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Where To Buy a Refurbished JURA Impressa A9

The JURA Impressa A9 is, as you would imagine, a quite impressive super automatic espresso maker. The high-end coffee maker gives you the luxury of having your favorite coffee drinks whenever you want with a simple touch of a button. And we’re not talking about a drink in a capsule here, JURA brews fresh coffee from beans that grind on…

Which Nespresso Capsules Are Best For Latte?

Nespresso Machines Oct 09, 2021

So you own a Nespresso machine and Latte is your favorite drink. Wondering which of Nespresso’s capsules would make the best tasting lattes? Here are our recommendations for any milk-based coffee drinks including Lattes and Cappuccino. What Makes These Nespresso Capsules Best For Latte? As you know, Nespresso has a wide range of capsules that range in intensity. These packs…

Why CitiZ Is the Best Nespresso Machine and Why You Should Buy It

Nespresso Machines Oct 07, 2021

Even though the CitiZ is not Nespresso’s latest machine (as of October 2013, the Nespresso U is the latest), it is still the best selling Nespresso machine*. So why is that? And why is might just be the Nespresso machine for you? Here’s why: Is The Nespresso CitiZ The Best Machine for YOU? If you’re looking for a generous water…

Top 3 Stainless Steel Stovetop Espresso Makers/ Moka Pots

Want to make espresso without an espresso machine? A stovetop espresso maker, also known as a Moka pot, would be your best choice. One thing to point out is, making espresso with a moka pot does not produce the same consistency or shot a machine produced, however, the espresso produces will still be much richer than regular coffee. Stovetop espresso…

More Of Your Nespresso Questions Answered Here

Nespresso Machines Sep 16, 2021

Nespresso machines are still popular as ever, and we see many of your questions floating around. Our job here is to answer these questions for you to help you decide if Nespresso is the right machine for you. We’ve already covered many aspects of Nespresso machines here on our website. That includes comparisons, questions about coffee capsules, accessories and more….