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Fix Your DeLonghi Dedica Steam Wand Issues – A Complete Guide

DeLonghi Troubleshooting Nov 30, 2023 No Comments

I talk about the DeLonghi Dedica a lot, since it’s my day-to-day espresso machine. And because I have used this espresso machine almost daily for over a year, I can share many of my early frustrations with it and how I fixed common issues.

This post will cover steam wand issues on the DeLonghi Dedica and how to fix them

Common Steam Wand Issues on the DeLonghi Dedica

Fix Your DeLonghi Dedica Steam Wand Issues - A Complete Guide

Here are some common problems that occur when using the Dedica’s steam wand that you can easily resolve yourself.

  • Steam Nozzle is Popping off: If you have taken out the Panarello attachment and you’re using the plastic nozzle only, it pops out during steaming. This happens often, and I’ll tell you exactly how to fix it below.
  • Water comes out of the steam wand: this is not the same as leaking. If your steam wand is releasing a stream of water instead of steam, it’s probably because you didn’t set it up correctly.
  • Steam cuts off quickly, or the pressure is too low: this is an indication that the Dedica is overheated and needs to cool off, which I’ll tell you exactly how to do.

Let’s have a look at each of these steam wand problems and steps to fix them.

Steam Wand Nozzle Popping Off

If you’re using the Dedica Deluxe and have removed the metal attachment to reveal the plastic nozzle, you are not alone. This hack is fairly popular because it helps you create creamy micro-foam milk texture, unlike the dense foam that is produced from the steam wand attachment.

The downside to this hack is that the nozzle pops off at soon as you start the steaming/frothing.

The steam nozzle pops off because the steam wand was not designed to work this way. The metal attachment is supposed to hold this nozzle and keep it secure.

How To Secure the Steam Nozzle

Fix Your DeLonghi Dedica Steam Wand Issues - A Complete Guide

Here is a photo of my Dedica machine. As you can see, the have secured the nozzle with a cable tie to prevent it from blasting off while I steam the milk (One time, it hit me right in the face!)

That’s the only way that worked for me. Make sure you secure the cable tie as tight as possible.

The only downside to this method is that the nozzle becomes harder to take out for cleaning. For daily cleaning, simply purge the steam wand and wipe the nozzle with a damp towel. But if you ever need to deep clean it, you’ll have to cut the cable tie and attach another one after you cleaning.

Low Pressure Or Steam Cutting Off

This is one of the first issues I encountered when I started using the Dedica Deluxe. I would pull a two or three shots of espresso then switch to steaming immediately. But as soon as the steam starts, it cuts off or the steam pressure would be so low that it won’t even heat the milk.

I would also see that the lights start flashing.

All of these issues mean one thing: the espresso machine is overheated and you need to cool it off.

How To Cool An Overheated Dedica

Cooling the Dedica is quite easy, and it’s done through the steaming wand itself.

  • When the steam pressure starts to go down or cut off, turn the steam switch OFF.
  • You’ll notice that the buttons start flashing immediately.
  • Place a container or an empty cup under the steam wand.
  • Turn the steam switch on (WITHOUT pressing the steam button, this is important!)

The steam wand will start purging water and steam for around 15 or 30 seconds then it will stop. When it stops, turn the steam switch off and wait for the lights to turn steady again.

That long purge of water through the steam wand cools the Dedica and brings it back to a normal temperature.

Once the lights are steady white, the machine is ready to be used again. Press the steam button, wait for it to turn stead and starting the steaming process.

Frothing Wand Is Releasing Water Instead of Steam

If your Dedica’s steam wand is releasing a stream of water instead of steam, there’s a good chance that you have turned the steam switch without pressing the steam button first. Doing this activates the hot water dispenser instead of the steam function.

The steam wand on the Dedia, like many other DeLonghi espresso machines, doubles as a hot water dispenser. Without activating the steam button, the same wand will release hot water instead.

How To Switch Between Hot Water and Steam Function

Fix Your DeLonghi Dedica Steam Wand Issues - A Complete Guide

The steam switch on the side works for both hot water and steam, but here’s how you switch between them:

For dispensing hot water: turn the switch down WITHOUT pressing the steam button.

For steaming: While the switch is still OFF, press the steam button. It will start flashing then turn steady, indication that the steam function is ready to use. Now, turn the switch ON and steam will start releasing.

When you start the steam wand, it’s normal that some water comes out of the before the steam. That’s just the machine getting rid of condensation. You’ll want to release that water in a cup or separate frothing pitcher before you steam your milk.

Steam Wand Leaking Water

This problem is described as water dripping or leaking from around the steam wand.

Replace the Valve’s O-Ring

The O-Ring is a small plastic ring that is used is many appliances, including the Dedica espresso machine, to prevent leaks.

If the machine starts to leak, then there’s a good chance that the O-ring is worn out and needs to be changed.

I have found this website that sells the O-ring, but changing it requires some technical skills.

You can follow this video tutorial on fixing a leaking Dedica. But if you feel like it’s hard for you to follow, then I highly recommend that you send your machine for professional repair.

No Steam Coming Out At All

If you feel like you are following instructions correctly, yet, no steam is coming out of the wand at all… I want you to try this:

When you switch the steam button on, press and hold the switch into the machine.

If the steam starts releasing, then your problem is a loose switch that needs to be tighten internally.

This is another technical fix. You’ll have to take apart the Dedica and tighten some screws then put it back together.

Again, if you are not handy enough to do these technical fixes, send the machine to professional service instead as you can end up doing more harm than good.

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