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DeLonghi Magnifica Evo vs Dinamica – Small Differences with Big Impact

DeLonghi Espresso and Coffee Machines Nov 11, 2023

One of the great things about DeLonghi super-automatic espresso machines is that there’s one for every need and budget.

When it comes to the Magnifica Evo and Dinamica, they are seemingly the same, but that’s not the case when it comes to some features.

In this post, I’ll explore the differences in features, price, and value for the money.

Key Differences

DeLonghi Magnifica Evo is a newer, entry-level model. It packs all the basics of a super auto coffee machine but lacks the advanced LCD display and programming capabilities of the Dinamica.

– Coffee quality is identical on both machines. But the coffee menu is different.

– If you mostly drink espresso and coffee (without milk), you’ll want to stick to the classic frother versions. But if you prefer milk-based coffee drinks, go for the automatic frother versions for a true super-automatic experience.

Before I get to the differences, I want to note that both Magnifica Evo and Dinamica are available in two model variations: a classic milk frother (Steam wand) or an automatic LatteCrema milk frother. I will start with comparing the classic version, then the automatic frother version.

DeLonghi Magnifica Evo vs Dinamica (Classic Frother Version)

The classic versions of these coffee machines are nearly identical, with very small differences.

Coffee Strength

The Magnifica Evo offers three coffee-strength selections, while the Dinamica has five coffee-strength selections.

Bean Hopper Capacity

While both models share the same conical burr grinder, there’s a difference in the hopper capacity:

  • Magnifica Evo has an 8.8 oz capacity
  • Dinamica has a 10.5 oz capacity

Coffee Drink Menu

Both machines offer similar presets on the classic frother version. Because frothing is manual, you only get presets for black coffees:

  • Magnifica Evo has Espresso, Lungo, Coffee, Americano and Over Ice.
  • Dinamica has espresso, Lungo, Coffee, and Over Ice.

So the Magnifica Evo has the option for Americano that the Dinamica does not have.

What’s the difference between Americano and Coffee?

Americano is prepared by brewing a shot of espresso and then adding hot water to it. While coffee is prepared without the addition of water. The machines will actually lower the brewing pressure for a slower, drip-style cup of coffee.

How The Over Ice Option Works

This is a stable selection in DeLonghi super auto machines. What it does is lower the temperature of the coffee brew and make it stronger. This way, when it mixes with ice, it does not taste diluted and weak.

Note that the coffee still comes out hot, just not as hot as regular coffee brews.

Control Panels

DeLonghi Magnifica Evo vs Dinamica - Small Differences with Big Impact
Magnifica Evo Classic menu [source]

Magnifica Evo uses nice, touch buttons with colored icons for each coffee drink. It almost looks like a colored display, but it’s not.

DeLonghi Magnifica Evo vs Dinamica - Small Differences with Big Impact
Dinamica Classic frother menu

Dinamica, on the other hand, uses illuminated touch buttons. The icons can get a little confusing because they are not labeled with the name of the coffee drink. But it’s easy to use, overall.

Steaming Milk

DeLonghi Magnifica Evo vs Dinamica - Small Differences with Big Impact

Both models share the same steam wand style. It is operated manually, so you have to start and stop it once you have reached your desired milk consistency.

None of them include a milk frothing jug, so you’ll have to buy that separately.


Both Magnifica Evo and Dinamica allow you to reprogram the volume of the coffee output. It’s as easy as long-pressing the button of the coffee selection until you’ve reached the desired volume. Now that button will save the new volume setting.

However, none of them have the ability to save a recipe. And it’s due to the fact that there are no milk-based coffee drink presets, so it’s understandable.

Which One To Pick?

When it comes to the classic frother version, I highly recommend the Magnifica Evo over the Dinamica.

Being the newer model, Magnifica Evo has a much better design, a more intuitive control panel, and is less confusing because each coffee drink is labeled with an icon and a name.

Even though the Dinamica has a slightly larger bean hopper capacity and two extra strength settings, these won’t make a lot of difference to your everyday experience.


DeLonghi Magnifica Evo vs Dinamica (LatteCrema Version)

This variation has the automatic built-in frother, which DeLonghi names ‘LatteCrema’. The core features are the same, but the difference is in the coffee menu presets.

Coffee and Milk-Based Coffee Drinks

Now that there’s an automatic milk frother involved, you can make your favorite milk-based coffee drinks with a press of a button.

Magnifica Evo has these presets: Espresso, Coffee, Over Ice, Cappuccino, Latte Macchiato, and Hot Water.

Dinamica, on the other hand, has a much more extensive menu that includes ristretto, espresso, lungo, coffee, over ice, latte macchiato, espresso macchiato, cappuccino, flat white, hot water.

All milk-based coffee drinks can be replicated on the Magnifica Evo, but they’re not going to be one-touch like on the Dinamica. You’ll have to manually alter the milk-to-coffee ratios. However, the Dinamica wins this round, for sure.

Controls and Display

DeLonghi Magnifica Evo vs Dinamica - Small Differences with Big Impact

The Magnifica Evo uses a similar control panel to its classic frother version with the same colored icons and touch buttons. The difference is in the available presets.

DeLonghi Magnifica Evo vs Dinamica - Small Differences with Big Impact

The Dinamica, however, gets a whole new upgrade with the addition of an LCD display that makes your experience a breeze. While it still has buttons for quick access to basic coffee drinks, you’ll also find a ‘Drink menu’ button which will activate an additional menu on the screen.

The screen allows you to easily navigate recipes, customize them, and save them. It also gives you access to the machine’s settings.

The display screen on the Dinamica makes it a winner over the Magnifica Evo. You’ll enjoy the ease of use the LCD screen adds to your experience.


Both of these models offer personalized coffee drinks. However, the task of customizing and reprogramming is a lot easier on the Dinamica than the Magnifica Evo.

On the Magnifica Evo, you’ll find an option named MyLatte. All this option does is draw the entire amount of milk you fill in the frother, bypassing the preset volume of the recipe.

To reprogram a milk recipe on the Magnifica Evo, you’ll have to long-press the icon of the recipe and readjust the volumes step by step.

On the Dinamica, all of this is done using the LCD Display. Once you pick a recipe, the display will show you the strength settings as well as coffee and milk volumes.

Which One To Pick?

It’s clear that I highly prefer the Dinamica LatteCrema version over the Magnifica Evo. While there is a price difference between them, it’s well worth the price.

The Dinamica LatteCrema gives you more coffee drink options and an LCD display that will take your experience to the next level.

The Magnifica Evo is still an excellent machine, and it’s more budget-friendly than the Dinamica. It just takes a few extra steps to do things, and some guesswork to reprogram and customize. If you do pick it over the Dinamica, you’ll still get the same quality of coffee, but a less intuitive experience.

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Core Features and Capabilities

At their core, Magnifica Evo and Dinamica are the same. This is why the quality of coffee is guaranteed to be identical to either model.

These are the shared features of both coffee machines.

Brewing Specialties

With DeLonghi Magnifica Evo and Dinamica, you’ll be able to enjoy various brewing specialties. Both espresso machines let you prepare a wide range of coffee drinks, including espresso, cappuccino, and ristretto. The Super-automatic espresso machines’ hot water function also allows you to make beverages like tea and Americano.

Grinding Capabilities

Having a perfect grind is crucial for great-tasting coffee. You’ll appreciate the built-in grinders of both Magnifica Evo and Dinamica. They offer 13 grind settings to cater to your preference, ensuring consistently ground coffee every time.

Both of them have a bypass doser, which allows you to add a scoop of pre-ground coffee to bypass the beans in the grinder. Perfect for an occasional change of coffee, without having to remove the beans in the hopper.

Milk Frothing System

The milk frothing systems on Magnifica Evo and Dinamica are designed to make your life easier, delivering perfectly frothed milk for cappuccinos and other milk-based drinks.

The LatteCrema system is the same on each DeLonghi machine, so you get consistent results from any model.

And if you’re not a frequent milk-based coffee drinker, you’ll be okay with having a steam wand for an occasional cappuccino or a latte.

Customization Options

Customization is key for your perfect cup of coffee, and both Super-automatic espresso machines let you adjust settings to match your tastes. Temperature settings, coffee strength, and beverage size can all be customized, giving you full control over your coffee-making experience.

Size Comparisons

When comparing the DeLonghi Magnifica Evo and Dinamica, you’ll find that both models are designed to be compact, saving space on your countertop.

User Interface

The control panels on both machines are designed with user-friendliness in mind. The Magnifica Evo includes a simple control panel with a few buttons for easy operation. In contrast, the Dinamica features a more modern touch interface, providing a sleek and intuitive way to interact with your machine.

Considering the features of these coffee machines, here’s a comparison of their respective components:

ComponentMagnifica EvoDinamica
Water Tank60 oz60 oz
Bean Hopper8.8 oz10.5 oz
Milk SystemBuilt-in milk system or classic frotherBuilt-in milk system or classic frother
Ground Coffee BypassYesYes

Overall, the Magnifica Evo and Dinamica each have their unique strengths in terms of design and build quality. It’s important to consider the design aspects that matter most to you when choosing between these two models.