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Super-Automatics $700 to $1000

Review of DeLonghi Dinamica ECAM35020 Automatic Coffee and Espresso Machine

Fully automatic bean to cup espresso machines have always been a great option that deliver convenience and high quality. However, at some point, they were limited to making espresso drinks only. DeLonghi’s Dinamica does not limit you to espresso drinks only. In fact, it can make drip-style coffee as well as iced coffee, all with a push of a button….

Buying Guide And Comparisons – JURA Super Automatic Espresso Machines

JURA is an innovative company and a leader in its field of super automatic coffee maker, which is why their coffee makers, although priced on the high end, are still popular. When it comes to bean to cup experience, either for home or office, a JURA coffee maker will not disappoint. But the trick to getting your best JURA machine…

Is the Saeco Philips Intelia Deluxe Worth It? Here’s a Full Overview and Comparison

Saeco Philips are makers of the best superautomatic espresso machines. You can find a range of super autos from Saeoc with cool features and at a range of prices that make it affordable to many people. In this post, we’ll be looking at the Saeco Philips  Intelia Deluxe, an easy to use, bean-to-cup espresso maker that will brew your favorite…

Where To Buy a Refurbished Jura ENA 9 One-Touch?

Swiss brand JURA makes high-end superautomatic espresso makers that every coffee lovers dreams of having at home. The Jura ENA 9 is the slimmest super-automatic made by Jura, it gives you a wide range of freshly brewed specialty coffee drinks with a touch of a button. The machine does it all, from grinding, to coffee brewing and milk frothing, all…