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Are Nespresso Coffee Pods Filtered? I Opened Inside Pods To Show You! [Photos]

Coffee Pods Dec 05, 2023 No Comments

The question of whether Nespresso coffee pods are filtered or not comes up a lot. For these pods to be considered filtered, they need to contain a paper filter inside the pod which will filter out coffee oils.

To answer the question, I opened up two Nespresso coffee pods: an Original espresso pod and a Vertuo coffee pod to show you what’s inside them.

Is Nespresso Coffee Filtered?

Nespresso coffee, either espresso or larger coffee servings, is not filtered coffee.

And it’s apparent in the thick crema Nespresso coffee produces. This crema is made from coffee oils extracted during the brewing process.

If Nespresso was filtered, the brewed coffee would have a lighter consistency due to trapped oils in the filter, but that’s not the case in Nespresso coffee.

Below, you’ll see photos of inside Nespresso pods that I took myself to show you what a Nespresso pod is made of.

Nespresso Original Pod Has a Light Filter, But It’s Not Enough To Filter Coffee

Is Nespresso Coffee Pods Filtered

Inside an espresso pod is finely ground coffee encapsulated in an aluminum pod. The pod wall is clear of anything but at the end of the pod, where the coffee comes out, I found a light layer that looks like a paper filter.

When trying to peel it out, it didn’t come out in one piece. However, the small pieces that I was able to extract show me that this filter is tissue paper thin. So thin that it can’t be considered a coffee filter.

Inside Nespresso Original Pod

I am assuming that this layer is there to catch any possible sediments or small coffee ground particles. But if you are worried about coffee oils, this is definitely not enough to filter it out.

If you want an original Line pod that is truly filtered, have a look at the Nespresso filter-style pods which contain a true filter, and make a light cup of coffee.

Nespresso Vertuo Pods Don’t Have a Filter

Here’s what is inside a Vertuo pod: pure ground coffee and nothing else.

Are Nespresso pods filtered

If you use Nespresso Vertuo, it shouldn’t be a surprise to you that these pods don’t contain any type of filtration.

Vertuo coffee produces too much foam, which is the product of coffee oils and aerated coffee.

inside nespresso vertuo pod

Nespresso Is Not Meant To Be Filtered

Are Nespresso Coffee Pods Filtered? I Opened Inside Pods To Show You! [Photos]

Nespresso is espresso, a coffee drink known for its thick crema and robust taste, which is a direct result of not filtering the coffee oils.

If Nespresso started adding filters to their pods, you’ll no longer get espresso out of them.

If you want a coffee pod that is filtered, perhaps Keurig would make a better choice for you. K-Cup pods include a full paper filter inside them.

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