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philips coffee machine comparison

Ultimate Comparison of Philips Coffee Machines: 1200 vs 2200 vs 3200 vs 4300 [UPDATED]

Philips Super Automatics Jun 05, 2023
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Philips super automatic coffee machines are a great way to enjoy a fresh cup of coffee with a press of a button. But with so many different models to choose from, it can be difficult to know which one is right for you.

I put together this comprehensive comparison guide to help anyone interested in a Philips super automatic coffee machine.

What to Expect from this Guide

This guide features the following comparisons:

– Philips 1200 vs 2200
– Philips 2200 vs 3200
– Philips 3200 vs 4300

The table of contents above can help you jump to the section you want to read.

Philips Coffee Machine Comparisons

Philips 1200 vs 2200 vs 3200 vs 4300

The differences you’ll come across from one model to another will be:

Model Variation: whether a specific model is available with a classic steam wand or a LatteGo built-in frother.

Coffee Customization: Some models offer more or less customizations like coffee strength, froth level and coffee volume. And whether or not you can save those customized settings in a profile under a user name.

Controls: Whether the machine uses a touch screen or buttons only.

Philips 1200 vs 2200

Philips 1200 is the base model in the Philips coffee machine line of super automatics. It is where it all started, and Philips kept improving on it to create the next models ahead.

Philips 800 vs 1200

Philips 1200 used to be called Philips 800 Series, which is the outdated name for the 1200 model. So if you’re ever wondering about Philips 800 vs 1200 – they’re the same!

Design Variation

The difference is in the available variations: the 1200 has a classic frother only, while the 2200 is available as a classic wand or LatteGo variation.

Design-wise, when these systems first came out, there were two other differences: design and aroma strength. Philips 1200 was all plastic and did not have aroma strength selection, but as of updating this post (2023), it now looks identical to the Philips 2200. Both have the same metal accents and have aroma strength settings.

Ultimate Comparison of Philips Coffee Machines: 1200 vs 2200 vs 3200 vs 4300 [UPDATED]

I highly recommend that you skip the Philips 1200 as I find it no longer relevant. It is the same as the Philips 2200 (classic frother version) at the exact same price (most of the time). So why go for the older version?

Philips 2200 vs 3200

Main Differences

  • Coffee drink presets
  • Philips 3200 is available in three model variations, and Philips 2200 is available in two variations.

Philips 3200 vs 2200 LatteGo Differences

Philips 3200 LatteGo Drink OptionsPhilips 2200 LatteGo Drink Options
Espresso, Coffee, Americano, Cappuccino, Latte, Hot WaterEspresso, Coffee, Cappuccino and Hot Water

Philips 3200 has a Latte preset and an Americano preset which the Philips 2200 does not have.

So how do you make these coffee recipes using the Philips 2200?

To make a Latte on the Philips 2200: Press the Cappuccino button, choose the highest coffee volume then press start. That way, the machine will make more coffee and pull more milk froth to make a longer cup of a latte.

To make an Americano on the Philips 2200: Press x2 Espresso, then when the espresso is ready, press hot water to fill the cup and complete the Americano recipe.

So both models can make the same coffees, it’s just more convenient on the Philips 3200.

LatteGo Milk Froth Adjustment

While both machines have the same LatteGo frother, the Philips 3200 has an option to adjust froth level, but the Philips 2200 does not have this selection.

Philips 3200 vs 2200 Classic Wand Differences

Philips 3200 Drink OptionsPhilips 2200 Drink Options
Espresso, Espresso Lungo, Coffee, Americano, Hot WaterEspresso, Coffee, Hot Water

Philips 3200 gives you more presets for black coffee drinks, lungo, and Americano, which the Philips 2200 does not have.

The Philips 3200 has one additional variation that has an Iced coffee option, which you can read about below.

Ultimate Comparison of Philips Coffee Machines: 1200 vs 2200 vs 3200 vs 4300 [UPDATED]
close up of Philips 3200 menu

The Philips 3200 offers better variety in presest. You get the latte option and the adjustable milk froth. But if you don’t drink lattes, you’ll be more than happy with the Philips 2200 and its default settings for a cappuccino.

Philips 3200’s Three Variations

The Philips 3200 comes in three variations: one with a Classic frother, one with a LatteGo frother, and one with a LatteGo and Iced Coffee option.

Classic Milk Frother

Since this machine uses a classic steam wand, the presets on it are only espresso, lungo or coffee. There’s also the steam option. You will brew your coffee or espresso shot, then you will manually heat and froth your milk by switching on the steam wand.

LatteGo and Iced Coffee

this model has espresso, coffee, cappuccino, latte and iced coffee options. It is missing the ‘Americano’ option that the other LatteGo version has. Scroll down to read and watch a video on how Iced coffee option works.

Philips 3200 LatteGo

This one replaces the Iced coffee option with an Americano, which is a longer 6 to 8 oz brew of coffee. Everything else is the same.

Philips 3200 vs 4300

The next model up the line is the Philips 4300, let’s compare it to the 3200 model.

Design Differences

You can read my full comparison of Philips 4300 vs 3200

The main difference is the control panel design

Ultimate Comparison of Philips Coffee Machines: 1200 vs 2200 vs 3200 vs 4300 [UPDATED]
Philips 4300 display

The Philips 4300 has a digital screen that will give you more control over your customization. You get to see more options for coffee volume, temperature and milk level if you’re getting a LatteGo version. The screen also gives you detailed messages when you need to clean the system or if it ever runs into an error.

LatteGo Drink Selection

Philips 4300 LatteGo Drink OptionsPhilips 3200 LatteGo Drink Options
Espresso, Coffee, Americano, Cappuccino, Latte, Cafe au Lait, Caffe Crema, RistrettoEspresso, Coffee, Americano, Cappuccino, Latte

Let’s say you opt for either model with the LatteGo frother, what preset coffee drinks will you get out of each model?

Drink Presets on the Philips 4300 and Philips 3200 are somewhat similar. The 4300 model might use some different names for a recipe (Coffee Lungo vs Caffe Crema… both are a Lungo, just named differently) [Read about Philips 4300 Drink Options]

The Philips 4300 LatteGo model features buttons for espresso, coffee, Americano, Cappuccino, Latte, Cafe au Lait and then there’s the More Drinks button, which will take you to a menu that pops up on the display and gives you additional selection: Caffe Crema, Ristretto, Hot Water and Hot Froth.

Philips 3200 LatteGo has two milk options: Cappuccino or Latte.

The extra option that you get on the Philips 4300 is Cafe Au Lait, which is coffee with hot milk. The hot froth option is not available on the Philips 3200, too.

Classic Frother Drink Selection

Philips 4300 Drink OptionsPhilips 3200 Drink Options
Espresso, coffee, Americano, Caffe Crema, RistrettoEspresso, Lungo, Coffee, Americano

The classic milk frother models have about the same drink presets. The Philips 4300 has Ristretto, which is a shorter espresso shot, and Caffe Crema, which is basically a Lungo.

Philips 4300 Profiles

The one thing that the Philips 4300 model has that is NOT available on the 3200 is Profiles. With the Philips 4300, you get to save recipes under 2 profiles. Selecting a certain profile will recall saved recipes and presets for said profile.

Coffee Strength

Last, but certainly not least, the Philips 4300 offers 5 coffee strength settings while the 3200 has only 3 settings.

The Philips 4300 model offers a better experience: it is easier to use and has more presets and user profiles to save your recipes. But there is a huge price difference compared to the Philips 3200. If the 4300 model is within your budget, go for it.

Philips 1200 vs 3200

If I compare the entry model and the mid-range model of Philips coffee machine models, what would be the difference?

Milk Frother Options

  • The 1200 model is only available with a steam wand
  • 3200 model is available in a steam wand or LatteGo option.

Drink Presets

  • Philips 1200 model has espresso, coffee and hot water option
  • Philips 3200 presets depend on whether you get the steam wand or LatteGo version. The steam wand version has: Espresso, Espresso Lungo, Coffee, Americano, Hot Water and Steam. The LatteGo version has Espresso, Coffee, Americano, Cappuccino, Latte, Hot Water. The third 3200 has Iced Coffee option instead of Americano.

So overall, Philips 3200 model has more model variations and more presets, giving you more options to choose from. Philips 1200 is a basic entry-level model.

Common Features in Philips Super Automatic Coffee Machines

There are several features that are available on all Philips coffee machine models:

Temperature settings: 3

Coffee Strength: 3 to 5 levels depending on the model.

Coffee Volume: 3 settings

Grind settings: 12

Milk Frother: classic steam wand or LatteGo

They also have the same ceramic grinder and water reservoir capacity.

How To Choose the Right Philips Coffee Machine for You

Each model comes with its own advantages and disadvantages, and these differ from one person to another. You really don’t have to get the most expensive model to get the best coffee. They all make the same quality of coffee.

So here’s what you need to decide on first and foremost:

1. Decide if you have a budget in mind: (please note that prices are constantly changing, these are the “Average” sale prices… always check for current prices)

  • The entry-level Philips model is the 1200 usually available for about $500 or so. I don’t think this model is worth it over the 2200 model, unless it’s nicely discounted in price.
  • Philips 2200 model is around the same price range as the 1200, so I would prefer it to the 1200 model. the LatteGo version adds around $50 to $100 more.
  • Philips 3200 is the most popular model. It’s the mid range price and has a nice bundle of features. It’s available in three versions: classic wand, LatteGo and LatteGo with Iced coffee.
  • Philips 4300 is at around $1000 or so. And for that price, you get superior features over the other models, but they could be features that you don’t really need.

2. Decide if you want a classic frother, where you will manually heat and steam your milk, or if you want the LatteGo system. Models that use a classic frother won’t have presets for milk based drinks like a cappuccino or latte, instead, you’ll find ‘steam’ button so you can froth your milk manually. Models with the LatteGo system will have presets for milk based drinks as well as espresso and coffee.

Getting these two decisions before you even read about the specs of each model will help you eliminate what you don’t need, making your decision a lot easier.

Philips LatteGo vs Classic Steam Wand – Which To Choose?

Ultimate Comparison of Philips Coffee Machines: 1200 vs 2200 vs 3200 vs 4300 [UPDATED]

LatteGo is the automatic built-in frother you see attached to the machine. This type of frother works fully automatically from heating, and frothing to dispensing the correct amount of milk for the recipe you chose. The froth is customizable by selecting the level of froth you want. All you have to do is select your drink: latte or cappuccino and then change the froth level (if you like).

If you opt for the Classic steam wand, you’ll have to do all that work manually. Pour in your milk in a frothing pitcher, hold it to the steam wand until it heats and froths. Many users struggle at first to get the milk to the right temperature and texture. Frothing manually takes some practice until you get it right. So if you want an out-of-the-box solution, go for the LatteGo system instead.

    How Does the Iced Coffee Option in Philips 3200 Work?

    Using the Iced option, the machine will brew at a slightly lower temperature and a slower rate, which produces a strong yet smoother brew. This will brew better over ice and will not melt your ice entirely.

    Will it make a difference using the Iced Coffee option vs. brewing regular coffee over ice?

    Yes, it should make a difference if you like your iced coffee less bitter and acidic. Being able to brew the coffee using lower temperature (not cold, but lower heat) makes a difference in how the coffee tastes.

    Hot Water Option – What’s It For?

    The hot water button provides you with boiling hot water instantaneously. You don’t have to heat water manually or use an electric kettle to bring water to boil, with the Philips Carina, it’s as simple as pushing a button to get hot water to use for tea, instant meals or whatever else you might need it for! The hot water goes through an independent spout, so you don’t have to worry about any coffee taste or residue in your hot water.

    Philips Coffee Drink Sizes – How Many Ounces in Each Coffee Drink

    Philips 3200 Drink Sizes
    Espresso SizeVolume (oz)
    Low0.85 oz
    Medium1.7 oz
    High3 oz
    Americano and Coffee SizeVolume (oz)
    Low4 oz
    Medium6 oz
    High8 oz
    Milk-Based Drinks (Cappuccino, Latte)Volume (oz)
    Espresso (Single Shot)Variable
    MilkAs needed

    What Is the Largest Latte Size the Philips 3200 Can Make?

    You can expect the largest size of Latte to be around 8 oz + a shot of espresso, which in total is less than 9 oz. This might not be large enough for some users, but all you have to do to make a larger serving is use the same drink setting twice to make double the size. Or if you don’t quite want double, adjust the milk volume the second serving

    Philips Coffee Recipes Explained

    Espresso vs Coffee

    A lot of super automatic machines only brew espresso, which is a shot that is made by extracting a strong brew using high force of water. To extract a shot of espresso, machines use a 15-bar (sometimes 19-bar) pump pressure. That’s why espresso machines operate on a totally different level than a drip coffee maker.

    Espresso is either drank on its own, or with the use of frothed milk, can be used as a base for many specialty coffee drinks like Cappuccinos, Lattes or Macchiatos.

    What about those times when you don’t want espresso, but would prefer a classic cup of coffee instead?

    A machine like Philips espresso machines can make both espresso and coffee. Although the machine does not drip coffee the same as a classic coffee maker, it uses low pressure to replicate it and produces a long cup of coffee that’s just as good as a traditional drip machine’s.

    Coffee vs Americano

    Philips 3200 Coffee vs Americano

    Here’s what the Americano option on Philips will do:

    • Brew a single or double shots of espresso, as you choose. The machine will pause…
    • Then, it will dispense hot water until it fills up the cup according to the volume you picked.

    How much water does the machine add?

    The default volumes are 4, 6 and 8 oz for the full cup. So when choosing Americano, your ratio will depend on whether you choose a single or double espresso. Once it fills up the desired espresso volume, the rest of the cup will fill up with hot water.

    Selecting the Coffee option on the Philips coffee machine will brew a single or double shots of espresso and it will run water through that one puck until it fills up the cup. No hot water is used to dilute the espresso shots. So it’s a lot like a Lungo.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Where Are Philips Coffee Machines Made?

    All models, 1200, 2200, 3200 and 4300 are made in Romania.

    Can LatteGo Be Purchased Separately?

    Yes, you can buy it separately as a replacement part or just as an additional frother to have. However, your machine has to be compatible with it in the first place. Which means, for example, you can’t buy 1200 model and then try to fit a LatteGo on it, it won’t work.

    How Often Will My Philips Machine Need to Be Descaled?

    If you use soft water, it can be done once every 6 months. Using hard water will require that you descale your machine more often, once every 3 months at least.

    What Kind of Milk Can I Froth Using LatteGo?

    Any type of milk you prefer. Whole cow’s milk makes the best froth, followed by low fat milk. Plant based milks are a hit or miss, but using a ‘barista style’ almond or oats milk will give you better results.

    Which Coffee Beans Are Best To Use with Philips Machines?

    You can use any type of beans or coffee roasts you like. They don’t have to say ‘ESPRESSO’ or anything. However, you want to avoid oily beans (you’ll notice they have a shine to them), these type of beans are a problem for all kind of super automatic machines as they clog the grinder easily.