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Is DeLonghi La Specialista a Dual Boiler Machine?

DeLonghi Espresso and Coffee Machines, Semi-automatic Espresso Machines Sep 28, 2022

As a follow up to our comparison post of DeLonghi’s La Specialista models, there are several questions we have come across that we will address in this post.

La Specialista is a great espresso maker with advanced features and packs a whole lot of features for its price. It is available in four models, La Specialista (the first gen), Prestigio, Maestro and Arte. If you need to learn about them and the differences between them, do give the comparison post linked above a read. Also read the comparison of La Specialista Prestigio vs Breville Barista Pro.

Is La Specialista a Dula Boiler Espresso Machine?

La Specialista has an active temperature control system and two independent heating systems, meaning it is indeed a dual boiler machine. This is true for the first gen La Specialista, Prestigio and Maestro. The ARTE model, however, does not have a dual heating system.

What’s The Advantage of Having a Dual Boiler Espresso Machine?

When an espresso machine has two independent heating systems, one is dedicated for keeping the temperature of the water stable and ready to use for extraction and the other is used for steaming.

When you have a dual boiler machine, it means there’s no wait time between the two tasks. You can switch seamlessly between them.

Is a Dual Boiler Machine Better than a Single Boiler One?

Not necessarily better, but they are more powerful and handful especially when you’re trying to make several cups at a time. They get the job done quicker without major temperature changes or a need to wait out for the machine to cool down.

Does That Mean a Single Boiler Is Not Worth It?

Is DeLonghi La Specialista a Dual Boiler Machine?

No, not really. It all comes down to what you need. If you’re not making a lot of cups of coffee, at least not at a single time, a single boiler such as the La Specialista Arte, is a great choice at a lower price point. And you still get a lot of great features for a barista-style cup of coffee.