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The Reason Nespresso Is Making Clicking Noise Without Dispensing Coffee [And How To Fix It]

Nespresso Troubleshooting Oct 24, 2023

It’s always disappointing when your Nespresso coffee machine is not performing as it should. And in this case, I’m talking about the issue of Nespresso Vertuo making a clicking sound, and no coffee coming out.

Luckily, this is an issue that you can resolve on your own if you follow my step-by-step guide.

Why Your Nespresso Is Making a Clicking Noise

The clicking noise is coming from a jammed puncturing disc that is trying to spin and brew the pod but it’s completely stuck.

Nespresso making clicking noise

On the lid of your Nespresso Vertuo (any Vertuo model), there is a disc with a bunch of plastic needles. These needles are what puncture the pod as soon as you lock the lid.

The second thing this disc does is spin rapidly while hot water flows through the center of the Vertuo coffee pod.

This clicking noise starts as soon as you lock your Nespresso Vertuo head (while there’s a pod inside) and hit the brew button. The next thing you see is the brew button light flashing (red or green – depending on the model) and the clicking noise starts, indicating that this disc is trying to spin but instead it is stuck in place.

What Makes The Nespresso Spinning Disc Get Stuck

After a while of using your Nespresso Vertuo machine and without proper cleaning, this disc gets clogged with dry coffee residue and gets stuck.

Solving this clicking sound issue is as simple as cleaning and manually dislodging the disc until it spins.

How To Fix It

nespresso puncturing disc

1- Open up the lid of your Nespresso machine. If you have a Nespresso Vertuo Plus with an automated lid, open it before unplugging the machine.

2- Unplug the machine from the power source

3- Remove the water reservoir and put it aside.

4- Place your machine on its side so you can get a clear view of the puncturing disc on the top.

5- Using a damp towel, you’ll want to wipe clean the disc, especially around the rim. BE CAREFUL, the needles are sharp so do it slowly until you’ve got a comfortable grip on it.

6- Using the same damp towel, try to move the disc with your fingers to loosen it. Don’t be afraid to apply a little pressure while you try to spin it.

Keep trying to move the disc and apply pressure until you feel it can fully and freely spin. If you move it in either direction and it moves, then your job is complete!

How To Prevent Clicking Noise Happening Again

Now that we have identified the problem and you understand where the clicking noise comes from, here’s how you can prevent it from happening again.

Run a cleaning cycle on your Nespresso Vertuo on a regular basis.

It’s that simple!

A cleaning cycle flushes out coffee residue from parts that are used to brew the coffee. Those would be the dispensing spout and the pod puncturing disc.

A cleaning cycle is not the same as descaling your Nespresso machine. It’s a quick process that takes 2 minutes and doesn’t require any special solution, you can use fresh water only.

Nespresso recommends that you run a cleaning cycle once a week, depending on your machine usage.

How To Run a Cleaning Cycle on Nespresso Vertuo

1- While your machine is on and ready, make sure there’s no used or new pod inside the machine. Keep the pod holder empty.

2- Close and lock the machine head.

3- Place a large bowl under the spout to catch the dirty water.

4- Press the brew button three times quickly (within two seconds).

5- The brew button will start flashing orange, indicating that the cleaning cycle is active.

You will hear the machine running without any water coming out. It takes about a minute for the cleaning cycle to get started and dispense water. You can stop this cycle manually by pressing the brew button once.