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Clear the Descale Message On a Keurig K-Supreme [Step-by-Step Guide]

Clear the Descale Message On a Keurig K-Supreme [Step-by-Step Guide]

Keurig Troubleshooting Dec 13, 2023 No Comments

If you have a Keurig K-Supreme coffee machine with a Descale light or message that won’t turn off, this means one thing:

Your coffee machine is stuck in Descale mode because you did not do the steps correctly.

On the K-Supreme model, the Descale light will keep flashing. On the K-Supreme Plus, you’ll see the word DESCALE on the display and it won’t clear.

Keurig K-Supreme models are not like older Keurigs where you have to ‘reset’ the machine after a descale.

You need to do each step of the descaling process repeatedly until the machine tells you to move on to the next step. When it has finished, the message will clear out on its own and the machine will exit the descale mode.

How To Get Rid of the Descaling Light or Message

I will walk you through the correct steps of descaling your Keurig K-Supreme (either the regular or Plus model). Follow the guide step by step and the Descale message will clear out after descaling.

The Descale Cycle

Clear the Descale Message On a Keurig K-Supreme [Step-by-Step Guide]

This is the first part of the process where you have to use a solution mixed with the water in the reservoir to clear out the mineral and limescale build-up.

For a natural alternative, many users choose to use vinegar mixed with water. It’s not as effective as a descaling solution, but it should work.

  • Start with the machine OFF. Remove the water filter inside the reservoir if you have it. Also, make sure there’s no K-Cup pod inside.
  • Add the descaling solution mixed with water to the water tank. Fill it up until the MAX level.
  • While the machine is still off, press the 8oz and 12oz buttons together for a few seconds. This will turn the machine on and the K button will start flashing and the descale message on the screen will be solid.
  • You have now activated the descaling mode.
  • Press the K button for the machine to start running the water through. It will draw 12 oz of the descaling solution and will stop.
  • The K button will start flashing again. Press it again to dispense another 12 oz of water.
  • You have to repeat step this until the machine displays ADD WATER on the screen. (or the add water light turns on).

The Rinse Cycle

Clear the Descale Message On a Keurig K-Supreme [Step-by-Step Guide]

This is where you have to use fresh water to rinse out the inside of the Keurig from any solution residue.

  • The first thing you want to do is take out the water tank and wash it thoroughly. Then, fill it up with fresh clean water and put it back on the machine.
    • After you put the water tank back in, the ADD WATER message will be replaced with DESCALE.
    • The K button will start flashing. Press it for the machine to start running fresh water through. REPEAT this step several times.

    The K-Supreme will do this in increments of 12 oz of water. Most of the time, you’ll have to do it 5 times. Between each set, the machine will pause to give a chance to empty the container so it doesn’t overflow. Press the K button to resume to cleaning function.

      After those 5 cycles of fresh water, the DESCALE message will clear out (or the descale light on the K-Supreme will turn off). The machine will turn off too to indicate that it has existed descaling mode.

      Resetting The K-Supreme After Descaling

      As mentioned earlier, there’s no need to reset your coffee machine after descaling. It automatically exists descaling mode, if the steps have been done correctly.

      The most important thing is that you repeat each step as many times as needed for the descaling process to complete successfully. Once finished, the coffee maker will go back to its normal state on its own.

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