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DeLonghi Magnifica S vs Philips 2200 [Philips Wins!]

DeLonghi Magnifica S vs Philips 2200 [Philips Wins!]

Philips & DeLonghi Comparisons Nov 22, 2023 No Comments

Both the Magnifica S and Philips 2200 are entry-level super-automatic espresso machines that give you the basics of what an auto coffee machine should do.

But one of them performs a lot better than the other.

In this post, I will be comparing the DeLonghi Magnifica S and Philips 2200 to help you with your decision.

Key Differences

The Magnifica S is an outdated model in comparison to the Philips 2200. It was released back in 2011, with Philips being released around 2021.

Both coffee machines offer customization options like coffee strength and volume. But how you customize your drinks is done differently.

When it comes to model variations, both models are available in two variations: a classic steam wand or an automatic milk frother version.

This comparison will cover the classic steam wand version from each brand.

I recommend the Philips 2200 over the Magnifica S because it’s a newer and more modern model. The coffee options are more intuitive and it is reasonably priced for its features. I find the Magnifica S to be overpriced for an outdated model. If you prefer DeLonghi as a brand, consider the Magnifica Evo instead. [Read my comparison of Philips 2200 vs Magnifica Evo]

Top Differences Between DeLonghi Magnifica S and Philips 2200

Coffee Drink Options

Both coffee machines offer the same options for Espresso and Coffee.

DeLonghi Magnifica S vs Philips 2200 [Philips Wins!]

On the Magnifica S, there are two buttons for each drink: espresso, double espresso, coffee, and double coffee. Unfortunately, when you select the double espresso or double coffee, the machine will brew double the volume without increasing the coffee grounds, which leads to a weaker-tasting double espresso.

So you can either manually increase the ground volume using the strength selector, or you can use the single espresso/coffee button twice to actually brew double the volume without compromising taste or strength.

DeLonghi Magnifica S vs Philips 2200 [Philips Wins!]

With the Philips 2200, you’ll find one button for Espresso and one for coffee. If you press the selection twice, you’ll see x2 indicator lights up.

This machine will actually increase the coffee ground and volume. This way, you get a stronger-tasting double espresso or coffee volume.

Strength and Coffee Volume

Both machines offer coffee strength control, and what it does basically is increase the volume of the coffee grounds to add more flavor.

On the Magnifica S, there’s a rotary dial that allows you to control the strength. You can’t really tell how much extra ground you are adding, or how many steps you are increasing/decreasing. DeLonghi recommends that you test this by trial and error and brew a few shots to see if you like the results.

The coffee drink volume on the Magnifica S is as follows:

Coffee TypeVolume (ml)Volume (oz)
Espresso40 ml1.35 oz
Double Espresso80 ml2.70 oz
Coffee120 ml4 oz
Double Coffee240 ml8 oz

You can reprogram all buttons to your desired volumes by long pressing the corresponding button until it flashes, and release the button once you reach the new desired volume.

DeLonghi Magnifica S vs Philips 2200 [Philips Wins!]
image source

Philips 2200 doesn’t indicate how much coffee ground it increases, either. But there’s a clear three-step indicator for coffee strength.

It also has a three-step volume selector: low, medium, and high. Here are the coffee volumes in ounces and milliliters…

TypeLow Volume (oz)Medium Volume (oz)High Volume (oz)
TypeLow Volume (ml)Medium Volume (ml)High Volume (ml)

As you can see, the Philips 2200 has an easier and clearer way of selecting coffee strength and volume that does not require a lot of trial and error testing.

Milk Steaming

These two models have classic steam wands that work as a hot water dispenser, too.

DeLonghi Magnifica S vs Philips 2200 [Philips Wins!]

On the Magnifica S, you can toggle between steaming or hot water by using a dial knob. If you toggle the knob to hot water (without pressing the steam button) you’ll get instant hot water out of the steam wand. If you want to froth milk, you’ll have to press the Steam button first, wait for it to go steady then when ready, toggle the knob to start the steaming.

DeLonghi Magnifica S vs Philips 2200 [Philips Wins!]

Philips 2200 uses a different approach. You have two buttons, one for steam and another for hot water. Press the steam button when you want to froth milk or use the hot water button when you need instant hot water. It’s a simpler approach than DeLonghi’s.

Classic steam wands on all super-automatic espresso machines are identical. They use standard Panarello style steam wands that are good, but not amazing. If you drink milk-based coffee on a daily basis, I highly recommend getting a machine with an automatic frother instead.

Control Panel

Both Magnifica S and Philips 2200 use buttons for controls. No LCD displays.

On the Magnifica S, There’s a button for every selection, even a single or double shot option gets an individual button, which takes more space than it should. The buttons are combined with illustrations but no written names. This can make selections a little bit confusing.

The Philips 2200 uses touch buttons with icons and names of each selection, making it a lot more intuitive to use. One press for a single shot, two presses for a double shot. But, after selecting your drink and customization, you’ll have to press a play/stop button to start the brewing process.

Overall, I find Philips’s control panel to be clearer, easier to use, and more modern in terms of design.


Like all other super automatic coffee machines, both DeLonghi’s and Philips require cleaning and maintenance.

Both machines share the same cleaning process:

  • The brew head, or the infuser, needs to be washed (with water only) at least weekly.
  • The steam wand needs to be purged (run hot water through it) after each use. The wand itself needs to be washed by hand to avoid any clogging.
  • The used coffee bin needs to be cleaned as per usage. The machine will notify you when it’s full.
  • Pre-ground funnel (bypass doser) needs to be wiped clean periodically to avoid clogs.
  • The drip tray needs to be emptied when it’s full.
  • Brew group lubrication is done every two or three months to ensure that your machine runs smoothly.

I would say that ALL super-automatic espresso machines require the same level of cleaning and maintenance. None of them require daily cleaning, except for the steam wand IF used for milk frothing, and that takes about a minute to do. So this isn’t really something to worry about.

The Built-In Grinders

While both coffee machines have built-in conical burr grinders, the Magnifica S has steel burrs with 12-step settings, while the Philips 2200 uses ceramic burrs with 13-step settings.

The one extra grind adjustment won’t make much difference to your coffee. But what about the difference in burr materials? Both types of burr grinders perform very well, but ceramic as a material is more resilient than steel.

Ceramic, while it’s less in sharpness, will retain its shape and strength for a longer time. Steel burrs start off sharper than ceramic, but they lose sharpness over time.

Overall, you’ll hardly notice any difference when it comes to the coffee taste and quality.

Other Features Shared by Both Machines

  • Conical burr grinder with bypass doser for pre-ground coffee.
  • Height adjustable coffee spout with double spouts.
  • Water reservoir with water filter (filters are sold separately for each model)
  • Adjustable brewing temperature (through the machine settings)
  • Made in Romania

Why I Think You Should Buy the Philips 2200 Over the Magnifica S

As I mentioned earlier at the start of this post, I really like the Philips 2200 over the Magnifica S.

Philips 2200 is a newer machine, and that is reflected in its design and controls. It is easier to select your coffee and adjust your settings than on the Magnifica S, which requires more steps for the same task.

When selecting a double shot on the Philips 2200, it takes into consideration the added volume and increases the amount of coffee it grinds. Selecting the same setting on the Magnifica S, you only get double the volume without the increase in grinds, unless you manually do so.

The suggested retail price of the Philips 2200 is higher than the DeLonghi Magnifica S. But it’s often discounted to a price less than the Magnifica S.

I would never pay full price for the Magnifica S. For the same price or less, look into the Magnifica Evo instead.

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