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Breville Oracle vs. Oracle Touch [Two Main Differences To Know About]

Breville Espresso Machines Mar 09, 2023

Breville has always been a maker of premium espresso machines that give you professional coffee quality, yet it’s accessible and user-friendly for beginners. Breville’s Oracle Touch is just that, it has the look and feel of a professional manual espresso machine but without the complications that might intimidate a home-user or a beginner.

Breville Oracle vs. Oracle Touch [Two Main Differences To Know About]

Breville Oracle Touch BES990 vs. Oracle BES980 – Top Differences

Another great espresso machine by Breville is the Oracle. A machine that also automates the hardest part about making quality coffee drinks at home. It has automatic grinding/dosing as well as automatic milk texturing and foaming. So how is it different than the Oracle Touch?

  • The biggest difference here is that the Oracle lacks the touch pad that Oracle Touch has. On the Oracle, you can’t select a drink, there’s no walk-through of how to prepare your drink and no way to save customized drinks.
  • When it comes to customization of milk texture and temperature on the Oracle, you’ll see a small display next to the steam wand that shows you the temperature and texture level, which you can change and select using a dial button.

Other than that, you get the same specs on both machines:

  • Same conical burr grinder with half a pound capacity.
  • 84 oz water reservoir.
  • 58mm portafilter.
  • Over Pressure Value, Pre-infusion function, Triple heat system.
  • Stainless steel dual boiler.
  • Timer.
  • Hot water dispenser.

Which Do You Buy? Breville Oracle Touch or Oracle?

Breville Oracle vs. Oracle Touch [Two Main Differences To Know About]

For starters, there’s a rather big difference in price between the Oracle Touch and Oracle. So, your budget might dictate which one you will choose. But assuming there’s no budget to think of, here’s how to pick between the two:

  • The Oracle Touch is a lot easier to use. The display will walk you through each step of making your drink to simplify the process even more. And if you’re a fan of customization: as in changing the volume of coffee/milk, texture, temperature, The Oracle Touch allows you to save these settings under names you choose. So next time you want to make the same customized drink, it’s just one click away.
  • The Breville Oracle on the other hand, takes two of the hardest things from manual espresso prepping and automates it, and that is: coffee grinder/dosing and milk texturing. But there’s no walk through of each drink, so preparing each drink and how you customize it is up to you every time. What the machine does for you is grind, dose, tamp and texture the milk to your taste.

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Features of Breville Oracle Touch BES990

The Breville Oracle BES990 Touch espresso machine is a great choice if you want to make barista-level coffee right at home. This machine comes with all the features and accessories needed to make great coffee, including a built-in grinder with automatic dosing and tamping for easy use, as well as a colored touch display that makes programming simple.

For the ideal combination of robust espresso flavor and creamy, sweet milk, the Oracle Touch BES990 is here for you. Thanks to its automatic steam wand technology that textures your milk according to taste and temperature preferences. Plus with true low pressure pre-infusion along with PID Control Technology that maintains an optimal water temperature throughout each brew cycle—you will experience perfect coffee drinks every time!

Furthermore, the Oracle BES990 Touch has five predetermined favorites and eight customizable coffee settings for you to craft drinks according to your own tastes. With features such as one/two shots, adjustable grind control and programmable milk temperature and texture, you can have complete control over each beverage that is made. The built-in grinder boasts 45 adjustable settings giving you absolute authority of the flavor of your espresso. On top of all this convenience, it even offers a one-touch Americano or Long black option!

Technical Specs

  • Touch screen operation.
  • 5 Customizable coffee drinks: espresso, long black, latte, flat white and cappuccino.
  • Automatic milk foaming and texturing.
  • Stainless steel Dual boilers.
  • Built-in conical burr grinder with half pound (1/2 LB) capacity.
  • Dedicated hot water dispenser.
  • Water tank capacity: 84 oz
  • Full stainless steel housing.
  • 58mm Portafilter.
  • Shot timer to display shot extraction duration as a guide.

The Touch Screen

Breville Oracle vs. Oracle Touch [Two Main Differences To Know About]

This is by far the most exciting part of the Breville Oracle Touch. It is the part that truly simplifies the process of making your favorite espresso and coffee drinks. The touch screen is a colored display that shows you icons identifying each coffee drink your Breville machine can make. Select the drink you want to make and from there, the screen will give you step by step direction on how to customize it, and will finally prepare it for you. You can also save your customized drinks under any name you want.

Automatic Milk Texturing

Cappuccino and Latte is probably one of the most popular coffee drinks around the world. But making a coffee-house quality Cappuccino and Latte isn’t easy. This is because these drinks rely heavily on how the milk is textured and at how temperature it is heated. With the Breville Oracle Touch, all of these things are done for you automatically! Select the type of froth, texture you need and your desired temperature, place the jug under the steam wand and watch it do its thing! After the task is done, the steam wand will clean itself automatically, too.

Automatic Grinding, Tamping and Dosing

Breville Oracle vs. Oracle Touch [Two Main Differences To Know About]

You really can’t go wrong with a machine like Oracle Touch. With automatic grinding and dosing, the machine will use the built-in grinder to grind the perfect amount of coffee for your drink. This way, you know you’re grinding the right amount at the right level, and your shot will come perfect every time!

Breville Oracle Touch is the perfect choice for anyone who wants an automatic espresso machine but with the customization a manual machine can offer.

Features of Breville Oracle BES980

The Breville Oracle BES980 is an incredible machine that produces high-quality espresso and coffee drinks at home. Its dual boiler construction allows it to have unparalleled temperature control, simultaneous extraction and steaming, resulting in a perfectly balanced cup of espresso every time. The 58mm portafilter holds 19-22 grams of ground coffee for full flavor and its Over Pressure Valve limit helps prevent bitter flavors by providing optimal water pressure throughout extraction as well as low pressure pre-infusion for an even extraction.

The LCD Display makes programming easy and has a shot clock that displays the shots duration which guides you to consistent extraction. Manual microfoam milk texturing via steam wand performance will give you creamy texture that can be used for latte art just like professional baristas. All necessary accessories are included such as 58mm Razor Dosing tool, 58mm Stainless Steel Portafilter, 1 Cup & 2 Cup Single and Dual Wall Filter Baskets, Integrated Tamper, 16oz Stainless Steel Milk Jug, Cleaning Kit, Water Hardness Test Strip, Water Filter Holder; Water Filter so you can start making espresso right away. Plus, the One Touch Americano delivers a double espresso shot followed by hot water fill up separately through the dedicated spout.

The Breville Oracle BES980 is the ideal choice if you’re looking for a cost-effective option to craft top notch coffee in your own home. Not only does it feature an advanced precision temperature control system, but its complete set of high quality accessories will provide everything you need. Plus, with its built-in grinder and automatic dosing and tamp included, getting up and running won’t be any trouble at all–you’ll get excellent results straight away!