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Comparison between Nespresso Vertuo vs Vertuo Next

Why You Should Pick Nespresso Vertuo Next Over Vertuo [Comparison Guide]

Nespresso Guides May 25, 2023

Picking between Nespresso Vertuo Next and Vertuo Next means one thing:

  • Do you want to pick the first-ever Nespresso Vertuo machine?
  • Or, do you want the most up-to-date version of Nespresso Vertuo?

These two Nespresso models will make the same coffee using the same pods, so it’s not a matter of brew quality. But rather, the tech features of them.

Key Differences

Vertuo Next:
– Two additional brew sizes (12 oz and 18 oz)
– Bluetooth connectivity allows it to receive updates, which means, it can expand it features even more.

– Doesn’t have Bluetooth, so no updates.
– Can brew only 4 cup sizes.

Nespresso Vertuo Next vs Vertuo

When choosing between Nespresso Vertuo Next and Vertuo, it’s essential to understand the differences in features they offer. In this section, I’ll discuss the differences in release year, Bluetooth connectivity, dimensions, and brew sizes.

Release Year

Nespresso Vertuo Next was released in 2020, while the Vertuo model made its debut in 2014, it’s actually the first ever Nespresso Vertuo machine.

As a newer model, Nespresso Vertuo Next comes with updated features and improvements over its predecessor.

Dimensions and Design

Nespresso Vertuo vs Vertuo Next

In terms of dimensions, Vertuo Next is more compact, measuring 5.5 inches in width, 16.9 inches in depth, and 12.4 inches in height.

On the other hand, Vertuo is slightly larger, with dimensions of 8.3 inches in width, 11.9 inches in depth, and 11.9 inches in height.

With the smaller footprint, Nespresso Vertuo Next is better suited for tight countertop spaces.

Both Nespresso Vertuo and Vertuo Next use similar manual closure/opening brew heads.

review of Vertuo Next

Coffee Brew Sizes

Why You Should Pick Nespresso Vertuo Next Over Vertuo [Comparison Guide]

While most Nespresso Vertuo machines, the older ones at least, have the same brew sizes, Nespresso Vertuo Next (and Vertuo Pop) have exclusive brew sizes to them: Carafe 18 oz and XL Coffee 12 oz (Alto Coffee Pods).

Brew SizeFluid Ounces
Espresso1.35 oz
Double Espresso2.7 oz
Gran Lungo5 oz
Coffee7.7 oz
XL Coffee12 oz
Carafe18 oz

On the other hand, Vertuo can only brew the main serving sizes: Espresso, Double Espresso, Lungo and Coffee.

Why You Should Pick Nespresso Vertuo Next Over Vertuo [Comparison Guide]
Nespresso Vertuo Next with chrome accents

Bluetooth Connectivity

One noteworthy feature of the Vertuo Next is its Bluetooth connectivity. This allows your machine to receive software updates and stay current with the latest Nespresso technology. Unfortunately, the older Nespresso Vertuo model lacks this Bluetooth connectivity.

Bluetooth is also great for alerting you of the minor machine errors, walking you through how to fix them or descaling alerts.


Water Reservoir Capacity

There’s a slight difference in the capacity of each machine’s water reservoir:

  • Nespresso Vertuo has a 40 oz water reservoir, and it sits on the left of the machine.
  • Nespresso Vertuo Next has a 37 oz water reservoir, and it sits at the back of the machine.

This is why Vertuo Next has around 17″ depth, while Nespresso Vertuo has around 12″ depth. But on the other hand, the Next model is only 5.5″ wide, so it’s quite slim.

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The Similarities in Both Models

Brewing Technology

All Nespresso Vertuo machines use Centrifusion technology to brew coffee. Unlike other coffee machines that use pump pressure, Vertuo uses a spinning mechanism to spin pods while saturating them with water.

It also uses automatic pod recognition. This means that the coffee machine will automatically recognize the pod size you inserted and adjust the brew volume automatically.

Coffee Pods

Nespresso Vertuo pods are exclusive to Nespresso because they own the patent to the Vertuo Pods and to the brewing technology that brews the pods (Centrifusion).

If you buy a Nespresso Vertuo machine, whichever model it may be, you are committing to buying your pods from Nespresso only.

Your other option would be Starbucks Vertuo pods. Those are made in collaboration with Nespresso, but they are available in grocery stores. Unlike other Vertuo capsules that you have to buy through Nespresso.

Why Nespresso Vertuo Next Is The Best Choice

While Vertuo Next isn’t my ultimate favorite, but the pros of this model outweigh the cons, making it the best choice in this comparison.


    – The most affordable and popular of all Vertuo models
    – Bluetooth connected, which means it will receive periodic software updates
    – Compatible with all Nespresso Vertuo pods (and most likely all exclusive future releases, too).


    – Made from recycled materials, which makes it feel a bit flimsy.
    – Many users report leaking issues after a while of usage.

    Ever since its release, Nespresso has shifted all its focus on promoting the Vertuo Next by slashing prices and offering great bundle deals.

    Then came the exclusive pods and serving sizes (Alto, Cold Brew and Carafe).

    If anything, this tells us that if you want a future-proof model, you want the Vertuo Next (or any model that came after, like the Vertuo Pop).

    But then, there’s the issue of reliability and stability. Although Vertuo was the first ever released machine back in 2014, it is FAR more stable than Vertuo Next.

    Vertuo Next users report frequent leaks and abrupt functions. You’ll find many Reddit users warning not to buy the Vertuo Next, or that their Next is driving them crazy.

    This does not mean that all Vertuo Next models have issues. You’ll still find so many Vertuo Next users that reported zero problems on their machines.

    On the bright side, Nespresso has EXCELLENT customer service. If you end up with a problematic Vertuo Next, they’ll replace it as many times as needed, or they can even give you a different model altogether. So, your purchase is worry-free thanks to Nespresso’s excellent warranty.

    Model Variations of Nespresso Vertuo Next

    Vertuo Next is sold in several model variations that only vary aesthetically. Capacity and function are all the same.

    White, Light Gray, Dark Gray, RedBlack with Rose Gold or Chrome AccentsBlack or Gray with Chrome Head and Accent

    Then there’s the Breville or DeLonghi branded machines. There’s no difference between them other than color availability from each brand.

    I highly recommend that you select the model that appeals to you in terms of color combination and price. Don’t pay attention to the brand name as it won’t affect the functionality of the machine.