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DeLonghi vs Gevi Espresso Machines: Which Brand To Pick?

DeLonghi Espresso and Coffee Machines Feb 12, 2023
DeLonghi vs Gevi Espresso Machine

If you look at the market of espresso machines, you probably have noticed Gevi’s line of machines. Some of them are identical to DeLonghi’s established espresso machines.

Which brings up the question:

What’s the Difference Between DeLonghi vs Gevi espresso machines?

Below, I will compare espresso machines from DeLonghi vs. Gevi’s.

I chose DeLonghi Dedica Arte as I found it to be the most comparable to Gevi‘s due to both having professional grade steam wands.

DeLonghi vs Gevi Compared as Brands

DeLonghi as a Brand

DeLonghi is one of the most popular brands in the espresso machine market. DeLonghi Espresso machines are known for their high-quality components, innovative designs, and excellent customer service.

They offer a wide range of models that cater to different types of coffee lovers, from beginner baristas to experienced professionals. From entry-level machines to more advanced models with PID temperature control and programmable settings.

This Italian brand has been around since 1902, so they know a thing or two! And it’s a leading brand not only in espresso and coffee machines, but all home and kitchen appliances.

Gevi as a Brand

Gevi, on the other hand, is a total new comer. It’s a Chinese brand, and it specializes in espresso and coffee gear, but makes some other kitchen appliances, too.

And it looks like Gevi is a direct competitor to DeLonghi, making budget-friendly copycats of DeLonghi’s espresso makers. So it only makes sense that you are wondering which brand should you go for.

DeLonghi vs Gevi Espresso Machines

Like I mentioned above, this comparison is going to be of the DeLonghi Dedica Arte vs Gevi 20-bar Espresso machine because they are the most comparable in terms of features, design and value.

At first glance, it’s not hard to see how similar these machines look. Gevi has made a budget-friendly alternative to the DeLonghi Dedica Arte.

DeLonghi Dedica Arte vs Gevi Differences

DeLonghi vs Gevi Design and Dimensions

delonghi vs gevi design

Gevi Espresso MachineDedica Arte
Dimensions WxHxD7.1 x 15.9 x x 13.4 5.9” x 13” x 12″
Steam WandProfessional grade stainless steelProfessional grade stainless steel
Brew SizesSingle, double shotSingle, double shot
Pressure 20-bar15-bar
Temperature SettingsNoYes
Hot Water FunctionYesYes
Water Capacity35 oz 35 oz

Gevi and DeLonghi Dedica Arte both have stainless steel housing, but Gevi looks more high-end with its pressure gauge. In terms of build quality, Dedica Arte seems to be slightly better built as it’s more durable than the Gevi.

But overall, they’re not that much different in design. DeLonghi Dedica Arte is slightly more compact, if you’re looking for the smaller machine.

Pressure Bars in DeLonghi vs Gevi

Gevi technically has a more powerful pressure pump with 20-bars, while Dedica uses 15-bars. In reality, this does not make a lot of difference because most espresso machines will extract espresso at 9 bars of pressure. So the number of pressure bars isn’t of much relevance.

Pressure Gauge in DeLonghi vs Gevi

delonghi vs gevi controls

Gevi includes a pressure gauge that will show you when your machine is ready to be used. While it’s nice to look at, it’s not all that important. DeLonghi Dedica uses light indication for the same purpose. So both machines indicate when they’re ready for use, just in different ways.

DeLonghi vs Gevi Ease of Use

Both machines are simple to use and have intuitive controls. The DeLonghi Dedica Arte has an automatic stop feature, which starts the flow of espresso as soon as you press the button and stops when it’s done. This is a nice touch that makes it easier for beginners to use.

Gevi espresso machine also has the same stop flow feature. This is a standard feature in semi-automatic machines.

Steam wands and milk texturing is an acquired skill, doesn’t matter which espresso machine you choose. Heating up and frothing the milk isn’t exactly the hard part, but creating micro foam texture that you can use to create latte art is going to take a bit of practice.

DeLonghi vs Gevi Price Value

Gevi Espresso machine is a lot cheaper than the DeLonghi Dedica Arte. With its advanced features, it’s definitely worth the price.

DeLonghi Dedica Arte, on the other hand, is pricier but you get accessories that that actually of high quality.

Gevi espresso machine does not include a pitcher, and it comes with a low quality plastic tamper that I don’t recommend you use. Instead, replace it with a stainless steel tamper. DeLonghi Dedica Arte does not include a pitcher, too, so you’ll have to add that to your purchase.

Tampers are always recommended to be stainless steel, because the weight of the tamper adds more pressure to the espresso puck, giving you more quality and evenly extracted espresso shot.

DeLonghi vs Gevi Included Accessories

Gevi vs Delonghi included accessories

DeLonghi Dedica Arte comes with a portafilter with three baskets for a single shot, double shot and ese pods. It also comes with a quality stainless steel tamper. It does not include a frothing pitcher.

Gevi comes with a single and double shot baskets, as well as a plastic tamper/scoop combo. It does not include a frothing pitcher.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Gevi and DeLonghi Dedica Arte are both easy to clean and maintain. Both machines come with a removable drip tray, which makes it easier to empty any water drip and residue.. The water tanks of both machines can be removed for cleaning as well.

You will need to descale your machine periodically. And each brand has a built-in indicator that tells you when it’s time to descale the machine for a thorough clean.

Daily clean up is just a wash of the portafilter after use. And make sure to purge the steam wand and wipe it clean after frothing.

DeLonghi vs Gevi – Which To Buy?

That depends on your preference and budget.

DeLonghi is a well known brand and established enough to trust their machines. But the DeLonghi Dedica Arte comes with a price.

Both espresso makers can achieve the same results. You can make espresso, as well as any other milk based espresso drinks: Cappuccino, Latte… using either machine. And the results will be similar.

But if you look at many ‘generic’ machines, or newer espresso machines coming from low profile brands, they are all copying the Dedica design, which should tell you a lot about Dedica’s well made design.

If you want a well known brand and don’t mind spending a bit extra, the DeLonghi Dedica Arte is the way to go. Not only is it more reputable, customer service is guaranteed to be top notch. The DeLonghi Dedica Deluxe is a less expensive option worth considering, but it has a different steam wand.

If you’re looking for something that packs a punch while being budget friendly, then the Gevi espresso machine is a great choice. It’s well made, comes with most of the accessories you need, and has a pressure gauge for precise espresso extraction. I will advise that you add a frothing pitcher and a stainless steel tamper (51mm size) to your order.

What I Don’t Like About Gevi

DeLonghi vs Gevi Espresso Machines: Which Brand To Pick?

Looking at the image above, you can see that the espresso machines on the left are all identical to each other, and to DeLonghi’s Dedica on the right.

That’s exactly what I don’t like about Gevi (as a brand).

I am not talking about the Gevi espresso machine itself here. But Gevi as a generic brand that is selling white label espresso machines that copy Dedica’s design.

If you decide on buying the Gevi espresso machine, I need you to understand that:

  • You are buying a generic product that is manufactured as a cheaper alternative to the DeLonghi Dedica.
  • Gevi, is a label rather than an actual brand. It sells the same espresso machines as other generic labels. And they’re all meant to sell generic cheaper alternatives.

Overall, you should buy whatever suits your needs and most importantly, your budget. But I thought I had to make it clear for you so you can make an informed decision.

Similarities in DeLonghi Dedica vs Gevi Espresso Machine

DeLonghi vs Gevi Espresso Machines: Which Brand To Pick?

Compact Design

Both the Gevi and DeLonghi Dedica Arte offer the same compact design, a nice steam wand, the same single or double shot servings sizes, which are pretty standard in all espresso machines.


Power of 1350 watts vs 1300w is nearly the same and don’t make a lot of difference in performance.

Steam Wand

In both machines, the steam wand doubles as a hot water dispenser, which you can use for anything else you want to make.

Portafilter Size

Both models also use the standard 51mm portafilter size.

If you want to use coffee beans, you’ll need to buy a nice burr grinder with either of these machines. You’ll need a grinder that can grind fine enough for espresso. Both DeLonghi and Gevi make burr grinders that you can check out. Otherwise, you can buy preground coffee as long as it’s fine espresso ground.

Specs of Gevi 20 Bar Espresso Machine

  • With the advanced 1350W Thermoblock Fast Heating System, you can brew espresso or produce frothy milk in only 45 seconds! The powerful thermoblock ensures that water is at optimal temperature and ready to use in no time.
  • 20 Bar high-pressure pump can provide stable pressure for espresso extraction and milk steaming.
  • Professional style, long stainless steel steam wand.
  • Pressure gauge shows you when the machine is ready for extraction.
  • Hot water function which can be used for other beverages.

Specs of DeLonghi Dedica Arte

  • 15-bar pressure pump
  • With the LatteArt STEAM WAND, you can craft café-quality lattes and cappuccinos with ease – boasting the perfect milk texture every time!
  • 3 brew temperature settings
  • Just 6” wide, compact and sleek stainless steel design.
  • Accessories: includes a professional tamper and a large filter basket that accommodates up to 18g of ground coffee. Also includes a frothing pitcher.
  • Automatic Flow Stop dispenses just the right amount of espresso.
  • Double drip tray is easy to adjust or remove to fit taller cups, such as latte glasses.
  • 35-oz. water tank is removable and easily reattached.

General Questions

Is Gevi a Chinese Company?

Gevi, which specializes in home appliances, is a Chinese brand. It Is not a US company.

Where Is Gevi Espresso Machine Made?

It’s made in China

Where Is Dedica Arte Made?

It’s also made in China, designed in Italy.