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Nespresso Pixie vs. CitiZ : Top Three Differences

Nespresso Pixie vs. CitiZ : Top Three Differences

Nespresso Guides, Automatics Under $500 May 15, 2022

A Nespresso machine is the ultimate convenient automatic espresso machine that uses Capsules to create the perfect cup of espresso every time. Not only is it compact in size, very quick and convenient, it only requires you to insert a capsule and push a button and you’ve got yourself an espresso cup within seconds.

Here’s the gist of it…

– If you want the best-manufactured machine (but smallest water tank, on the downside), Nespresso Pixie is the only machine made in Switzerland. (some newer models may not be though, kindly check before buying).

– If you want the largest water reservoir, and an option to have an integrated Aeroccino milk frother, Nespresso CitiZ is your machine!

Read on for more details…

Nespresso Pixie vs Citiz – Top Differences

Reservoir24 oz33 oz
Serving SizeEspresso – LungoEspresso – Lungo
Dimensions HxWxD9 1/4 x 4.33 x 12.8310.9 x 5.1 x 14.6
Country of OriginSwitzerlandChina

Reservoir Size

Pixie has a 24 oz water reservoir, and CitiZ has a 33 oz reservoir.


There’s a difference in the design of both machines that won’t affect the actual performance of it but might make a difference to you or your kitchen decor. The difference is in the colors, side panels, and the bar in which the machine opens/closes the lid.

Nespresso Pixie has metal side panels which gives it a more premium feel. It’s also the only machine with backlight indicators for an empty water reservoir and full capsule drawer. It will turn from blue to red to let you know it’s time to check up on these two things.

On the other hand, Nespresso CitiZ has a nice design, but it lacks the premium materials of the Pixie as it’s mostly made of plastic. But it does have a larger water reservoir which is quite a useful thing.

Country of Origin

CitiZ is made in China, Pixie is made in Switzerland.

Features of Nespresso Pixie


  • 24 ounce water reservoir.
  • 2 reprogrammable cup sizes for espresso or lungo.
  • Drip tray folds up to hold different cup sizes.
  • Capsules container holds up to 12 used capsules.
  • Backlight indicators for an empty water tank or full used capsule drawer.
  • Power cord storage.
  • The Nespresso Pixie is the only Nespresso machine made in Switzerland.
  • Measurement: 12.83-Inch length by 4.33-Inch width by 9-1/4-Inch height
  • Available in Electric Titan (pictured above), Aluminum or Titan.

Nespresso Pixie C60 vs. D60: Model Variation Differences

You might notice that some Pixie machines are labeled C60 and others D60, is there a difference between them?

No, not at all. These numbers only reference slight model differences and colors, and does not affect the quality or performance of the machine at all. Simply choose the one that looks best to you.

Nespresso Pixie by DeLonghi or Pixie by Breville?

Another variation you might find is that Nespresso Pixie (or even other Nespresso models) are sold under the Breville brand and others under the DeLonghi brand.

There are no actual differences between them. Nespresso partnered with these brands to help them with a distribution of their machines, and these labels are only to let you know which brand made your machine. But you’re still getting the same Nespresso no matter what.

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Features of Nespresso CitiZ


  • 33 3/4 ounce water reservoir. The largest on a Nespresso OriginalLine machine.
  • 2 reprogrammable cup sizes: espresso and lungo.
  • Folding drip tray.
  • Used capsule container.
  • Available in Red, black, silver, white.
  • measurement: 8-Inches by 13-1/2 inches by 10 inches

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Nespresso Aeroccino Milk Frother

Nespresso Pixie vs. CitiZ : Top Three Differences

Aeroccino is Nespresso’s electric milk frother that heats and froths milk for making Cappuccino or Latte. It includes two whisks for creating different density of milk froth and it can make hot or cold froth. When buying a Nespresso machine, you have the option to buy it as a stand alone or bundled with this milk frother. If you’re planning on making milk based drinks, then we highly recommend that you include it with your purchase.

Common Questions

Can I Use Any Other Type of Coffee Capsules with Nespresso Machines? (K-Cups, Starbucks Verismo… etc.)

No, you can’t. Nespresso machines are compatible with their own capsules/pods only.

Can I use the Same Capsules For More Than Once?

Each Nespresso capsule is pre-measured with the exact amount of coffee ground you need for a perfect cup of Espresso or Lungo. Technically, You can hit the brew button twice on the same pod before you’ve ejected it, but that won’t be a good idea. The coffee will not taste good as you’ve already spent the coffee ground inside the capsule on the first shot. So we really don’t recommend doing this.

Can I use My Own Coffee Ground with Nespresso Machines?

There are non-official refillable Nespresso capsules that you can use to brew your own coffee grounds, however, they’re not recommended. These capsules, manufactured by companies other than Nespresso, can actually harm your machine. Also, chances are, you won’t get the measurements or coffee grounds right or as good as Nespresso makes them, which can negatively affect your experience.

Where Will I Buy Nespresso Pods From?

It’s available online at Nespresso or Amazon. They’re slightly more expensive on Amazon, but you’re not restricted to buying in quantities of 10 like at Nespresso’s website. They’re also available at Nespresso Boutiques available worldwide.