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why is nespresso vertuo foamy

Get Rid of Nespresso Vertuo Foam With These Tips [Guide with Photos]

Nespresso Troubleshooting Aug 08, 2023

If you’ve just started using Nespresso Vertuo as your coffee machine, then you have most definitely noticed:

Nespresso Vertuo coffee is foamy

It doesn’t matter what pod you brew, they all brew with a thick foam on top.

In this post, I will explain:

  • How Nespresso Vertuo works and why it produces too much foam.
  • What this foam is and what to do to get rid it.

- Nespresso Vertuo IS supposed to be foamy due to its brewing method. 
- The foam is made from aerated coffee and will subside quickly
- You can't eliminate this foam in the brewing process, but you can get rid of it after brewing. 

Is Nespresso Vertuo Coffee Supposed to Be Foamy?

Get Rid of Nespresso Vertuo Foam With These Tips [Guide with Photos]

As you brew your favorite Vertuo pod, you can totally see that thick layer of foam building up. This can make you wonder, is the coffee supposed to be that foamy? Or is there something wrong with your machine?

Nothing is wrong with your machine! Nespresso Vertuo coffee is supposed to be foamy.

For demonstration in the photo above, I brewed a 7.7 oz mug-size coffee pod, which is usually the most foamy.

How To Get Rid of Nespresso Vertuo Foam

Get rid of Nespresso Foam

The foam on Nespresso Vertuo coffee is there by design. It’s a feature rather than a problem to be solved.

But I understand that some people don’t enjoy that foam as much as others. So how do you make Nespresso Vertuo coffee less foamy?

Unfortunately, you can’t. Not in the brewing process at least.

Get Rid of Nespresso Vertuo Foam With These Tips [Guide with Photos]

But there are a few things that you can do to manage it:

  • Fold it in. By stirring the foam into the coffee the majority of it will subside.
  • Let the coffee sit for two minutes at least. The foam, which is mostly air, will subside on its own.
  • Scoop it out. If you really don’t like the taste of the foam, or if the solutions above didn’t work well enough for you, simply scoop it out.

What The Foam on Nespresso Coffee Is

The foam you see on top of Nespresso Vertuo coffee is basically the result of aerating the coffee as the pod spins. It’s similar to a milk frother aerating milk to turn it into froth. But Nespresso coffee foam is not dairy, it’s not sugary… it is pure aerated coffee.

Nespresso always recommends that you fold that foam, or crema, into the coffee to get the full aromas and notes of the coffee. But also, if you let the coffee cup sit for a minute or two, you’ll notice that the foam starts to subside.

To understand why the foam comes to place, see how the pod is brewed below.

Nespresso Vertuo machines have a patented brewing mechanism called Centrifusion technology.

Centrifusion works by rapidly spinning the Vertuo pod, up to 7,000 spins per minute, while forcing water through the coffee grounds to produce the coffee.

As the pod rotates, it gets aerated and frothy. And that’s exactly how the foam comes to place.

Is It Crema?

Crema is the top layer that is produced on an espresso shot (from a manual or semi-automatic espresso machine). It’s a signature part of an espresso shot that is a sign of high-quality espresso.

Nespresso refers to the foam on top of its Nespresso Vertuo coffee as ‘crema layer’, but it is real crema?

No, it’s not.

Real crema is produced as a result of high pressure extraction. While Nespresso Vertuo does not use high pressure, but centrifusion, to brew the coffee.

The foam, or crema, on top of Vertuo coffee is the result of air and coffee, which is why you’ll find it kind of bubbly.

So, while Nespresso has created a way to mimic real Crema, the foam on its Vertuo coffee is not real crema.

How To Make Vertuo Coffee Less Strong

If you find that all Nespresso Vertuo coffee is too strong for your taste, there are a few things you can try to make it less strong and more suitable to your liking:

1- Make the coffee longer by programming the cup size. If you’re brewing 7.7 oz coffee pod, for example, reprogramming that cup size to be longer will add more water to its volume, which will make the coffee taste less strong.

2- Also, you want to use Vertuo pods that are mild instead of strong blends. If you look at the squares on the Nespresso Vertuo pod package, it identifies the intensity level of the pod. The higher the number, the stronger the pod is.

Nespresso Vertuo pods like Melozio, Ethiopia, Alto Ambrato or Solelio are all lightly roasted and mild or smooth tasting.

What Nespresso Original Foam Looks Like

Get Rid of Nespresso Vertuo Foam With These Tips [Guide with Photos]

This is a quick photo I snapped of my daily Nespresso Lungo cup. I noticed that the crema on top is a bit foamy. But it’s nothing compared to Vertuo foam.

Nespresso OriginalLine machines use pressure pumps to extract coffee, so they don’t aerate the coffee as a Nespresso Vertuo machine does.

The small amount of foam on top of the Espresso produced by a Nespresso Original machine is normal and does not add that much of a thick layer to the coffee, so you won’t even feel it.