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Philips 3200 Bypass Doser: How To Use Pre-Ground Coffee in Your Machine

Philips Troubleshooting Oct 09, 2023

If you have a Philips 3200 super automatic espresso and coffee machine, then you are familiar with how the machine uses a built-in grinder for a fresh cup of coffee.

But there’s another way of making coffee with your Philips 3200 using pre-ground coffee. For this feature, you’re going to use a part of your coffee machine called the Bypass doser.

In this guide, I’ll explain what a bypass doser is, how to use it, and if you’re having any trouble with your machine, I’ll help you troubleshoot the issues.

What Is a Bypass Doser in a Super Automatic Espresso Machine?

Let me start by explaining what a bypass doser is and when you should use it.

A bypass doser is a chute that is located in the top part of a super-automatic coffee machine, like the Philips 3200, that allows you to use pre-ground coffee and bypass using the built-in grinder.

Bypass doser is especially useful if you want to use any pre-ground coffee that is different than the beans you have filled in your coffee machine’s built-in grinder.

Let’s say you want to make a cup of decaf coffee or flavored coffee that’s different than your regular coffee beans. That’s when you use the bypass doser.

Understanding How Philips 3200 Uses Pre-ground Coffee

Philips 3200 Bypass Doser: How To Use Pre-Ground Coffee in Your Machine

Philips 3200 comes equipped with a bypass doser. This means, you can use pre-ground coffee. But you need to understand how to correctly use the bypass doser in the Philips 3200 in order to use pre-ground coffee in your machine.

By the way, this method applies to all Philips super auto coffee machines that have a bypass chute.

Using the bypass doser in your Philips 3200 is very easy as long as you understand how it works:

1- You have to fill the pre-ground coffee in the bypass doser and NOT in the built-in grinder hopper.

2- Bypass doser holds a single dose of coffee ground. It’s not a hopper that holds several scoops of coffee grounds. This is a common mistake that users do.

3- Bypass doser holds only enough coffee grounds for a single cup of coffee. You will have to refill every time you make a cup of coffee using pre-ground coffee.

Philips 3200 Bypass Doser Instructions

Philips 3200 bypass doser

To use the bypass doser on your Philips 3200 machine, follow these steps:

1- Locate the bypass doser chute which is located on top of your machine in front of the built-in grinder.

2- Use the scoop included with your Philips 3200 to measure the correct dose of pre-ground coffee you can fill into the bypass doser. It will hold a single scoop of coffee ground at a time.

3- Select the coffee drink you want to make: Espresso or Coffee.

4- Press and hold the coffee strength button for three seconds until the scoop icon indicator lights up. Now you have activated the bypass doser option.

5- Press start for the machine to start brewing your coffee.

These same instructions work for the bypass doser on Philips 1200, Philips 2200, and Philips 4300 coffee machines.

How To Fix a Bypass Doser If It’s Not Working

If you’re having trouble using the bypass doser on your Philips 3200, you’ll see the following issues:

  • You’ll see coffee grounds in your cup.
  • You’re getting little to no coffee or even watery coffee.

These bypass issues are easy to fix. Here are some common issues that you can try to adjust:

Use The Scoop Included with Your Machine to Measure Coffee Grounds

The first possible mistake is a common one. Many Philips 3200 users use their own scoops or any spoon to fill the bypass doser with pre-ground coffee. You end up either overfilling or underfilling the bypass doser.

It is important that you use the included scoop to measure the coffee. Fill the scoop to the full, but wipe out excess grounds. You’ll want to level out the grounds for the correct measurement.

Use Fine Ground Coffee

Philips 3200 Bypass Doser: How To Use Pre-Ground Coffee in Your Machine

The second mistake is using medium or coarse coffee grounds. This type of ground coffee does not work with super-automatic coffee machines which are programmed to work with fine ground coffee.

So next time you try pre-ground coffee in your Philips 3200, use fine ground coffee which is used for espresso machines.

Make Sure the Bypass Doser Option is ON

The bypass doser does not work automatically as soon as you fill it. You have to select the Bypass doser [small scoop icon under coffee strength selector].

Long press the coffee strength button until you see the light indicator turn on. This ensures that you have activated the Bypass doser.

Overall, the bypass doser on a super-automatic coffee machine is quite a useful feature for using a variety of pre-ground coffee without having to use the built-in grinder. It is a great way to make the machine more accessible to members of your family or co-workers without having to use the same coffee blend that is filled in the machine’s hopper.

Just make sure you follow the correct steps to use it.