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Lavazza Blue vs a Modo Mio – Guide to Lavazza Coffee Pods

Lavazza Coffee Machines May 21, 2023

Lavazza, being one of the world’s leading coffee manufacturers, has a long line of products for every coffee drinker. Not only do they make coffee beans and ground coffee, but they also manufacture so many coffee pods for their own coffee machines as well as other coffee systems.

In this post, I will be discussing two of Lavazza’s own coffee capsules: Lavazza Blue vs A Modo Mio. Information you should find in this guide include:

  • What are Lavazza Blue and A Modo Mio Capsules
  • What Coffee machines do they fit
  • What kind of coffee they make

and other popular questions about Lavazza capsules.

Lavazza Blue vs A Modo Mio – The Difference

Lavazza Blue Pods vs a Modo Mio

Lavazza Blue and Lavazza a Modo Mio are two different kind of coffee pods.

The one common thing about them:

They are used to make single serve espresso and lungo coffee.

The Differences

Compatible Machine


The designs of Lavazza Blue and a Modo Mio capsules are totally different. And because of that, none of these capsules will fit in the other’s machine. They won’t fit other machines from other brands, too.

Below, you’ll find full details of Lavazza Blue capsules and a Modo Mio Capsules.

Lavazza Blue Capsules

Lavazza Blue Capsules

What Are Lavazza Blue Pods?

Lavazza Blue are espresso and lungo coffee pods made to be used to brew a single serve cup of espresso or lungo with a press of a button. Blue pods are available in Lavazza’s famous coffee blends, so you’re guaranteed to find your favorite Lavazza coffee as a Blue pod.

    Lavazza Blue Compatible Machines

    Lavazza Blue pods are made to be used with Lavazza’s Classy Mini coffee machine, which is an espresso brewer. However, they can also be used to brew espresso using Lavazza Classy Pro coffee machine. Lavazza Blue coffee pods can’t be used with coffee machines other than Lavazz’a Classy Mini or Classy Plus.

    Can Lavazza Blue Be Used in Nespresso?

    No, Lavazza Blue can’t be used in Nespresso OriginalLine or Vertuo

    Can Lavazza Blue Fit Dolce Gusto?

    No, it can’t fit Nescafe Dolce Gusto machines.

    Lavazza Blue Capsules Variety

    Lavazza Blue pods are available in two serving sizes:

    Espresso and Lungo.

    They are available in most of Lavazza’s famous blends:

    Caffe Crema – Intenso – Espresso Dolce – Espresso Ricco – Gold Selection – Espresso Tierra

    And many more!

    Lavazza Blue Cost per Pod

    One of the first things you consider when buying a new single-serve coffee system is capsule availability and cost, since (most of the time) you are committing to these pods as long as you are using their coffee machine.

    Things are no different with the Lavazza Blue capsule. If you are using Lavazz’a Classy coffee machine, you’re committing to Lavazza Blue coffee pods.

    So, how much would they cost you per pod?

    The price per pod varies depending on the Lavazza blend you are buying, but the average price for Lavazza Blue is between $0.36 to $0.50 per capsule, which is quite a reasonable price.

    Lavazza Blue Compatible Pods

    If you don’t want to buy your Blue capsules from Lavazza, are there any compatible pods from other brands?

    Yes, there are a few options for compatible brands. But they are priced the same as Lavazza’s own pods. So they’re not there as an alternative to save you money, but as an option to try a new coffee taste.

    Country Availability

    Lavazza Blue, as well as its compatible machine, Lavazza Classy, is mainly available in the US market as well as Canadian market.

    Where To Buy Lavazza Blue Capsules

    Blue capsules are sold in major grocery stores, online stores like Amazon or directly from Lavazza. They can be easily purchased and delivered to your home, so you won’t have trouble buying them.

    Lavazza a Modo Mio Capsules

    Lavazza a Modo Mio Capsules

    What Are Lavazza a Modo Mio Capsules

    a Modo Mio is a range of espresso and lungo capsules by Lavazza used to make single serve coffee cups. Like Blue capsules, a Modo Mio capsules are also available in almost every Lavazza blend.

    Lavazza a Modo Mio Compatible Machines

    a Modo Mio are designed to work with Lavazza a Modo Mio machines by Lavazza, these include:

    a Modo Mio Joliea Modo Mio Tinya Modo Mio Idolaa Modo Mio Desea

    Will a Modo Mio Capsules Fit Lavazza Blue Machine (Lavazza Classy)?

    No, they’re totally different coffee systems.

    Do a Modo Mio Capsules Fit Nespresso Machines?

    No, they won’t fit Nespresso machines.

    Do a Modo Mio Capsules Fit Nescafe Dolce Gusto machines?

    No, they won’t fit any Dolce Gusto machines.

    Lavazza a Modo Mio Capsule Variety

    You should find a Modo Mio capsules for most of Lavazza’s famous coffee blends:

    Intenso, Delizioso, Rossa, Oro, Tierra, Dolce…

    And many more.

    Each box contains 16 capsules, and it should tell you if it’s suitable for espresso or lungo brewing.

    A Modo Mio Cost per Pod

    Much like Lavazza’s Blue capsules, a Modo Mio are quite affordable, too. While the price will vary depending on the blend, most a Modo Mio capsules cost around $0.34 per capsule.

    Lavazza a Modo Mio Compatible Pods

    If you choose to buy your a Modo Mio from other brands, you’ll find a few compatible brands that make slightly cheaper capsules but only by a few cents. They’ll be a great option for trying new coffee blends from brands other than Lavazza.

    Country Availability

    Lavazza a Modo Mio are mostly available in the UK and other parts of Europe. They are not available in the US markets.

    Where To Buy Lavazza a Modo Mio Capsules

    a Modo Mio capsules are widely available in major supermarkets and grocery stores as well as Amazon and Lavazza’s own online store.

    Lavazza Blue Pods vs a Modo Mio – Which Do You Choose

    When it comes to choosing between Lavazza Blue or a Modo Mio, the question is: Which of these is actually available to you in your country?

    Both Lavazza Blue Pods and a Modo Mio, although they look totally different, brew the same coffee. Both are designed to brew espresso or lungo, using they own Lavazza brewing systems.

    • Lavazza Blue are made for Lavazza Classy coffee machines, which are available for the US market.
    • Lavazza a Modo Mio are for a Modo Mio coffee machines, which are available for the UK and European markets.

    So, respectively, you have to choose whichever system is available to you. Otherwise, the coffee itself is %100 the same.