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Nespresso Troubleshooting

Nespresso Stuck in Descaling Mode? Here’s the Fix For Each Model

So you noticed a descale alert on your Nespresso machine and decided to give it a thorough clean, but for some reason, it is stuck in descaling mode and the Orange light won’t turn off. This is a common issue among Nespresso Vertuo and OriginalLine machines, and it’s not that there’s something wrong with your machine, it only means that…

Why Your Nespresso Vertuo (Next & VertuoPlus) Is Blinking Orange and How To Fix It

So you are trying to start your Nespresso Vertuo machine, but something isn’t quite right. The machine light is blinking orange light and it won’t brew any coffee. You start to panic, thinking you’re machine is broken, but the great news is, it is not! Why is Your Nespresso Vertuo Blinking Orange Light? Nespresso Vertuo machines have a light around…