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Milk Frothers

Aeroccino 3 vs. 4 – Which Nespresso Frother To Buy?

Milk Frothers Jun 12, 2022

What Exactly is an Aeroccino? It is Nespresso’s electric milk frother that’s usually an add-on with many of their espresso machines like CitiZ, Pixie or Inissia. But it’s also available to buy individually. It’s an easy way to heat and prepare froth for any coffee drink recipe with a push of a button. There are several models to the Aeroccino…

Here’s Why You Should Buy Breville’s Milk Cafe Frother Over Others….

Breville, Milk Frothers Feb 17, 2021

When comparing the Breville Milk Frother to other frothers on the market, it’s is the most high end, even compared to Nespresso’s Aeroccino. And that is reflected in its price, it is the most expensive among them. So you wonder, is the Breville Milk Frother worth the extra money, if yes, then why? Here are out top reasons why the…