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What Does Nespresso ‘For Milk’ Mean?

Nespresso Aeroccino Guide Feb 12, 2023

Nespresso pods are a great way to make delicious coffee at home quickly and easily. These convenient pre-packaged single-serve capsules come in a variety of flavors and can be used with Nespresso machines for an effortless cup of espresso or cappuccino. Whether you’re looking for a light roast, medium roast, dark roast, flavored blend, or decaf option, there is sure to be something that suits your taste. With the convenience of these pods, you can enjoy high quality coffee without having to grind beans or measure out grounds.

You might have noticed that some pods have the word ‘For Milk’ written on them, or that they are part of the Barista Creations collection. What does that mean exactly? Keep reading to find out…

What Does For Milk Mean on Nespresso Pods?

For Milk pods are specially designed to create the perfect espresso-based drinks with milk. Nespresso never rates these pods by intensity like the rest of their pods collection, but they do tell you whether it’s a light or dark roast.

For Milk, or Barista Creation pods, are blended in a way that when they mix with milk, it will bring out delicious notes and balanced taste, making your Latte or Cappuccino quite heavenly.

Do These Nespresso Pods Contain Milk or Sugar in Them?

No, the Nespresso For Milk pods do not contain any milk or sugar. They are simply a blend of coffee beans that have been expertly blended to create an espresso-based drink with milk.

Even the flavored pods do not contain any artificial flavorings in them. Only pure coffee grounds, with hints of flavor naturally formulated during the roasting process. So don’t expect Nespresso pods to be sweet.

What To Use ‘For Milk’ Nespresso Pods For

These ‘For Milk’ Nespresso pods are ideal for making coffees with milk like Cappuccinos, Macchiatos, Lattes and flat whites. These coffee drinks are all made with espresso as their base and then topped off with either warm or cold milk. Of course, you are free to use any pod from Nespresso to create your recipes, but if you’re looking to make the perfect milk recipe, these pods are what Nespresso recommend.

For Milk pods are available for both OriginalLine machines and Vertuo machines, and they’re sold under Barista Creations range.

Which Nespresso Pods Are Crafted for Milk?

For each line of their machines, there are three pods that are especially crafted for milk:

For OriginalLine machines

Scuro: Dark roasted blend made of Arabicas from Colombia and Ethiopia

Corto: Dark roasted blend made of blend of African Arabicas and Robusta

Chiaro: Light roasted Arabicas from Kenya and Indonesia

All of these pods are espresso 1.35 oz pods. You can buy them from Amazon or Nespresso.

For Vertuo Machines

Bianco Piccolo for Milk: Medium roast 1.35 oz espresso pod

Bianco Doppio for Milk: Medium roast 2.7 oz double-espresso pod

Bianco Forte for Milk: Dark roast 7.7 oz mug style coffee pod.

Buy these pods from Amazon or Nespresso.

How To Use Nespresso ‘For Milk’ Capsules

Making coffee drinks using ‘For Milk’ Nespresso capsules is really easy. Just use the same procedure you would with any other pod, and add some milk.

To make a Cappuccino or Latte, froth some milk using your Aeroccino (or which ever milk frother you have). For a Cappuccino, fill your Aeroccino to the lower MAX line, for a Latte, use the upper MAX line. And if you are using an Aeroccino 3, don’t forget to adjust the whisk. If you want to make an Iced Latte, make the foam cold instead of hot.

If you are using a Lattissima Nespresso machine, it’s even easier. Simply insert the pod and select your drink from the preset menu and your machine will do the rest. Same for using the Creatista Plus by Breville.

If you’re looking for ideas, you can always check out Nespresso Recipes website.

Which Pod Should You Pick?

It’s really a matter of taste. If you prefer your coffee on the stronger side, use a dark roast like Corto for OriginalLine or Bianco Forte for Vertuo, but do keep in mind that Bianco Forte is a full cup size coffee pod, so it’s more of a coffee with milk recipe.

Cappuccino ratio is half coffee half milk then topped with a thick foam. Ideally, you should use a pod of espresso, the same amount of milk then add foam.

For a Latte, you can use two shots of espresso or a single double-espresso shot in a Vertuo. Then add steamed milk with light foam.

Is There a Nespresso Milk Pod?

Unlike some single-serve system, namely Dolce Gusto, which has a milk pod that contains powdered milk, Nespresso does not make milk pods and recommends using fresh milk only.

Do You Have to Add Milk to Nespresso ‘For Milk’ Pods?

No, you don’t have to add milk with Nespresso ‘For Milk’ pods, you can drink these pods with milk, cream or simply black.

But to bring out their full taste notes, you should blend them with your choice of milk. They will taste different than serving black without milk, so you can certainly experiment and see which tasting profile suits you best.

Which Milk Is Best To Use With Nespresso?

Nespresso always recommends using full fat milk when frothing milk for recipes, because of the high fat content, full milk creates the best froth results. That said, you are free to use any milk, including alternatives like Soy, Almond, Oats… using the barista version of those would work best.