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Lavazza A Modo Mio: Jolie vs Tiny – Differences You Need To Know

Lavazza Coffee Machines May 16, 2023

Fans of Italian coffee brand Lavazza will be happy to make their daily coffee cups using one of their single-serve coffee machines. Lavazza makes a number of espresso and coffee makers, but in this post, we are looking at Lavazza a Modo Mio Jolie vs Tiny.

This guide will help you understand the difference between two of Lavazza a Modo Mio’s most popular models: Jolie and Tiny.

Things I’ll go through are:

  • Features and Specs of each model
  • Differences and Similarities
  • What pods are compatible with Lavazza a Modo Mio
  • What drinks you can make with Lavazza’s coffee machines

Differences Between Lavazza A Modo Mio Jolie and Tiny

Serving Sizes

This is one of the similarities between the Lavazza Jolie and Tiny, actually. These machines don’t have ‘serving sizes’. Instead, you manually stop the brewing once you’ve reached your desired coffee volume, may it be an espresso serving, lungo serving or anything in between.

Ideally, though, you don’t want to over extract and water down the pod. The max you’re advised to brew is around 110ml, which is a Lungo size cup. But you can go slightly higher without losing flavor.

So with both Jolie and Tiny coffee machines, there are no preset serving sizes. Only one brew button that you will press to start, then press again to stop the flow.

Used Capsule Bin

After you finished brewing, where do the used capsule go?

That’s the first difference between these two models…

  • With the Lavazza Jolie, there’s a bin that collects used capsules, which get automatically ejected into the bin.
  • With Lavazza Tiny, there’s no bin to collect used pods. You’ll have to manually discard each pod after every use.

Coffee Pod Insert

How you insert the coffee pod in each of these machines works differently:

  • On the Lavazza Jolie, there’s a metal bar that you lift and it reveals the slot where you insert the pod. Bringing the metal bar down helps puncture the pod into place.
  • On the Lavazza Tiny, there’s a drawer like pod holder. You will remove the pod holder, place your pod in and then push it back into place.

There are simple design differences and does not affect the quality of the coffee itself. So it’s just a matter of preference and how you’d prefer to operate the machine.


There are some design difference between the Jolie and Tiny models. Jolie has a more elegant design due to the metal bar and color options. Lavazza Tiny was made as a compact and practical option.

Both machines have similar cup trays. If you need to use a taller cup, simply remove the tray.


Operating both machines is done by using a single button. Press the button once to turn the machine on, when it has stopped flashing it means it’s ready. Press it to start the brewing process then again to stop it.

Lavazza Jolie and Tiny are real simple machines to use and operate. You can’t go wrong with either of them.

But there’s a considerable difference in the sound each model makes when brewing. Lavazza Tiny is somewhat noisy when compared to Lavazza Jolie’s quieter operation.

Coffee Drink Preparation

Making Espresso and Lungo Coffees

With the Lavazza Jolie and Lavazza Tiny, you can make espresso and lungo coffees and dispense them to your liking, since there is no preset on either machines.

Making Latte, Cappuccino or Macchiato

Making milk based drinks starts with espresso, which you can make using either machine. But to prepare the milk, you’ll need a milk frother. Which Lavazza does sell separately. Which brings me to the next difference.

Lavazza Jolie with Milk Frother – Best Option for Lattes and Cappuccinos

With the Lavazza Jolie, you have the option to choose a machine with a built in milk frother, which is the perfect choice if you make lattes frequently. This model has several added features:

  • The built-in milk frother can heat milk, create two level of foam for a latte or cappuccino or make cold foam.
  • This model has two preset serving sizes: Espresso and Lungo

Why does this version of Lavazza Jolie has preset coffee drinks? To make it easier for you to make the perfect latte or cappuccino without messing up coffee to milk ratio.

Lavazza A Modo Mio: Jolie vs Tiny - Differences You Need To Know

Does Lavazza Jolie Milk frother Heat Milk?

Yes, it does heat milk and froth it to your level of choice. It can also froth without heating the milk for iced coffee drinks.

What Kind of Milk Can I Use?

Any type of milk is fine. But the froth level will vary depending on the milk you use. Whole milk provides the best froth, while plant based milks don’t always work as desired.

What’s the Capacity of the Frother?

It holds enough milk for a single cup, either for a latte or cappuccino.

Lavazza a Modo Mio Coffee Pod Compatibility

Lavazza A Modo Mio Capsules

What Pods Can Be Used in Lavazza Jolie and Lavazza Tiny?

Both of these machines are part of Lavazza’s A Modo Mio line of coffee makers, which use their own branded coffee pods.

Lavazza a Modo Mio pods are available from:

So you are not limited to Lavazza’s own pods. BUT, you have to buy pods made for Lavazza’s a Modo Mio’s system. When buying from different brands, look for the words ‘Compatible with Lavazza a Modo Mio’.

Lavazza Jolie and Lavazza Tiny will not take any other pods, they will only work with Modo Mio pods.

Does Nescafe Dolce Gusto Pods Fit Lavazza Coffee Machines?

Lavazza vs Nescafe Dolce Gusto Pods

Nescafe Dolce Gusto Pods look kind of similar to Lavazza’s a Mio Modo’s pods, but they are not the same. Lavazza won’t fit Dolce Gusto’s and vice versa.

Do All Lavazza Coffee Pods Work in All Lavazza Coffee Machines?

Lavazza makes several line of coffee machines, and each of these lines use their own type of pods.

For example:

  • Lavazza A Modo Mio, which includes the machines: Tiny, Jolie, Idola and Desea, they all use the same type of pods: A Modo Mio coffee pods.
  • Lavazza Expert and Lavazza Blue use different pods made just for them.
  • Then, there are Nespresso compatible Lavazza pods, which are made to work with Nespresso originalline machines, only.

So, some group of Lavazza coffee machines can use the same pods, as long as they come from the same line of products.

Are There Lavazza a Modo Mio Reusable Coffee Pods?

Yes, there are a few aftermarket refillable pods available that can work with Lavazza Jolie, Lavazza Tiny and other Lavazza a Modo Mio machines. Although they’re not the best thing to use, as it can lower the quality of your brewed coffee if you use the wrong coffee grounds or don’t fill the pods correctly. They can also damage your machine and take it out of warranty, so you them at your own risk.

Are There Lavazza a Modo Mio Milk Pods?

No, Lavazza makes coffee pods only. For milk, you’ll have to use fresh milk.

The Verdict – Is Lavazza A Modo Mio Jolie or Tiny a Better Choice?

The two models are quite comparable in almost everything. The coffee quality you’ll be brewing with both machines is 100% the same, but which is a better model to choose?

I would go for the Lavazza Jolie over the Tiny for these reasons:

  • It is a quieter machine. You’ll be thankful for this especially in the mornings!
  • The used capsule bin is great so you don’t have to discard pods after each use.
  • If you prefer milk based drinks, I highly recommend the Lavazza Jolie with milk frother. You’ll get espresso presets and a push-button frother/milk heater.

If you’re an espresso drinker only, or perhaps you’re looking for the more economical pick, then go for the Lavazza Tiny. Both of these machines use the same coffee pods and can produce the same cups. So there’s no question about coffee quality at all.