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L’or Barista Sublime vs L’or Barista Original – Top Differences

L'or Coffee Machines, L'or Comparisons May 16, 2023

In a previous post, I have compared L’or coffee machine vs Nespresso‘s , and mentioned that I truly prefer L’or’s ability to brew OriginalLine Capsules as well as L’OR’s own XXL Pods.

In this post, I am comparing L’OR Barista Sublime vs L’OR Original Latte, which is another coffee machine from L’OR.

Note that as of time of writing (MAY 2023), L’OR Original is only available in UK and some other European regions. It is not available in the US yet.

What’s The Difference Between L’OR Barista Sublime vs L’OR Original Coffee Machine?

Let’s get right into it, because the difference really is quite small but can make a lot of difference to you.

L’OR Original coffee machine is identical to the L’OR Barista except for one addition:

  • L’OR Original comes with a built-in milk frother.

So if you’re a latte or cappuccino lover, L’OR Original Latte will make a better choice for you.

Now, let’s look at the details of each machine…

L’or Barista vs L’or Original Comparison

Serving Sizes

L'or Barista Sublime vs L'or Barista Original - Top Differences

Both of L’OR’s coffee machines brew the same serving sizes. You can brew:

  • Espresso and Lungo from 1.3 oz to 3.7 oz using the Espresso capsules
  • Double espresso or coffee servings (5 oz, 8 oz and 12 oz) using L’OR’s exclusive XXL pods.

The machines automatically detect the size of pod you inserted and adjusts the buttons’ serving sizes accordingly.

Making Lattes and Cappuccinos

Both L’OR coffee machines can make any espresso based drink, latte, cappuccino.. you name it. The difference is:

  • L’OR Original Coffee Machine has a built-in milk frother. Which means, you can brew the espresso using the machine, and heat and froth the milk using the included frother. It can also create cold froth. And capacity wise, it holds a single serving of milk for one cup.
  • L’OR Barista, on the other hand, requires that you purchase a separate milk frother. You can use any frother you want, they will all serve the same purpose.

Built-In vs Separate Milk Frother, Which Makes Better Choice?

L’or Original’s milk frother is built-in, but it does not automatically dispense frothed milk like a Lattissima would. It simply sits on a base that is attached to the machine so both can be plugged in using a single electric plug. This is one of the main benefits of a frother that’s plugged into the machine, the single electric cord.

If you’re buying a separate electric milk frother, you’ll have to use two independent plugs. Other than that, I would look into the available options for electric frothers and compare prices. You could get a better performing frother with the L’or Barista for the same price of the L’or Original, or even less.


Design wise, both models are identical. Except for the attached milk frother on the L’or Original, obviously.

They have the same brew buttons, same double-spouted dispenser. The only difference is that the L’OR Barista is available in white or red, while the L’or Original is only available in black.

What Pods Fit L’or’s Coffee Machines? L’OR Pod Compatibility

Using a L’or Barista or L’or Original coffee machine means that you can use the following capsules:

L’OR Nespresso OriginalLine-Compatible Capsules

These are L’OR’s espresso and lungo pods that were originally made for Nespresso’s OriginalLine machines (Essenza, Inissia, Pixie, Citiz…). And Since then, L’or have made their OriginalLine based coffee machines to use these same capsules.

L’OR XXL Coffee Pods

These are L’or’s exclusive capsules that only work with their coffee machines. They are shaped like OriginalLine capsules, but contain more ground coffee so they can brew larger cups without losing flavor. When inserting one of these capsules, both L’or Barista or L’or Original can recognize them automatically, and your brew buttons will be able to dispense: 5 oz, 8 oz and 12 oz.

L'or Barista Sublime vs L'or Barista Original - Top Differences
L’or’s XXL pod on the left, compared to the Espresso pod on the right.

It’s worth noting that many customers have found the 12 oz serving to be slightly watered down, but it works great for 8 oz and 12 oz servings.

Can I Use Nespresso’s Pods in L’or Barista or Original Coffee Machines?

Yes, absolutely! You can enjoy capsules from Nespresso’s OriginalLine collection of pods. You can use them to brew espresso or lungo servings. L’or’s espresso capsules and Nespresso’s are the same in size and fit either OriginalLine machine.

Other OriginalLine Compatible Pods

You can pretty much use any type of capsules that is compatible with Nespresso OriginalLine machines:

  • Starbucks Nespresso capsules
  • Lavazza Nespresso Capsules
  • Illy Nespresso Capsules
  • Rosso Cafe’s Nespresso Capsules

If the label says OriginalLine compatible, then you can use it in your L’or coffee machine.

In Conclusion…

When it comes to the difference between L’or Barista Sublime and L’or Original, the only major difference is that the Original has a built-in milk frother. Mind you, this kind of frother does not automatically dispense milk, you have to pick it up and pour it into the cup, but it does heat and froth the milk. And for iced drinks, it can create cold frot, too.

As for capsule compatibility, you have so many great options. L’or’s coffee machines are compatible with Nespresso’s Originalline espresso and lungo capsules, may they be from Nespresso, from L’or, or from other brands. Just make sure they are OriginalLine compatible. But for L’or’s larger serving sizes, you can only use the XXL pods, which are larger in size and are only available from L’OR’s.