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Lavazaa Blue vs Expert - The One Difference To Lookout For

Lavazaa Blue vs Expert – The One Difference To Lookout For

Comparison Guides Mar 03, 2023

Lavazza is a company that needs no introduction. The Italian brand is a leader in the world of coffee beans and has been around for ages, for over 120 years.

If you’re a fan of Lavazza’s coffee, a single-serve coffee maker like the Expert Classy Plus would make a great addition to your kitchen or office. You’ll be able to enjoy Lavazza coffee drinks with a press of a button.

Lavazza Expert vs. Blue – Top Differences

Lavazza Blue is the smaller version of Lavazza Expert. With only espresso coffee options and no milk based coffee presets.

Lavazza Expert includes an attachable milk frother that a person who enjoys milk coffees with appreciate.

Serving Sizes

The Lavazza Blue has two drink options only, Espresso or Lungo. And it does not include a milk frother.

Lavazza Expert, on the other hand, is an all in one model. It has espresso as well as milk based coffee drinks presets: Espresso, Lungo, 8 oz coffee, Cappuccino, Latte and Macchiato.

Making Milk-Based Coffee Drinks

Using the Lavazza Expert, this is a press button operation thanks to the included milk frother.

So what if you want to make a milk-based drink using the Lavazza Blue? You’ll have to buy a milk frother separately.

The Lavazza frothing jug/vessel that comes with the Expert is NOT compatible with the Blue model.

Lavazaa Blue vs Expert - The One Difference To Lookout For

The milk frother that comes with the Lavazza Expert looks different than any other I’ve seen with a single-serve machine.

It is actually a large glass cup that the machine will directly heat, froth and dispense the espresso into, and you can drink right out of it when the drink is ready.

Of course, you can also transfer the drink to another cup, but that will mess up the aesthetics of your drink.

Do Lavazza Blue and Expert Use the Same Pods?

The answer is a yes – you can use the pods interchangeably between these two systems. But let me break down the difference for you…

Lavazza Expert Pods

The Lavazza EXPERT has 6 coffee presets, including milk based coffee drinks. But for the black coffee options, you have espresso, lungo and 8 oz coffee.

So pods that are labelled for EXPERT mean that they are available in that variety: espresso, lungo and 8 oz coffee.

Lavazza Blue Pods

the Blue model can only brew espresso and lungo, so pods labelled for ‘Blue’ or Classy Mini machine, are only available in that variety, either espresso or lungo.

Pod Sizes

Lavazaa Blue vs Expert - The One Difference To Lookout For

All of Lavazza’s Blue or Expert pods are actually the SAME SIZE. This is why they are compatible with both systems, their pods will fit just fine. But where’s the real difference then?

The only difference between those pods is roasts or grind size. The 8 oz coffee pod for the Expert model has grounds that are coarser, which is what coffee uses traditionally. Espresso grinds are very fine, as espresso should be.


So technically, if you have a Lavazza Expert (Classy Plus), you can use ANY Lavazza pod for the Expert or Blue system. If you have the Blue system (Classy Mini), you can use the espresso or Lungo pods, regardless of them being labeled for Expert or for Blue machines.

The 8oz Coffee pod will still fit in the Lavazza Blue, but there’s no option to brew a long cup of coffee on it, so that would be a total waste.

The Blue and Expert machines are only compatible with their own pods. You can’t use pods from nespresso, dolce gusto or keurig.

How To Read Lavazza Blue and Expert Capsule Labels

Telling which pod is which shouldn’t be hard, follow these guidelines to quickly tell which pod is which…

Lavazza Blue vs Expert Capsules

As mentioned above, for Lavazza Expert, you can use any pods made for the Lavazza System. For Espresso or lungo, you can use capsules either from the Expert or Blue line. What the Expert has special for it is the x2 double espresso, which is to be used with the x2 Espresso button and the 8 oz coffee capsules for the Coffee selection. The serving sizes and names are clearly labelled on the boxes and the pods.

Lavazza Blue Pods

For Lavazza Blue, use any espresso or lungo pod for either Lavazza System. The coffee and double espresso pods from the Expert collection will still fit this machine, but there are no buttons for them, you’ll have to use either espresso or lungo buttons to brew them, which is a waste of a good pod.

This is a really important part: a lot of people confuse Lavazza pods for other single-serve systems for the EXPERT and BLUE system, or vice versa.

Lavazaa Blue vs Expert - The One Difference To Lookout For

Lavazza also makes pods for Keurig (K-Cup pods) and they make pods for Nespresso OriginalLine machines. None of these will work with either the BLUE or EXPERT machines

Does Lavazza Make Hot Chocolate Pods?

Lavazaa Blue vs Expert - The One Difference To Lookout For

Lavazza has hot chocolate as well as tea pods that are for BLUE machines, but are also compatible with Expert.

However, after doing some research, I found that these were really hard to find for purchase. You might find some European vendors selling these, but you’ll have to keep in mind that overseas shipping can cost you a lot (If you live in Europe, then problem here). If you want hot chocolate pods that are readily available in the US (or locally in other countries), then again I will recommend going for a Nespresso OriginalLine machine, you’ll find hot chocolate pods from compatible brands like Bestpresso, Gourmesso or Podista.

What I Like About the Lavazza Expert

  • All in one solution.
  • The unique milk frother/glass combination means that you’ll only froth the amount of milk you need (no leftovers like most built-in frothers), and you drink right out of the cup, meaning fewer parts to clean.

What I Don’t Like About the Lavazza Expert

  • The milk frother/cup combination (yes, I know I just mentioned that I like it). What I don’t like though, is that it is designed for a single person use only. What happens if I want to make two or three cappuccinos? Do I transfer each drink it makes to another cup or do I buy additional vessels/frothers (they are available for purchase separately).
  • The pods are limited at this point. But there are enough to make delicious coffee drinks at different intensities.

How Do You Choose Between Lavazza Expert or Blue?

It’s a simple pick between the Expert and Blue:

Do you enjoy milk based drinks? How often do you drink them? If your answer is yes, then it only makes sense to go for the Expert model.

If you drink espressos/lugno mostly, but enjoy a cappuccino or latte every once in a while, or maybe you have a friend/visitor that might enjoy one, you can buy the Blue model and include any milk frother to your purchase.

This is also a great option if you find the Lavazza Expert to be out of your budget, of if you don’t like its milk frother style. The Blue model is an inexpensive choice in comparison, and you can find any milk frother that fits your budget.

Which Is Better, Nespresso or Lavazza?

Lavazaa Blue vs Expert - The One Difference To Lookout For

Nespresso OriginalLine is probably the most comparable to Lavazza’s Expert or Blue machines.

Nespresso has been in the single-serve coffee making business longer than Lavazza. They have a bigger range of products and options to choose from.

Functions wise, both can make the same coffee drinks. Although I find that Nespresso’s Aeroccino milk frother to be more convenient to use than Lavazza’s, especially when entertaining guests and wanting to make multiple drinks at the same time.

When it comes to pod compatibility, Nespresso OriginalLine is now compatible with a wider range of capsules, either from Nespresso or 3rd party brands (including Lavazza).

If you’re an avid fan of Lavazza, then you’ll enjoy their machines, no doubt about it. But if you’re looking for convenience, and wider range of capsules to try, then go for a Nespresso OriginalLine machine. Even if you love your Lavazza espresso, you’ll be able to buy Lavazza pods for Nespresso, as well as other brands like Illy, Starbucks, and many more.

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