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Illy iperEspresso vs. Nespresso OriginalLine: All Your Questions Answered!

Nespresso Guides, illy iperEspresso Apr 02, 2023

Illy and Nespresso are both known for their high-quality coffee machines that make delicious coffee with ease.

However, there are some key differences between the two brands that may affect your decision when choosing a coffee machine. One of the main differences is the type of coffee pods used in each machine.

This post is a comparison between Nespresso OriginalLine vs Illy IperEspresso and what you need to consider when choosing between them.

Illy iperEspresso vs. Nespresso OriginalLine – The Differences

illy iperespresso vs nespresso originalline

Illy iperEspresso and Nespresso OriginalLine are two popular brands of capsule-based coffee. Both brands offer a wide range of coffee flavors and strengths, and both are designed to produce high-quality espresso drinks quickly and easily. However, there are some key differences between them that are worth considering before making a purchase.

There are two main things to keep in mind:

  • The machines: what machines can you use to brew each type of capsules.
  • The capsules, that would include what coffee you can brew, their variety and their availability.

One of the main differences between Illy and Nespresso OriginalLine is the type of capsule used. Illy’s machines uses iperEspresso capsules, a patented capsule design that is designed to produce a smooth, full-bodied espresso with a rich, velvety crema. Nespresso OriginalLine also uses their own design of capsules, but since Nespresso has lost the patent on their OriginalLine design, their pods are now produced by so many third party brands.

Another difference between the two brands is the range of flavors and strengths available. Illy iperEspresso offers a relatively small range of blends and strengths, but each one is carefully crafted to produce a unique and distinctive espresso experience. Illy also makes two kind of capsules: Espresso and Coffee. Coffee capsules contain grounds that are coarse, to produce a cup of coffee closer in taste to a traditional drip coffee cup.

Nespresso OriginalLine, on the other hand, offers a much wider range of flavors and strengths, making it easier to find a coffee that suits your taste preferences.

Let’s dig into the details of each type of capsules.

Capsule Comparison

iperespresso vs nespresso capsules

Illy iperEspresso Capsules

Illy iperEspresso capsules are patented to illy, and can only be used in illy’s espresso and coffee machines. They come in a variety of blends and intensities, from the smooth and balanced Classico to the bold and robust Intenso. They also offer decaf and limited edition flavors. Each capsule contains a unique two-phase extraction process that creates a rich and velvety crema.

iperEspresso capsules are made from recyclable plastic. According to Illy, this is the only material that can withstand their extraction and produce the high quality coffee they intend.

Nespresso OriginalLine Capsule Types

Nespresso OriginalLine capsules also come in a variety of blends and intensities, from the mild and fruity Livanto to the intense and smoky Arpeggio. They also offer decaf and flavored options. Each capsule contains a unique brewing process that produces a smooth and creamy crema.

Nespresso’s capsules contain ground coffee only, even flavored capsules. There’s never any added ingredients, sugar or dairy in them.

As for the material, OriginalLine capsules are made of recyclable aluminum.

Are Illy Capsules Compatible with Nespresso?

Illy iperEspresso capsules are not compatible with Nespresso machines. Howeve, Illy does produce espresso capsules for Nespresso OriginalLine machines.

On the contrary, Nespresso capsules do NOT work with Illy’s machines.

Flavor Profile Comparison

Illy iperEspresso Flavor Profile

Illy iperEspresso is available in a limited but good range of blends that will cater to the taste of Illy coffee fans. Espresso capsules are available in Classic, Intense or Single origin blends. Illy does not produce flavored coffee, though. So if you are a fan of classic coffee profiles, you’ll find these available from illy’s. Decaf options are available, too.

Nespresso OriginalLine Flavor Profile

Nespresso OriginalLine offers a wide variety of flavors, each with its own unique taste profile. Some of the most popular flavors include Arpeggio, Roma, and Livanto.

Arpeggio is known for its intense and rich flavor, with notes of cocoa and roasted cereal. Roma is a more balanced coffee with a medium intensity and notes of wood and cereal. Livanto is a smooth and balanced coffee with a mild intensity and notes of caramel and biscuit.

Overall, Nespresso OriginalLine offers a range of flavors to suit different tastes. The coffee is generally smooth and balanced, with varying levels of intensity and flavor notes.

Capsule Variety and Availability

When comparing Illy iperEspresso and Nespresso OriginalLine, it’s important to consider your personal taste preferences. Illy iperEspresso is a great choice for those who enjoy a bold and complex coffee, while Nespresso OriginalLine offers a wider range of flavors to suit different tastes.

Since OriginalLine capsules are available from third party brands in addition to Nespresso’s, it wins the Variety points. You can find a great range of pods, some brands even make tea and hot chocolate pods for OriginalLine machines. Other brands that offer OriginalLine capsules include: Starbucks, Lavazza, Illy and many more.

As for availability, both type of capsules are easily available. Illy and Nespresso have their own online stores that you can purchase from. They’re available from many online retailers, too.

In-store, you’ll find illy’s iperespresso capsules available wherever their coffees are sold. Nespresso’s capsules, however, are only sold in their boutiques.

Machine Comparison

illy vs nespresso machines

To brew an iperEspresso capsule, you have to use one of Illy’s coffee machines. Right now, they have four models: Y3.3, X9, X7 and X1.

On the other hand, to brew a Nespresso OriginalLine capsule, you can use ANY compatible machine, and those are available from Nespresso like Inissia, Essenza, Citiz or Pixie. Or DeLonghi’s range like Lattissima, or even the higher end Breville Creatista line. So like their capsules, there’s a variety of Nespresso OriginalLine machines, too.

Illy Y3.3 Review

The Illy Y3.3 is a compact and stylish machine that is designed to make espresso using Illy’s iperespresso capsules. It has a sleek and modern design that will look great in any kitchen. The machine is easy to use and has a simple interface that allows you to select the size of your drink and start brewing with just the touch of a button.

This is illy’s entry-level machine. It’s small, simple and quite affordable. One downside of the Y3.3 is that it only works with Illy’s iperespresso capsules, which can be more expensive than other brands. However, the quality of the espresso produced by this machine is exceptional, making it a great choice for coffee lovers who want the best possible espresso experience.

The Y3.3 has two options: espresso and coffee. It does not have an integrated milk frother, so if you want to make a cup of cappuccino or latte, you’ll have to get a separate frother for the milk.

Nespresso OriginalLine Machines

The Nespresso OriginalLine machines are designed to make espresso using Nespresso’s OriginalLine capsules. These machines come in a variety of styles and sizes, ranging from compact and portable models to larger, more powerful machines.

One of the key features of the OriginalLine machines is their ability to produce a wide variety of drinks, including espresso, lungo, ristretto, and cappuccino. The machines are also very easy to use, with simple interfaces that allow you to select the size of your drink and start brewing with just the touch of a button.

Another advantage of the OriginalLine machines is that they work with a wide range of third-party capsules, giving you more options when it comes to choosing the type of coffee you want to use. However, it is worth noting that not all third-party capsules are created equal, and some may not produce the same quality of espresso as Nespresso’s own capsules.

Overall, the Nespresso OriginalLine machines are a great choice for coffee lovers who want a versatile and easy-to-use machine that produces high-quality espresso. You have more options to choose from, including one-touch systems that can make milk based drinks with a single press of a button.

Capsule Price Comparison

Price per capsule is an important factor to consider, since this is an ongoing cost that you’ll have to pay as long as you use either machine you choose.

Both brands have their entry-level and high-end priced machines, so you’ll find the machine for your budget from either illy or Nespresso. But what about the cost of capsules?

The cost for illy iperEspresso, a pack of 21 illy iperEspresso capsules costs around $18, which works out to be around $0.86 per capsule. In comparison, Nespresso’s OriginalLine capsules can vary greatly in price, depending on whether they are Nespresso capsules or third party capsules. Nespresso also sell their capsules in a different price range depending on whether they are seasonal, limited, or single-origin. However, most of Nespresso’s own capsules are priced at the range of $0.80 per capsule. Opting for third party brands will cost you less.

Ultimately, the price per capsules is about the same for both IperEspresso and Nespresso. However, using a Nespresso OriginalLine machine is not limited to Nespresso’s own capsules, so if you choose to buy your capsules from other brands, you can cut your costs per capsule.

Illy vs Nespresso – Which Do You Choose?

After carefully analyzing the features and benefits of both illy iperespresso and Nespresso OriginalLine, it is clear that one brand wins for variety and convenience, while the other is made specifically with their fans in mind.

Nespresso OriginalLine is what you’ll want to pick if you want a wider range of capsules and machines. Unlike their Vertuo machines, OriginalLine machines are not limited to capsules by Nespresso anymore. So that gives you a great variety of pods to choose from. And for machines, you also have the same variety of machines to choose from.

Illy’s IperEspresso, may it be capsules or coffee machines, is quite limiting. This is a system that only a true Illy fan would love. And illy, being the leading brand of Italian coffee beans, has its hard core fan base.

When it comes to the overall experience, illy iperespresso edges out Nespresso OriginalLine due to its unique and innovative brewing technology. The illy iperespresso machine uses a two-stage extraction process that delivers a consistently smooth and rich espresso shot every time.

At the end, the choice between illy iperespresso and Nespresso OriginalLine comes down to personal preference and priorities. If you prioritize a consistently smooth and rich espresso shot, illy iperespresso is the way to go. If you prefer a wider variety of flavors and blends at a more affordable price point, Nespresso OriginalLine is the better choice.