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Is Nespresso Evoluo Discontinued? What You Need To Know Before Buying

Nespresso Guides Aug 23, 2023

When it comes to choosing the right Nespresso machine for you, it can get so confusing.

Nespresso Evoluo is one of the earlier Nespresso Vertuo machines. It has a distinct classic design and lacks some of the features newer Nespresso Vertuo machines have like slim and compactness or Bluetooth connectivity.

Since Nespresso Evoluo was first released back in 2013, you might be wondering, is Nespresso Evoluo discontinued?

In this post, I will tell you every thing you need to know about Nespresso Evoluo and if it’s worth your money as an older Nespresso Vertuo model.

Is Nespresso Evoluo Discontinued?

Let’s answer the main question here…. Is Nespresso Evoluo a discontinued model?

Nespresso Evoluo is NOT a discontinued model, and if you hop on to Nespresso’s website, you’ll find that it is still being sold on their store. (in the US, as of August 2023)

But… it really depends on where you are looking for Nespresso Evoluo.

In some stores, Nespresso Evoluo is sold under the name Nespresso Vertuo, which pretty much adds to the confusion. But I’ll help you understand this even more… just keep reading.

Why Does the Listing Say ‘Nespresso Evoluo Discontinued’?

If you’re looking at a retailer listing, namely Amazon or any other online retailer, and it says Evoluo is discontinued, it pretty much refers to the fact that the name Evoluo was discontinued and the model is now called Vertuo.

Is Nespresso Vertuo Same As Evoluo?

Nespresso Evoluo vs Vertuo

Nespresso Vertuo and Evoluo are the same Nespresso machine, except for few design differences.

Back when these Nespresso models were new, Nespresso Vertuoline was the first ever Vertuo machine to come out. Then it was followed by Nespresso Evoluo model.

But as of 2023, as I write this post, the names Nespresso Vertuo and Nespresso Evoluo are pretty much the same machine. Both models now carry the name Nespresso Vertuo.

  • What was known as Nespresso Evoluo now goes by the name Nespresso Vertuo by DeLonghi
  • and what was known as Nespresso Vertuoline, is now Nespresso Vertuo by Breville.

Nespresso Evoluo vs Vertuo – Top Differences

Whether you choose Nespresso Vertuo or Nespresso Evoluo, you are getting the same Nespresso Vertuo machine.

Nespresso Pod Compatibility

Is Nespresso Evoluo Discontinued? What You Need To Know Before Buying

Nespresso Vertuo/Evoluo are compatible with Nespresso Vertuo pods only. These pods are available in several serving sizes and blends.

Nespresso Vertuo Pod availability is a little tight, though. You can only buy them from Nespresso directly, either through their online store or boutiques.

Nespresso Vertuo pods are also available on Nespresso’s Amazon store. But they are not available in grocery stores or supermarkets.

Nespresso Vertuo Serving Sizes

Nespresso Vertuo Pods

Nespresso Vertuo/Evoluo has 4 serving sizes: Espresso 1.35 oz , Double Espresso 2.7 oz, Gran Lungo 5 oz and Coffee 7.7 oz.

Nespresso Vertuo has two additional cup sizes: XL Coffee 12 oz and Carafe 18 oz. But those are exclusive new Nespresso Vertuo machines like Vertuo Next and Vertuo Pop.

Nespresso Vertuo vs Evoluo Design

While both models now go by the same name, Nespresso Vertuo, here’s how to tell the first Evoluo design vs Vertuo model.

Machine Head Design

Nespresso vertuo delonghi vs breville

Both Nespresso models have manual head closure and a single brew button on top.

The difference is in how the head of the machine looks:

  • Nespresso Evoluo (Nespresso Vertuo by DeLonghi) has a flat top design and looks boxy overall.
  • Nespresso Vertuo (Vertuo by Breville) has a rounded dome-like top.

Water Reservoir and Used Capsule Storage

Both Nespresso Evoluo and Vertuo have the same design when it comes to water reservoir and used capsule bin.

Each of these is located on the sides of the machine. This contributes to the machine’s width and makes it look bulkier.

But on the bright side, having the water reservoir on full display allows you to see when you’re running low on water immediately.

Water Reservoir Capacity

The reservoir capacity is 54 oz on both models.

Is Nespresso Vertuo Or Evoluo Better?

When it comes to choosing between Nespresso Vertuo or Evoluo, you are getting the exact same features.

Simply pick the model you prefer the most in terms of color and design. Everything else, functionality wise, is going to be the same.

The question here really is: Is Nespresso Vertuo or Evoluo worth it anymore? Or should you buy a newer Nespresso Vertuo model?

Should You Buy Nespresso Evoluo?

If you are considering buying a Nespresso Vertuo, Evoluo or any older Nespresso model, there are some points I have to bring to your attention:

Why You Should Buy an Older Nespresso Vertuo

Whether that’s a Nespresso Vertuo, Evoluo or VertuoPlus. I will use the term ‘Older Nespresso Vertuo’ to refer to any Nespresso Vertuo machine that is not Bluetooth connected or that’s an earlier release from 7+ years.

Older Nespresso Vertuo models are far more stable and less problematic than the newer models like Nespresso Vertuo Next, which is the most problematic of all.

This is the reason why many people still prefer to buy the older versions of Nespresso Vertuo line, like Evolou, Vertuo or VertuoPlus. Even though they can actually be more expensive than Nespresso Vertuo Next or Vertuo pop (and I’ll tell you why in a minute…).

So if you are looking for stability and higher design quality: Nespresso Vertuo, Evoluo and VertuoPlus are a great choice.

Why You Should Avoid Nespresso Evoluo Or Vertuo

The only reason to avoid buying an older Nespresso Vertuo model is because Nespresso is focused on their newer models, making them connected so they can be easily upgrade, and giving these models exclusive brew sizes.

Every since the release of Nespresso Vertuo Next, Nespresso has been heavily invested in making it their first and most selling Nespresso Vertuo machine.

  • Nespresso Vertuo is always on sale to incite people to buy it.
  • Even newer machines like Nespresso Vertuo Pop and Vertuo Creatista are based on Vertuo Next’s design.
  • New and larger Vertuo serving sizes are exclusive to Nespresso Vertuo Next, Vertuo pop and possible future model released based on it.

For example:

Carafe size 18 oz and XL Coffee Alto pods are only compatible with Nespresso Vertuo Next, Vertuo Pop or Vertuo Creatista.

If you have a Nespresso Vertuo, Evoluo or VertuoPlus, these pods won’t work.

Bluetooth Connectivity and Upgradability

Nespresso Vertuo Next and Vertuo Pop have the ability to receive software updates. Which means, Nespresso can always expand what these models can do, without the need for you to buy a whole new machine.

So, while I am not a fan of Nespresso Vertuo Next in terms of design, I recommend it over Nespresso Evoluo only because it gives you the freedom of expanding your machine’s options and brewing exclusive pods and larger cups of coffee.