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Here’s Why You Should Buy Breville’s Milk Cafe Frother Over Others….

Breville, Milk Frothers Feb 17, 2021
Breville Milk Cafe Frother

When comparing the Breville Milk Frother to other frothers on the market, it’s is the most high end, even compared to Nespresso’s Aeroccino. And that is reflected in its price, it is the most expensive among them.

So you wonder, is the Breville Milk Frother worth the extra money, if yes, then why?

Here are out top reasons why the Breville Milk Frother is worth every penny…

  • While other electric frothers have the options of hot froth or cold froth, Breville’s frother gives you the extra option to set the temperature you want. You can go from Warm, 120F, 140F or 160F. You can also do a cold stir for cold drinks.
  • It uses induction heating, which is the secret to its percise temperature and consistency. It is also quicker to heat up.
  • Unlike the other frothers, the interior of Breville’s milk frother jug is stainless steel, and not non-stick coated steel which could peel after a while.
  • With the Breville frother, you can make hot chocolate by adding your chocolate mix or shavings into the frother as its warming and frothing the milk, giving you a much richer drink.
  • It has a large capacity, up to 16 oz when frother for latte or cappuccino and up to 25 oz for hot chocolate.

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Watch How It Works:

Breville Milk Cafe Demo: