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Super-Automatics Over $1000

Jura Z10 vs DeLonghi Eletta Explore – Top 7 Differences

The Jura Z10 model prides itself as the first super-automatic that can make actual cold brew drinks on the spot and customized to your liking. The coffee comes out cold, just like it would when making a traditional cold brew, the major difference is that traditional cold brew is an overnight process, but with the Z10, it’s with a push…

JURA E8 Features and Comparisons – Which JURA Should You Buy?

JURA deems the E8 super automatic espresso machine to be its most successful in the company‚Äôs history, which is quite impressive! But we totally understand why. The JURA E8 has it all: an excellent bean to cup experience, easy navigation, presets of the most popular specialty drinks and most importantly, great customer service if you ever need it. In this…