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DeLonghi Dedica Arte vs Bambino – Full Comparison

Breville, DeLonghi, Semi-automatic Espresso Machines Oct 05, 2022

With Delonghi releasing the Dedica Arte, it is now really close in features to Breville’s Bambino espresso machine. Torn between the two? This comparison is for you.


Getting to the point… here are the main differences between the two models…

Dedica Arte vs Bambino – What’s The Difference?

Dedica ArteBreville Bambino
Professional Steam WandYesYes
Portafilter Size51mm54mm
ThermboBlock HeaterYesYes
Included AccessoriesMetal Tamper, single – double and ese pod filters – scoop – cleaning kit4 filter baskets, plastic tamper, stainless steel milk jug, cleaning kit
Dimensions WxDxH5.9” X 13” X 12”6.3″ x 13.7″ x 12″
Reservoir Capacity35 oz47 oz

Steam Wand Design

With the update of the Dedica Arte, it now has a similar professional steam wand just like Bambino’s. However, there are some design differences…

While the Dedica Arte has a longer steam wand, so it reaches deeper in the milk jug as you steam the milk, Bambino’s wand is more articulate, it moves better and has a handle loop for better control.

Portafilter Sizes

Bambino’s Portafilter is 54mm in size, a bit closer to the professional 58mm sizing used in larger machines. It can hold up to 22g of grounds… more coffee more flavor.

Dedica’s 51mm isn’t bad at all, it just won’t hold as much coffee as Breville’s. But it that’s not something that is important to you, then this won’t make much difference.

Included Accessories

When using an espresso machine, there are two important accessories you’ll want to have: a tamper and a milk jug.

DeLonghi’s Metal Tamper

The Dedica Arte comes with a high quality metal tamper, as well as a plastic scoop/tamper. Unfortunately, it does not include a milk jug, which does not make sense honestly.

Breville’s Accessories. Source: Breville.com

On the other hand, the Bambino includes a milk jug and a tamper. The tamper, however, is plastic and isn’t of best quality, so you’ll most likely want to place it with something of better quality.

As for the other accessories, they’re quite comparable.


Dimensions of both models are not that far off from each other. The Dedica has less width, but not enough to make an actual difference.

Both machines have sturdy stainless steel housing. The Dedica comes in several brushed steel colors, while the Bambino is only available in brushed stainless steel.

DeLonghi’s Dedica Arte – Quick Features

DeLonghi’s line of Dedica espresso machines (Dedica, Dedica Deluxe and Dedica Arte) are the same at the core. The difference has always been in the steam wand frother.

  • It’s a 15-bar Pump Pressure machine
  • Preset espresso and double espresso shots, both can be readjustable.
  • Automatic flow stop
  • Stainless steel housing, available in several colors.

What Makes the Dedica Arte Special Over Other Dedica Models?

The updated steam wand on the Dedica Arte makes it a better choice for anyone looking to steam and create micro foam milk texture. With some practice, you’ll be able to create latte art, if that’s something you’re into. Unlike the previous models which had Panarello style frother, it helps create foam and helps adjust the level of the foam, but you won’t be able to create latte art with the somewhat dense foam it creates.

With that addition of a steam wand, it made the Dedica Arte very comparable to the Breville Bambino.

Breville Bambino – Quick Features

The Bambino is one of Breville’s entry-level espresso machines, just like the Dedica.

  • 15-bar pump pressure.
  • Espresso and Double Espresso preset buttons
  • Steam wand frother
  • Stainless steel housing – no colors available.

Read about the Breville Bambino, how it’s different from Bambino Plus here.

Conclusion… Which Should You Pick?

Apart from budget – although both are comparable in price, too. Here’s what I like in each machine:

Breville Bambino’s steam wand is easier to hold and move around, giving you better control. The handle is a plus, too, especially that you’re handling a hot object here. I also like that the reservoir is larger. I like that it includes a milk jug, and even though the tamper included isn’t the best, it’s great to start with and you always have the option to upgrade any time. The idea is, you have everything you need to get started right away.

Dedica Arte’s steam wand is a great upgrade from previous models, but it still doesn’t match Bambino’s. I like that it includes a solid tamper, but hate that it does not include a milk jug. If you forget to include a pitcher to your purchase, it would be hard to get started out of the box.

I would personally go for the Bambino over the Dedica Arte for the reasons mentioned above. Unless there’s a big price difference and I can save a decent amount, I’d go for the Arte.