewing temperatures to get the most out of the coffee beans you are going to use and extract the best flavor.

If you switch up coffee beans a lot, you can try brewing at different temperatures until you find your favorite flavor profiles.

Barista Kit for Mess-Free Dosing and Tamping

DeLonghi La Specialista Arte vs Arte Evo: Discover the New Feature!

The La Specialista Arte and Arte Evo come with a barista kit that includes tools for mess-free dosing and tamping. This set includes:

a dosing funnel, a stainless steel tamper, and a tamping mat.

The portafilter included is a 51mm size and comes with single and double shot baskets.

The Arte models include most accessories you need to get started. And they are of high quality too, so you don’t need to buy additional accessories.

Steam Wand

Both La Specialista Arte models feature a professional-style steam wand that you can create delicious and creamy microfoam and latte art.

This type of steam wand comes with a learning curve, but it’s of high quality and will produce nice foam for any milk-based coffee drink.

Choosing the Right Model for You

When it comes to choosing between the DeLonghi La Specialista Arte and Arte Evo espresso machines, it’s a matter of a simple question:

Do you like Cold Brew coffee, and would you like to make it using your espresso machine?

If you’re someone who enjoys the refreshing taste of cold brew coffee, La Specialista Arte Evo is the perfect choice for you. With its cold extraction technology, you can indulge in a delicious cold brew in just under 5 minutes.

Remember that this is true cold brew extraction, it is done by pulsating water flow, in a slow manner and using low-temperature water. It’s not the same as an iced americano, which is made with espresso shots.

If you’re not a cold brew drinker, you can save some money and get the older La Specialista Arte version. You’ll get all the same features, minus the cold brew extraction.

I do recommend that you compare prices. If the Arte Evo is priced the same or at a slight price difference, it’s still worth getting over the Arte. Even if you’re not going to enjoy the Cold Brew feature, you’ll definitely impress guests or friends with it.

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