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I’m Dee, an expert in the espresso niche. I have been passionate about coffee for over a decade and has spent countless hours perfecting espresso-making skills. Although sometimes I’m lazy and enjoy the convenience of my single serve espresso machines (Nespresso Essenza and VertuoPlus).

I understand that every person has different coffee and espresso needs, so no one machine or brand will be the best choice for all of us. This is why I created Super-Espresso.com, to help readers make the best pick for their own needs and find something that fits their daily routines. On this site, you’ll find product comparisons and guides about so many espresso and coffee makers that people often are torn between. Whether you’re looking for a quick and convenient single serve machine, a high-end espresso machine or something as traditional as a stovetop moka pot, I’ve got you covered!