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Espresso Machines Under $300

DeLonghi Stilosa vs Breville Cafe Roma – Main Differences

As a popular beginner’s espresso maker, the DeLonghi Stilosa is often compared to many espresso machines from other brands. In this comparison guide, I tell you about the differences between DeLonghi Stilosa vs Breville Cafe Roma, which are two popular manual espresso machines for beginners. DeLonghi Stilosa vs Breville Cafe Roma Design When it comes to design, both the DeLonghi…

Which Espresso Maker Is Best For a Beginner?

Pulling the perfect shot of espresso at home can be an intimidating thing, especially if you’re just starting out. But like everything else in life, practice makes perfect, and you can certainly turn into a home barista in no time! Espresso makers range from small, easy to use machines, to complicated machines that can be hard to control. As a…