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Espresso Beans For Drip Coffee

Espresso Beans For Drip Coffee? No Problem! Here’s How To Use It…

Coffee Tips Jan 16, 2024 No Comments

Espresso roast, known for its dark color and bold flavor, is typically used for brewing espresso. But can you use it for drip coffee? The answer is yes! Despite its name, espresso roast can be a great option for brewing a delicious cup of drip coffee.

The main difference between espresso and drip coffee lies in the grind size and brewing method. Espresso requires a fine grind and is brewed under high pressure, while drip coffee demands a coarser grind and is brewed using a drip coffee maker. The kind of coffee beans you use does not matter for either brewing method as long as you use the correct grind size.

When using espresso roast or beans for drip coffee, it’s important to adjust the grind size accordingly. So while it is okay to use espresso beans, you shouldn’t use pre-ground espresso coffee for drip brewing.

Espresso Beans Are Not Just for Espresso

Espresso beans and coffee beans are the same thing. The name ‘Espresso Beans’ just refers to the dark roast level.

While espresso roast is commonly associated with making espresso, its use is not limited to just that. The term “espresso roast” refers to the roast level rather than the intended use. It is a dark roast that is achieved by applying heat for a longer duration, resulting in a more intense flavor, which is what Espresso is known for.

This roast level can be achieved with coffee beans from various origins, such as Latin America, Africa, or Indonesia. The bold and robust flavors of espresso roast make it a versatile option for different brewing methods, including drip coffee.

So, don’t restrict yourself to using espresso roast only for espresso; explore and experiment with different brewing techniques to discover the unique flavors and complexities it can bring to your cup.

Espresso Roast Beans vs Pre-ground Espresso Coffee

If you want to use espresso beans for drip coffee, it is okay to do so as long as you are going to be grinding the beans yourself, or have access to a grinder that can give you the right grind size for drip coffee.

Buying pre-ground espresso coffee to use for a drip coffee maker will not work. Pre-ground espresso coffee is too fine to be used in a drip coffee maker and will cause it to clog or overflow.

To summarize:

You can use Espresso roast whole beans for drip coffee as long as you can grind them to medium size. But you can’t use pre-ground espresso coffee, because it will be ground too fine for drip coffee.

Using Espresso Beans in Different Brewing Methods

If you like to use different coffee brewing methods like automatic drip (a coffee maker), French press, or pour-over, all you need to do is grind the espresso beans to the correct size for each brewing method.

Drip Coffee Maker

Espresso Beans For Drip Coffee? No Problem! Here's How To Use It...

When brewing drip coffee using espresso beans, it’s important to make a few adjustments to achieve a balanced and flavorful result.

Firstly, choose a medium grind size. This allows the water to flow through the beans more effectively, resulting in a smoother extraction. Additionally, be mindful of the water-to-coffee ratio by following the recommended measurements for drip coffee.

French Press

The French press is another brewing method that can be used with espresso beans. To make a French press coffee using espresso beans, start by using a coarse grind size. This helps to prevent over-extraction and sediment in your cup.

Add the ground espresso beans to the French press, pour hot water over them, and let it steep for about four minutes. Gently press the plunger down to separate the grounds from the coffee, and your full-bodied French press coffee is ready to enjoy.

Pour Over

Espresso Beans For Drip Coffee? No Problem! Here's How To Use It...

Pour over is a popular brewing method known for its ability to highlight the flavors and nuances of different coffee beans, including espresso.

To make a pour-over coffee using espresso beans, begin by using a medium-fine grind size. This allows for a balanced extraction and smooth flavor. Place the ground espresso beans in a pour-over dripper with a filter, and slowly pour hot water over the grounds in a circular motion. Allow the coffee to drip through the filter into your cup, and savor the rich and aromatic flavors of your pour-over coffee.

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