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Nespresso Inissia vs. Pixie vs. CitiZ – Which Do You Choose?

Automatics Under $500, Espresso Machines Under $100, Nespresso

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Nespresso Inissia Machine

The new Nespresso Inissia is by far the most affordable Nespresso machine for around $100 or under (price correct as of the writing of the post). If you’ve been wanting to get yourself a Nespresso machine but was not quite ready to pay over $200 for it, this is your chance to experience the luxury of Nespresso for way less.

And just because it’s an affordable option in comparison to other Nespresso machines, it does not mean it’s not as good. Quite on the contrary, it is actually just as powerful as the other Nespresso machines, but does lack some features (which we’ll talk about in detail a bit). Here are the features of the Nespresso Inissia:

  • 19 bar pressure pump espresso machine.
  • 25 seconds pre-heat time.
  • 24 ounce water reservoir.
  • Two programmable Espresso and Lungo buttons.
  • Removable drip tray to accommodate tall cups.
  • Used capsule drawer holds up to 9 or 11 capsules.
  • Available in black, cream or red.

Click here to learn more about the Inissia, read the customer reviews or buy it.

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Review of Nespresso Inissia:

How Is The Nespresso Inissia Different Than Pixie, U or CitiZ?

Nespresso Inissia Red Bundle

So far, the Nespresso Inissia sounds like any other Nespresso machine. Then why are they priced so differently?

The first comparison we’ll do is the Nespresso Inissia vs. Pixie since they’re the most similar when it comes to design and aesthetics…

Inissia vs. Pixie Comparison:

As you can see from the chart above, the two machines are identical in most features. But here’s what you’re giving up on when you get the Inissia instead of the Pixie:

  • The Pixie is the only Nespresso machine made in Switzerland.


  • The Inissia is made of plastic, that includes the machine’s body and drip tray, where the Pixie, while it does have few plastic parts, it’s mostly made of aluminum which is more durable.


  • The Inissia does NOT have an on/off button. To operate the machine: plug it in, wait for the espresso/lungo buttons to stop blinking and it will be ready to use.
  • The Pixie features an LED backlight which is also an indicator that lets you know when you need to refill the water tank.

Nespresso C60 Pixie Espresso Maker

Learn more about the Nespresso Pixie, how it works and how it compares to the Nespresso machine by Clicking here.

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Inissia vs. Citiz: Are They Different?

They are indeed! The CitiZ is the largest Nespresso machine, it has the largest water tank (34 ounces) of all Nespresso machines. It comes with a built-in milk frother or as a stand-alone machine.

Nespresso D121-US-BK-NE1 Citiz Espresso Maker with Aeroccino Milk Frother

Like the Pixie, the Citiz has a more durable body with metal parts. It also has the same LED backlight indicator. So it’s different than the Inissia in the same way.

Click here to learn more about the Nespresso CitiZ.

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Nespresso Inissia vs. U:

The last machine we’ll compare the Inissia to is the U, which is a popular choice. The difference between these two when it comes to functionality is quite different:

Nespresso U Bundle

While the Inissia only offers two buttons for espresso and lungo, the Nespresso U is the most customizable of all Nespresso machines:

  • It has 3 buttons: Espresso, Lungo and Ristretto. All automatically adjustable as well as re-programmable.
  • It automatically memorizes your favorite customization. It automatically recognizes your most frequent customization as soon as you close the lever.
  • Its water tank is removable and it rotates 180-degrees to it can be adjusted to your available space.

Click here to learn more about the Nespresso U.

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So, Should You Get the Nespresso Inissia or Another Nespresso Machine?

Nespresso Inissia Cream

As a truly affordable Nesprseso machine, the Inissia is quite great. It’s amazing that it can bring such features for this low of a price. As for the features you’re giving up, you have to think of how you’re going to use the machine to see if you can give up on them to save on the price.

When it comes to capsules, the Inissia, U, Pixie or Citiz all use the same capsules, so you’re getting the same quality of coffee. The only thing, I believe, that could bring the quality down, is if you set up your coffee volumes on the Inissia incorrectly that it could be watered down. But of course, you can always re-program the buttons again, so it’ll be a matter of testing.

Common Questions and Answers:

Where Can I Buy the Nespresso Inissia?

You can buy the Inissia from Amazon.com or Nespresso.com. You’ll also find some machine/Aeroccino frother bundles available.

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Where Can I Buy Nespresso Capsules for The Inissia?

They’re available online at Nespresso, Amazon or locally at Nespresso boutiques worldwide. Click here to learn more about Nespresso Capsules.

 Is There a Difference Between Nespresso Inissia and Essenza?

Short answer: The Essenza is the older version of the Inissia, which features a lot of improvements. Refer to this post for more information:

Can You Make Cappuccino or Latte With the Nespresso Inissia?

On its own, the machine does not froth milk, but only makes espresso. If you want to make Cappuccino, Latte or any other milk based drink, you’ll have to bundle it with a milk frother.

What Should I Buy With My Nespresso Machine?

Have a look at our recommended Nespresso Accessories here.

Do I Receive Nespresso Capsules With My Inissia?

Yes, you do. You receive a starter pack which includes 1 of each flavor they have.

Can The Nespresso Capsule Be Used More Than Once?

No, it can’t. Each capsule can be used once only.

Accessories To Buy With Your Nespresso Inissia:

DecoBros Crystal Glass Wood Nespresso Storage Drawer Holder for Capsules

DecoBros Crystal Tempered Glass Nespresso Pod Storage: the most elegant way to organize your Nespresso pods and keep them at hand. It holds up to 42 capsules, and the tempered glass is tough enough for your machine to sit on it. If you’d prefer a different design, see all suggested pod organizers here.

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Sealpod Nespresso Refillable Pods

If you want to use a refillable Nespresso capsule then Sealpod is the only way to go, it is the best rated. The pack includes two stainless steel pod that you can use with your Inissia or any OriginalLine Nespresso machine.

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Bodum Pavina 8.5-Ounce Double-Wall Thermo Tumber_DOF Glass

Double wall glasses are the coolest way to enjoy your cup of coffee. Seeing your favorite drink suspended is simply fun. But not only that, having double-wall is also great for keeping temperature of the drink longer and it eliminates condensation if you’re having a cold drink. These glasses by Bodum are available in sizes for espresso, cappuccino and tall glasses for latte. They’re also available in different shapes.

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