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Best Grind Size for DeLonghi Dedica [Your Complete Guide]

DeLonghi Espresso and Coffee Machines Jul 16, 2023

So you got yourself a DeLonghi Dedica Espresso machine and you want to learn how to use the correct grind size for the perfect shot of espresso.

I have been using my DeLonghi Dedica Deluxe for enough time to share my experiments with you. I’ve pulled enough bad espresso shots until I finally got the hang of it. But I also realized that it’s not really that complicated if you understand what you are doing.

So in this post, I will share my tips on how to grind coffee for your DeLonghi Dedica, and this information will apply to any Dedica (Deluxe or Arte), DeLonghi Stilosa or any semi-automatic pump espresso machine.

DeLonghi Dedica Portafilter Size and Tamper Size

DeLonghi Dedica comes with a standard 51mm portafilter. So the tamper size is 51mm, too. Out of the box, DeLonghi Dedica includes pressurized portafilter baskets.

A pressurized filter basket is the type of filter that creates pressure inside the basket itself. It has a single hole in the bottom of the basket, which means the pressure comes from forcing water through the coffee grounds and the espresso coming out of this single tiny hole.

What’s the point of a pressurized filter basket?

  • It’s a great tool for beginners. It allows you to use pre-ground espresso, which isn’t the finest coffee ground out there, but it works with pressurized baskets.
  • Also, it will still work great even if you didn’t tamp hard enough to level the coffee correctly.
Best Grind Size for DeLonghi Dedica [Your Complete Guide]

A pressurized portafilter doesn’t give you the best espresso shot, but it gives you a decent espresso shot that does not require precision in coffee grind size, tamp or amount.

When you are ready, you can upgrade your portafilter to a bottomless portafilter. This is a portafilter that uses more coffee grounds, has full holes in its basket and has no spout, so you get to see exactly how your espresso is being extracted.

But on the other side, a bottomless portafitler required precisely fine ground coffee (store bought pre-ground espresso won’t work). It will also require that you level your coffee grounds and tamp correctly so you don’t run into espresso extraction problems.

So let’s get into the details of how much ground coffee you need for your DeLonghi Dedica baskets, what the coffee grounds should look like and more.

Grind Size for DeLonghi Espresso Machine

Let me remind you again that the info I will list below will also work for: DeLonghi Stilosa or any Semi automatic espresso machine with a 51mm portafilter size.

Espresso Grind Size

Coffee used to brew espresso should always be fine grind size. In texture, it looks and feels a lot like fine sand.

The exact grind size will always depend on what brand of coffee grinder you are using. Which is why it’s hard for me to tell you exactly what grind size to use. Instead, I will show you below what it should look like.

DeLonghi Dedica Grind Size

The grinder I use is the Baratza Encore. But it’s not set to default. I have followed this tutorial to adjust the burrs so they can grind even finer, and always set the grinder to 0. That’s as fine as it can go. Following Baratza Encore manual’s advice to use grind setting 8 for espresso simply did not work, the grinder’s burrs had to be adjusted so it can grind finer that it does at 0.

DeLonghi Dedica Basket Size in Grams

It is highly recommended that you use a scale when adding coffee ground to your basket. Here’s why:

When it comes to coffee grinders, even the best of them, there’s always some coffee grounds being retained inside the burrs. So 12 grams of coffee beans in, is not always 12 grams of coffee grounds out, maybe times some grounds will get stuck and screw up your ratio.

Always measure your portafilter then tare the scale. Once you fill the basket with the coffee grounds, put the portafilter back on the scale to get the true measurement of your coffee grounds.

How many Grams of Coffee for DeLonghi Dedica Single Shot Basket

Coffee grams for DeLonghi Dedica Single Shot

The single shot basket holds between 7 grams to 8 grams of coffee grounds. I wouldn’t do the full 8 grams so you don’t overfill it.

How many Grams of Coffee for DeLonghi Dedica Double Shot Basket

Coffee grams for DeLonghi Dedica double Shot

The double shot basket holds 12 grams of coffee grounds. Don’t add more than that so you don’t overfill the basket.

How many Grams of Coffee for DeLonghi Dedica Bottomless Portafilter

Coffee grams for DeLonghi Dedica Bottomless portafilter

a bottomless portafilter is where things start to get a bit complicated. But you’ll be able to use it without issues in no time.

A 51mm bottomless portafilter can hold between 18g to 20g of ground coffee. I prefer to use 18 grams.

Because it holds more coffee grounds, it is able to produce a more concentrated and an overall better shot of espresso, if you use the right grind size and tamp it correctly.

poratfilter distributor for delonghi dedica

Personally, to make sure that I get the best shot out of my bottomless portafilter, I use an espresso distributor, which helps in leveling the coffee grounds evenly before tamping.

Also, I use a stainless steel tamper that I purchased separately instead of the plastic tamper included with the machine. A stainless steel tamper has more weight to it, which helps provide a stronger tamp. Better yet, if you’re in the market for a new tamper, use a spring-loaded tamper which applies even more pressure to the coffee grounds using the springs inside it and not your own force.

Possible Issues with Filling your Portafilter Basket

DeLonghi Dedica Portafilter Wont’ Turn

If your DeLonghi Dedica portafilter won’t lock into place, that means you have overfilled it with coffee grind.

Best Grind Size for DeLonghi Dedica [Your Complete Guide]

As you can see in the photos, filter baskets are not meant to be filled to the top. You have to leave some space on top, which is where the brew head will be attached to saturate the grounds with water.

If you fill the basket to the top, you leave no room for the portafilter to attach, which is the exact reason it’s not rotating or locking into place.

Best Bottomless Portafilter for DeLonghi Dedica

Best Grind Size for DeLonghi Dedica [Your Complete Guide]

To ensure that the bottomless portafilter you are buying is compatible with your DeLonghi Dedica (or Stilosa), look for the following:

  • Size: 51mm
  • 3-ear design (the prongs coming out of the portafilter that attach to the machine)
  • Handle design is up to what you prefer.

To make it easier for you, here are my recommended bottomless portafilters for DeLonghi Dedica

Best Grinder for DeLonghi Dedica

When of the best things about DeLonghi Dedica is its price point for the quality it provides. But when it comes to espresso grinders, they can get quite expensive.

You don’t have to buy a high-end espresso grinder (over $500) to use with your DeLonghi Dedica, but you do need a quality conical burr grinder, especially if you’re going to be using a bottomless portafilter.

Here are my recommendations for an entry-level conical burr grinders

Breville Smart Grinder Pro

This is one of the most popular conical burr grinders for home use. Breville Smart Grinder Pro has an impressive 60 grind settings, and can do true espresso fine grind as well as medium to coarse grind for other coffee brewing methods.

Breville Smart Grinder has an LCD display that will help you select the correct settings, from the grind size or the amount (you can select how many shots you are doing, for example). But I still recommend that you do individual dosing every time instead.

The best part is, Breville Smart Grinder Pro includes a portafilter cradle which allows you to grind into your portafilter directly, hands-free.

Baratza Encore ESP

This is the new and improved Baratza Encore ESP (Which stands for Espresso). Unlike my own Baratza Encore, the Baratza Encore ESP can now provide a fine grind perfect for espresso.

Baratza Encore ESP has 40-step adjustment, 1 to 20 is used for espresso, while 21 to 40 are medium to coarse grind which is perfect for pour over or french press brewing.

Fellow Opus

Fellow Opus is another high quality grinder that can do true espresso grind, while also providing grind settings for other coffee brewing methods like pour over or french press.

Fellow Opus has 41 grind settings and features anti-static technology, which will prevent coffee grounds from sticking to the bin or flying out.