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L’or Barista System vs Nespresso – Which Machine Is Best To Buy

Single-Serve Espresso Makers Feb 14, 2023

Nespresso OriginalLine machines have been around for a long long time now. In fact, Nespresso was the first to introduce the concept of single-serve espresso makers well over 20 years ago. But as they lost the patent of their OriginalLine espresso pods, a lot of other companies now make Nespresso-compatible machines as well as pods.

L'OR The Barista System Coffee and Espresso Machine Combo by Philips, Black
LOR Barista System - a Nespresso OriginalLine compatible brewer that makes both espresso and coffee serving sizes

L’or Espresso is a French company that started as makers of Nespresso compatible-pods. They’ve branched out to make Nespresso-compatible brewers, that you can use to brew any type of OriginalLine pods, by Nespresso or other brands.

In this post, I will break down the specs and features of L’OR’s Barista System (in the UK, known as L’OR Barista Sublime), and why I think you should actually choose it over other Nespresso machines!

Features of L’OR the Barista System

LOR Barista System vs Nespresso
  • Brew coffee pods and espresso with the LOR BARISTA system one-cup coffee maker
  • 19 bars of pressure: The LOR BARISTA system pod coffee maker makes a shot of espresso with nice level of crema.
  • 6 serving sizes: The LOR BARISTA system creates 6 different beverage sizes through Dual-Capsule Recognition Technology.
  • The LOR BARISTA system is compatible with LOR single-serve coffee and espresso capsules and is also compatible with Nespresso OriginalLine capsules.

The L’OR Barista System is a revolutionary single-serve coffee and espresso maker that offers a perfect in-home cafe experience. The machine uses 19 bars of high pressure to produce a layer of smooth crema on top of each cup. It has Dual-Capsule Recognition Technology which enables it to brew 6 different beverage sizes. This feature is what sets it apart from any other Nespresso-compatible brewer, including Nespresso’s own machines.

This machine is a collaboration between L’OR Coffee and Philips.

Serving Sizes

Here’s what makes L’OR Barista System special, the serving sizes. To start, it makes both espresso and coffee, yes, that’s a full 12 oz cup of coffee!

The machine has three buttons for small, medium and large serving. Here’s how it works:

The Dual Capsule Recognition technology can recognize whether you have inserted an espresso capsule or coffee capsule, because coffee capsule are actually larger in size.

Then, it will activate the menu for said capsule type:

For Espresso, the serving sizes are:

  • Small: 1.4 oz,
  • Medium: 2.7 oz
  • Large: 3.7 oz

As for coffee, the serving sizes are:

  • Small: 5 oz
  • Medium: 8 oz
  • Large: 12 oz

Pod Compatibility

Difference in size between the L’OR Espresso pod and XXL coffee pod


L’OR Barista System is a Nespresso-Compatible brewer, so it can brew any OriginalLine pod for espresso or other drinks like tea or hot chocolate. L’OR makes their own range of pods with many options of intensity and flavors. So when it comes to Espresso, you have a wide selection of pods to choose from. That includes that ever popular Starbucks capsules.


When it comes to coffee, these pods are EXCLUSIVE to the L’OR Barista System. Coffee pods look like the espresso pods, but they are larger in size as they contain more ground coffee.

the XXL Capsule

The large coffee pod has two uses thanks to the machine’s double-spout design. One, is making a single-serve of coffee sized anywhere from 5oz to 12 oz. Or, you can use one single XXL pod to serve two cups of espresso or Lungo, simple two cups instead of one under each spout to get two servings.

Other features:

  • 40 oz removable water reservoir
  • 25-second heat up time
  • Automatic used pod ejection.
  • Double spout design allows you to serve two cups at the same time.

Cleaning and Maintaining the L’OR Barista System

The L’OR Barista System is pretty easy to maintain. The removable water tank, used capsule container and drip tray can be taken out for cleaning. Use a damp cloth or sponge to wipe the machine’s body. Don’t use harsh chemicals when cleaning it as this could damage its components.

The used capsule drawer, which is placed behind the drip tray holds up to 12 used capsules.

L’OR Barista System vs. Nespresso – Which System Is Best?

Lor barista system vs nespresso essenza mini

To be fair, I will be comparing the L’OR Barista System to Nespresso OriginalLine machines like Essenza, Inissia, Citiz or even Lattissima machines. Because those machines use the same pods as L’OR’s.

Let’s look at the most popular Nespresso OriginalLine model for this comparison, the Essenza Mini. Do note that the majority of OriginalLine machines by Nespresso have the same specs, apart from small differences like reservoir capacities or whether it has a built-in frother or not (Lattissima).

Serving Sizes

To start, all Nespresso OriginalLine machines are Espresso machines only. They make a single or double shots of espresso. So you have size of 1.35 oz for espresso and 2.7 oz for lungo.

L’OR has created a whole new option with their XL coffee capsules, no other OriginalLine machine has this option to brew up to 12 oz coffee using a LARGE capsule. To make coffee, Nespresso introduced the Vertuo system, which uses an entirely new line of pods.

Pod Compatibility

For espresso servings, both machines can use any OriginalLine capsules made either by Nespresso or other brands.

For Coffee servings, you can only use LOR’s XXL pods. This serving sizes is exclusive to L’OR Barista System.

Brew Technology

Both Nespresso and L’OR use pump pressure to brew the capsules, which is what any espresso machine uses.

L’OR has its own capsule recognition technology, which can tell whether you inserted an espresso capsule or coffee capsule and allows the brew selection buttons to brew the correct size for each capsule. While Nespresso Vertuo uses something similar, OriginalLine machines by Nespresso don’t since they only brew espresso.

Design and Dimensions

Both machines sport a slim and compact design, differences in size are barely considerable.

A special feature in L’OR’s design is the double spout. While you might not make much of it, it is quite helpful when making larger coffees. Because you can use a large coffee pod but instead fill up two smaller cups instead of one. This is a feature that I’ve not seen in any other single-serve brewer.

Drinks You Can Make

Both systems, Nespresso or L’ORS can make espresso or any espresso based drinks like latte or cappuccino, you will have to get a separate milk froth, though. Espresso is the base of all coffee drinks, hot or cold. So whether you want to make hot or iced latte, cappuccino or macchiato, you can do it with either machine.

If you enjoy larger cup sizes of coffee, only L’OR’s Barista System has this selection.

Which Is Best to Buy?

When it comes to brewing espresso, both Nespresso OriginalLine and L’OR Barista System are quite comparable. Although I like that L’OR’s brewers has three different buttons giving you instant access to different brew sizes up to 3.7 oz for Espresso, while Nespresso has two that by defaults brews up to 2.7 oz, buy you can always reprogram it to your liking.

However, if you are a coffee drinker, L’OR’s XXL capsules that can brew coffee up to 12 oz are a total game changer! It’s pretty much what Nespresso should have done instead of coming up with the Vertuo system.

If this is going to be your first Nespresso machine, I would totally recommend the L’OR Barista System, even if you don’t want to immediately use the coffee capsules. If you like Lattes and Cappuccino’s, I recommend adding an electric milk frother to your purchase.

Can I Reprogram my Nespresso Serving Sizes to Make Large Coffee?

With Nespresso OriginalLine machines, it’s easy to reprogram your serving size to make more coffee than it makes by default. So, why not just do that to make a large cup of coffee?

The problem is that espresso pods don’t contain enough coffee grounds to make large cups of coffee. Of course you can increase your serving size (or decrease it) slightly, but not up to 12 oz as it will taste fully watered down.

This is why L’OR designed their XXL pods, they’re larger in size, and they contain more ground coffee than an espresso pod. So brewing up to 12 oz of coffee will taste full bodied and strong.

Best L’OR Capsules

Espresso Pods

Flavored Espresso Pods

Coffee Pods

Popular Questions and Answers

What’s Inside L’OR Capsules?

They contain ground coffee only. Flavored pods include natural flavorings and no sugar.

Are L’OR Pods Compatible With Nespresso Vertuo, Dolce Gusto or Keurig Machines?

No, L’OR espresso pods are only compatible with OriginalLine machines like Citiz, Inissia, Pixie, Essenza, or Lattissima and Breville Creatista models.

Where To Buy L’OR Capsules

L’OR capsules are available to buy through online retailers and in major grocery stores. You can purchase directly from their website, too. US SiteUK Site.