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Using Instant Coffee in Keurig or Nespresso: Can You Do it?

Using Instant Coffee in Keurig or Nespresso: Can You Do it?

Instant Coffee Apr 30, 2023

If you use a single-serve coffee machine like Keurig or Nespresso OriginalLine, then you probably used (or want to use) refillable coffee pods. These pods are one of the best way to cut your pod costs by using your own coffee grounds and the same refillable pod over and over again.

The question here, when you don’t have access to coffee grounds, can you use Instant coffee for these type of refillable pods?

The quick and short answer is no, Keurig and Nespresso reusable pods are not meant to be used with instant coffee. In fact, instant coffee is not made to be brewed, it was made a solution for people who want to make coffee without the need for a coffee machine.

If you want to understand the details behind why instant coffee should not be used in K-Cups or Nespresso pods, keep reading!

Can You Use Instant Coffee in a Reusable K-Cup or Nespresso Pod?

Can You Use Instant Coffee in a Reusable K Cup or nespresso pod

The choice of using instant coffee instead of coffee grounds to refill your Keurig or Nespresso is probably because you don’t have coffee grounds available to you. Or because instant coffee is generally cheaper than ground coffee, so you could save some money using it.

However, instant coffee won’t work for Nespresso or Keurig. Not by filling it in a pod, at least.

Firstly, it’s important to note that instant coffee is not the same as ground coffee. Instant coffee is made by freeze-drying or spray-drying brewed coffee, resulting in a fine powder that dissolves in water. This means that it won’t work in the same way as ground coffee does in a reusable coffee pod.

When using instant coffee in a reusable coffee pod, your coffee machine will force water through the pod, which will immediately dissolve the instant coffee. The coffee will pass through into your cup, and you’ll open the pod and there will be nothing in it because the coffee granules have already dissolved. So the only thing you did here would be adding hot water to the instant coffee by using the machine, which is quite redundant.

The best way that instant coffee and Keurig or Nespresso would work, is by using those machines to dispense hot water directly into a cup instead of using instant coffee in a pod. More on this below.

How To Make Instant Coffee Using Keurig or Nespresso Machine

how to use instant coffee in keurig or nespresso

If you have instant coffee at hand, and a Nespresso OriginalLine (Pixie, Citiz, Lattissima, Inissia…) or Keurig, your best option to make a cup of instant coffee is to use your machine as a hot water dispense. Here’s how:

  1. Fill the water reservoir of your Keurig or Nespresso machine with fresh water and turn it on.
  2. Prepare your instant coffee by adding it to your mug.
  3. Once the machine is ready, you’ll want to hit the brew button without placing any pod inside. This will make it dispense hot water. In some Keurig machines, you’ll find an option for hot water only.
  4. Place your mug under the spout and select the size of coffee you want to make.
  5. Press the button to start the brewing process. The hot water will flow through and mix with the instant coffee in your mug.
  6. Once the brewing process is complete, stir the coffee well and enjoy.


Before following the steps above, you want to make sure your machine is clean do you don’t end up with coffee residues in your cup. This is as easy as doing the same steps for dispensing how water, but use an empty cup to catch the dirty water. Once all residue is out of the machine, you can now use it to dispense water into your coffee cup.

How To Use Ground Coffee for Keurig and Nespresso Refillable Pods?

grind size for nespresso and keurig

When it comes to using refillable coffee pods, the type of coffee you use is important to consider. Now that you know that you can’t and shouldn’t use instant coffee, here’s the exact type of coffee you can use for each particular pod.

What Coffee To Use for Reusable Nespresso Reusable Pods

Nespresso OriginalLine, which is the only type of Nespresso machine with reliable refillable pods, is an espresso machine. So what you need is:

Making sure it is a fine grind is important to ensure the best extraction. Additionally, avoid using flavored coffee or coffee with added oils, as they can clog the pod and affect the taste of the coffee.

If you use the wrong coffee grind (coarse or medium) expect the coffee to taste weak and watery.

What Coffee To Use for Reusable Keurig K-Cups

When it comes to Keurig refillable pods, which is a coffee maker, you want to use medium to medium coarse ground coffee.

If you are grinding your own beans, use your favorite roast whether it is medium, dark or light. But if you’re not sure you can do the required grind at home, I recommend that you buy pre-ground coffee made for filter coffee makers.

So whether you have a Nespresso machine or a Keurig machine, what you need is ground coffee, the difference is in the grind size you need to use. Filling the pods with instant coffee is not an option.

What Happens When You Use Instant Coffee in Keurig or Nespresso

Instant coffee is coffee granules that dissolves in water immediately. That’s the convenience of instant coffee, making coffee without the need of a machine.

If you add instant coffee to your Keurig or Nespresso, you’re not doing anything other than passing the coffee through the machine without the need to do so. And if you’re thinking of adding the coffee directly into the machine (without the use of a refillable pods), that will create a world of problems and damage to your machine.

Here’s a quick summary of what happens when you use instant coffee in a Keurig or Nespresso machine:

Instant Coffee in Keurig or NespressoResult
Adding instant coffee directly Instant coffee will not dissolve and clog your machine
Adding instant coffee to your refillable podUnnecessary step

The Wrap Up – How To Use Instant Coffee With Your Keurig or Nespresso

In conclusion of this guide, I can tell you two things:

  • Never use instant coffee in your refillable pod for either Keurig or Nespresso
  • If you want to make instant coffee using either machine, use them as a hot water dispenser instead.

Keurig and Nespresso only work with ground coffee, which actually requires that it brews using a coffee maker. But as for instant coffee, brewing is not necessary. It is made from already brewed coffee and has been dried to get to its granule crystalized state. What you’re doing is adding hot water (cold water works, too) to bring it back to its original state. So no machine is necessary!