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Philips LatteGo vs Classic Milk Frother – Which Do You Choose?

Philips Super Automatics Feb 28, 2023
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So, you have decided on a Philips super automatic espresso machine, and now, you’re not sure if you should go for a LatteGo model or choose the Classic milk frother model.

In this post, I will break down the pros and cons of each milk system to help you with your decision.

Models with the Option of LatteGo and Classic Milk Frother

LatteGo (Auto Frothing) vs. Classic Milk Frother

When deciding between the two milk frothing systems, think of the following:

  • Do you want your milk heating and frothing to be completely automated? Or are you willing to do some work?
  • Do you want control over the texture and temperature of your milk? Or would you be okay with some limited customization of milk level?

Answering these questions will lead you exactly to the right decision. But let’s look at the details of each system.

Philips Classic Steam Wand Milk Frother

Philips LatteGo vs Classic Frother

Philips models with classic milk frothers don’t have milk specialties on their menu. Instead, you brew espresso, then use the steam button to manually froth milk.


This is a pretty manual way to froth milk for your latte and cappuccinos. It’s the same as any steam wand on a classic espresso machine. After (or before) brewing your espresso, you’ll heat the steam button and submerge the steam wand into the milk pitcher until it heats up and foams.

After you reach the desired foam and temperature, you’ll press the steam button again to stop the frothing.


Steaming milk correctly isn’t a straightforward task. At the beginning, you should expect your milk texture to be wrong, too high of a foam, or too light. Sometimes the temperature won’t be right. But as you keep practicing, you’ll get things right. It takes practice.

On the other hand, doing things manually allows you to have full control of your milk’s temperature and foam level. You’re not bound to the defaults set by factory.

Another great thing about having a steam wand, is the fact that you can actually use the steamer on its own without making coffee. So if you ever want to heat or froth milk for non-coffee recipes, you can use the frother on its own.


Steam wands need to be purged and wiped clean after each use. To clean it, simply place a mug under the frother and hit the steam button so it purges out any milk residue inside it. For the exterior part, you can just wipe it with a damp cloth. For weekly maintenance, you can pull the frother apart and wash all parts thoroughly.

Best Part About the Classic Milk Frother

  • Complete control over your milk froth

Worst Part About Classic Milk Frother

  • The learning curve, you’ll need some practice to do it correctly.
  • You have to manually measure milk ratio for each recipe

LatteGo Automatic Milk Frother

Philips LatteGo vs Steam Wand

Philips models with LatteGo milk frothing system have presets for milk specialties like Latte, Cappuccino and Cafe au Lait.


LatteGo is a fully automatic system. All you have to do is fill up the jug with your choice of milk and press a milk based preset. LatteGo will automatically heat, froth and dispense the milk to your cup, then add machine will continue to brew the espresso or coffee. So you get a full coffee recipe with a press of a button.


Philips machines with LatteGo give you the option of selecting from three levels of milk froth. But you don’t get to select a milk temperature, it’s preset by the manufacturer and cannot be changed. The milk frother will dispense as much milk as needed for the recipe, so there’s no wrong way to do drinks when using a LatteGo.


Just like the classic frother, LatteGo has to be purged to get rid of any milk residue. You don’t want milk drying inside the pipes as it will only get harder to clean afterward. Using a cleaning button, it will dispense hot water through the milk frother to wash it from the inside. You can then detach the frother jug and wash it either by hand or in a dishwasher.

Best Part about LatteGo

  • Complete automation, one press solution for any coffee recipe.

Worst Part about LatteGo

  • You can’t control milk temperature. And although you get to choose from three levels of milk froth, it might not be to your liking still.

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Which Milk System to Pick?

Now that you know the details of both systems, it’s time to make a decision. If you’re looking for convenience and automation, LatteGo is your best option. But if you want full control over the texture of foam and temperature, the classic steam wand will give you better results.

No matter which one you pick, don’t forget about cleaning your frother often, it will keep things running smoothly and prevent milk from drying up inside the pipes.