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Nespresso: How Much Caffeine In Each Capsule? Here Is a Full Chart

Nespresso Guides May 26, 2023

The Caffeine content of a Nespresso pod will always vary depending on different factors like the type of pod, how much coffee is in the pod, and coffee blend.

On their US website, Nespresso mentions an average of caffeine content per each type of pod:

The average Espresso pod contains between 50 mg to 100 mg of caffeine, and that includes: Nespresso OriginalLine Espresso and Lungo pods, as well as Vertuo Espresso, double espresso and gran lungo.

Vertuo coffee pods (7.77 oz.), including XL Alto (12 oz.), have a range of 170-200 mg per cup

Nespresso Carafe Pour-Over Style coffee pods (18 oz.) contains over 200 mg of caffeine.

The Caffeine Content Chart For Each Capsule

Going through Nespresso websites, looking for caffeine content info, I found them to be available on Nespresso Taiwan’s website! So I compiled a chart of pod names and the amount of caffeine they contain according to that source.

The charts will not include seasonal and limited edition pods.

This chart is especially helpful for those who are sensitive to caffeine or are trying to limit their caffeine intake.

It has two sections, one for Vertuo Pods and the other is for Original pods.

Caffeine Content of Vertuo Pods

Nespresso Caffeine Per Pod

Highest CaffeineLowest Caffeine (excluding Decaf/Half Caff)
EspressoIll CaffeVoltesso
Double EspressoScuroDolce
Gran LungoFortadoInizio

Volume Conversion

1.35 oz = 40ml
2.7 oz = 80ml
5 oz = 150ml
7.7 oz = 230ml
18 oz = 535 ml


PodCaffeine ContentGround Coffee AmountVolume (Default)
Altissio108 mg7g1.35 oz
Diavolitto144 mg7g1.35 oz
Voltesso64 mg5.2g1.35 oz
Orafio110 mg6.2g1.35 oz
Tocanto84 mg6.2g1.35 oz
Ill Caffe152mg7g1.35 oz

Double Espresso

PodCaffeine ContentGround Coffee AmountVolume (Default)
Double Espresso Chiaro135 mg10g2.7 oz
Double Espresso Scuro150 mg10g2.7 oz
Double Espresso Dolce133 mg9.5g2.7 oz

Vertuo Coffee

PodCaffeine ContentGround Coffee AmountVolume (Default)
Intenso195 mg12.5g7.7 oz
Stormio170 mg12.5g7.7 oz
Odacio170 mg12.5g7.7 oz
Melozio170 mg12.5g7.7 oz
Melozio Decaf11 mg12.5g7.7 oz
Solelio133 mg12.5g7.7 oz
Mexico190 mg12.5g7.7 oz
Colombia165 mg12.5g7.7 oz
Alto Ambrato170mg17 g12 oz
Alto Onice190mg17g12 oz
Nespresso Half Caffeinato83 mg12.5g7.7 oz

Gran Lungo

PodCaffeine ContentGround Coffee AmountVolume (Default)
Arondio150 mg10g 5 oz
Inizio120 mg10g 5 oz
Fortado195 mg10g 5 oz
Fortado Decaf7 mg10g 5 oz
Ethiopia 119 mg9.5 g 5 oz
Costa Rica140 mg10.5g 5 oz

‘For Milk’ Barista Creation

PodCaffeine ContentGround Coffee AmountVolume (Default)
Bianco Forte160 mg12.5g7.7 oz
Bianco Leggero140 mg 10g2.7 oz
Bianco Doppio105 mg10g2.7 oz
Bianco Piccolo75 mg6.2g1.35 oz
Hazelino Muffin (Roasted Hazelnut)170 mg12.5g7.7 oz
Vanilla Custard Pie (Sweet Vanilla)166 mg12.5g7.7 oz
Caramel Cookie (Golden Caramel)159 mg12.5g7.7 oz
Chocolate Fudge (Rich Chocolate)160 mg12.5g7.7 oz

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Caffeine Content in Starbucks Nespresso Vertuo Pods

According to Starbucks, caffeine content per brewed capsule will vary between approximately 70 and 75 mg for the espressos. Coffee capsules contain 170 mg of caffeine per cup. (source)

Starbucks Nespresso CapsuleCaffeine Content (mg)
Blonde Espresso Roast64.2
Pike Place Roast71.6
House Blend74.5
Single Origin Colombia66.9
Caffe Verona68.5
Espresso Roast61.9
Decaf Espresso Roast3.0

Caffeine Content in Nespresso Original Pods

Nespresso Original Line Pods Caffeine Content Chart

Pod with the highest caffeine: Kazaar
Pod with the lowest caffeine : Chiaro
Pod with the most ground coffee content: Kazaar and Fortissio

All decaf pods have between 2mg and 4mg of caffeine.

Ounce to ML Conversion

0.85 oz = 25 ml
1.35 oz = 40 ml
3.7 oz = 110 ml

Pod Caffeine ContentGround Coffee AmountVolume (Default)
Palermo Kazaar113 mg6g1.35 oz or 0.85 oz 
Napoli109 mg5.7g1.35 oz or 0.85 oz 
Arpeggio63 mg5.3g1.35 oz or 0.85 oz 
Volluto64 mg 5g1.35 oz
Venezia77 mg 5.6g1.35 oz or 0.85 oz 
India107 mg5.5g1.35 oz or 3.7 oz
Indonesia 72 mg 5.7g1.35 oz or 3.7 oz
Colombia64 mg5.7g1.35 oz or 3.7 oz
Nicaragua65 mg5g1.35 oz or 3.7 oz
Ethiopia 65 mg5.7g1.35 oz or 3.7 oz
Rio de Janeiro77 mg5.5g1.35 oz
Istanbul85 mg5.6g1.35 oz
Paris75 mg5.6g1.35 oz

Lungo Pods

Pod Caffeine ContentGround Coffee AmountVolume (Default)
Cape Town110 mg5.5g3.7 oz
Stockholm Fortissio80 mg6g3.7 oz
Vienna75 mg5.5g3.7 oz
Tokyo82 mg5.8g3.7 oz
Shanghai82 mg 5.6g3.7 oz
Buenos Aires104 mg5.6g3.7 oz

OriginalLine Barista Creation

Pod Caffeine ContentGround Coffee AmountVolume (Default)
Caramel Creme Brulee62 mg5g1.35 oz
Vanilla Eclaire62 mg 5g1.35 oz
Cocoa Truffle62 mg 5g1.35 oz
Chiaro42 mg4.8g1.35 oz
Scuro73 mg5.5g1.35 oz
Corto103 mg5.8g1.35 oz

Nespresso Pod With The Most and Least Caffeine

Nespresso With The Most Caffeine

Like I said earlier, I used Nespresso Taiwan’s website as a source of all the caffeine and coffee content info in the charts. I would still ask you to take that information with a grain of salt. It is meant to give you a general idea of how much caffeine is in each pod, it’s not 100% accurate.

Higher Intensity Coffee Does Not Mean More Caffeine

Stronger tasting coffee (high intensity) doesn’t necessarily mean higher caffeine content. In fact, lighter roasts could contain more caffeine than darker ones.

Take the Carafe Mild pod as an example. It actually has more caffeine than the Intense one. This is probably because the milld pod uses a lighter roast than the intense pod.

Same goes for the amount of ground coffee in a pod.

Some espresso pods can contain as much caffeine as a larger coffee pod. Larger cups don’t always mean higher caffeine.

Ill Caffe espresso pod has 152 mg of caffeine, because it is made of a blend of Arabica and Robusta grounds. On the other hand, Colombia coffee mug has 160mg, which is close to what the Ill Caffe shot has.

Most Caffeinated Pod

If you’re a Nespresso Vertuo user, there are several high caffeine capsules: Ill Cafe for Espresso, Intenso for Coffee, Fortado for Gran Lungo and Scuro for Double Espress.

There’s also the Nespresso Coffee + (Available in Limited countries) collection which has %20 more caffeine content.

For OriginalLine espresso capsules, Kazaar has the most caffeine content. It also has the most coffee ground content.

Least Caffeinated Pod

Apart from decaf capsules, Vertuo pods that have the least amount of caffeine are: Voltesso (espresso), Dolce (double-espresso), Inizio (Gran Lungo) and Solelio (coffee).

If you want little to no caffeine, go for a decaf capsule or the Half Caffeinato pod.

For OriginalLine, Nespresso Chiaro, which is part of the Barista Creations collection, has the least amount of caffeine.

Why Nespresso Does Not Declare Caffeine Content on Their Website

If you have been researching the caffeine content of Nespresso pods on their websites, you probably didn’t find what you’re looking for.

Nespresso, intentionally, adds very little information on caffeine content and only gives you a range of caffeine per pod type. This is because they consider their coffee capsules to be an ever-changing product. They continuously alter the coffee type used, which in turn, alters the caffeine content of the pod, so they can’t set an exact amount of caffeine content for their pods.

Does Nespresso Have More Caffeine than Brewed Coffee?

Again, how much caffeine in a cup of coffee depends on so many different aspects. Like the blend of coffee used, the amount of coffee ground, and the type of coffee (espresso or brewed coffee).

Generally speaking, Espresso usually contains less caffeine than brewed coffee. But if we are comparing brewed coffee to Nespresso’s coffee (7.7 oz mug size), the caffeine content is quite comparable.

Also, adding milk to coffee does not affect the caffeine content. So it doesn’t matter if you’re adding milk to your brewed coffee, or making a latte, caffeine content will remain the same.

How Much Caffeine Is In a Nespresso Decaf Pod

I have a complete guide on Nespresso Decaf Pods and how much caffeine in them, as well as how to identify them.

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