What Is Nespresso Expert?

Nespresso is always innovating and adding new features to their espresso machines to enrich your at-home coffee experience.

Nespresso Expert is an espresso machine with a unique design. It offers a range of features that are not yet available in other Nespresso machines. For starters, it has a new cup size, temperature settings and Bluetooth capabilities. All features that give you more ways to customize your coffee just the way you like it.

Features of Nespresso Expert:

  • 4 cup sizes: espresso, lungo, ristretto and Americano.
  • Hot Water function: a separate spout for hot water on demand and Americano preparation.
  • 3 temperature settings: Warm, Hot and Extra Hot.
  • 19-bar pressure.
  • Bluetooth connectivity allows you to operate your coffee machine and customize your drink via the Nespresso app.
  • LED alerts.
  • Heat up time: under 30 seconds
  • Automatic power off in 9 minutes.
  • Uses Nespresso OriginalLine capsules.

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Cup Size Guide:

  • Ristretto: 25 ml
  • Espresso: 40 ml
  • Lungo: 110 ml
  • Americano: 25 ml of coffee + 125 ml of water.


Nespresso Expert is compatible with Nespresso OriginalLine capsules. This means it should also be compatible with all Nespresso-compatible capsules, giving you a lot of options when it comes to coffee variety.

Nespresso Expert Models:

TitleNespresso Expert Espresso Machine by Breville with Aeroccino, BlackNespresso Expert Espresso Machine by De'Longhi with Aeroccino, Anthracite Grey
Feature4 cup sizes including americano, Espresso, Lungo, and Ristretto
Hot water function: separate spout for hot water and americano preparations
3 temperature settings (medium, hot, Extra hot)
Automatic Power-Off after 9 minute
Heat-up time in under 30 seconds
Intuitive LED alerts
4 cups sizes including americano, Espresso, Lungo, and Ristretto; designed for use with Nespresso capsules
Hot water function: separate spout for hot water and americano preparations
3 temperature settings (medium, hot, Extra hot)
Automatic Power-Off after 9 minutes. Heat-up time in under 30 seconds
Intuitive LED alerts. Capsule tasting pack included
Valued separately at $428.00
Rating0 out of 5 stars0 out of 5 stars
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  • Nespresso Expert: standalone espresso machine
  • Nespresso Expert & Milk: espresso machine with Aeroccino 3 milk frother for making delicious milk based coffee drinks.

Comparing Nespresso Expert To Other Models:

How does the Nespresso Expert compare to other Nespresso machine models?

Nespresso Expert vs. VertuoLine:

The VertuoLine is Nespresso’s first line of machines that can prepare espresso as well as coffee. Unlike Nespresso Expert, or other Nespresso machines, it does NOT use pressure to brew the coffee. Instead, it uses Centrifusion technology which spins the capsules rapidly while saturating it with water.

On the other hand, Expert works like a traditional espresso maker. It uses pressure for brewing espresso. It doesn’t make coffee like Vertuoline, but it can make Americano, which is espresso with hot water.

When it comes with other features, Nespresso VertuoLine does not have many of Expert’s new features:

  • Adjustable temperature
  • Americano cup size
  • Hot Water dispenser.
  • Bluetooth connectivity.

Another thing is, VertuoLine uses entirely different capsules than Expert. VertuoLine capsules are made to work with VertuoLine machines only. As for Expert, it uses Nespresso OriginalLine capsules.

Click here to learn more about Nespresso VertuoLine machines.

Nespresso Expert vs. Lattissima Pro:

Lattissima Pro is a preferred model for people who enjoy milk based coffee drinks like Lattes and Cappuccinos. It has a built-in milk frothing system, developed by DeLonghi, that makes preparing a cup of delicious creamy coffee as easy as pressing a button.

Unlike other Nespresso machines, including the Expert, where you have to pick up the frother and add the milk manually, the Lattissima frother heats, froths and adds the milk to the cup, all automatically. And the milk container is detachable so you can store any left over milk in the fridge.

The Lattissima Pro has 6 pre-set drinks: espresso, lungo, Cappuccino, Latte, Ristretto, hot milk and it has hot water function. What the Lattissima Pro doesn’t have is the Expert’s features to adjust temperature, Americano function and Bluetooth.

Click here to learn more about Nespresso Lattissima Pro.

Nespresso Expert vs. CitiZ:

CitiZ is one of Nespresso’s earliest espresso machines, and it is still popular as ever. It prepares espresso and lungo, and with the Aeroccino frother, you can also prepare your favorite milk based drinks. There’s no special customization with the CitiZ, other than the fact that you can reprogram the volume of each cup size. There’s no temperature settings or Bluetooth connectivity. It makes a great choice for someone looking for a small machine that does all coffee drinks, but with no special customization.

Click here to learn more about Nespresso CitiZ.

Nespresso Expert vs. Prodigio:

Prodigio is the first Nespresso machine to have smart Bluetooth connectivity. It is more comparable to older machines like the CitiZ, Pixie or Inissia, but with the added feature of Bluetooth, which is great for brewing coffee via the Nespresso app.

Click here to learn more about Nespresso Prodigio.

Should You Buy Nespresso Expert?

The biggest feature the Expert offers that coffee lovers might find useful the most is the adjustable temperature. As many customers before have noted that from one model to another, the temperature isn’t as hot as they’d like it to be. The Nespresso Expert gives you the option to choose from Warm, Hot and Extra Hot. The dedicated hot water dispenser is also quite useful for serving hot water on demand, either for making Americano, tea, or even instant meals.

The Bluetooth connectivity might some gimmicky to some, and it could be. Especially that in order to prepare a cup of coffee via your phone, you’ll need to have a coffee capsule inserted in the machine, meaning, you’ll either be next to the machine already or have to remember to keep the machine loaded with a capsule at all times. The Nespresso app will come quite handy though, for diagnosing and troubleshooting errors and for ordering Nespresso capsules.

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Video Reviews:

Nespresso Expert Unboxing and Demo:


If you love your kitchen appliances to have good looks as well as function, you’ll absolutely love the Nespresso by KitchenAid espresso maker. These two brands collaborated to create this espresso maker to give it Nespresso’s high quality coffee brewing system and KitchenAid’s most iconic design.

Features of the KitchenAid Nespresso Machine:

  • Brews Nespresso’s OriginalLine capsules.
  • Select from 6 pre-set settings and coffee volumes, all can be reprogrammed.
  • Heats up in under 30 seconds.
  • 1.3 Liter water reservoir.
  • Adjustable cup tray allows you to accommodate different cup sizes.
  • Used capsule drawer.
  • Premium all metal design.
  • Available in different colors.
  • Aeroccino milk frother available for purchase separately or as a bundle.

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What Makes The Nespresso KitchenAid Machine Any Different Than Other Nesprsso Machines?

Since the Nespresso by KitchenAid espresso maker is compatible with Nespresso’s OriginalLine coffee capsules, then the coffee it produces is the same as machines like Inissia, Pixie, CitiZ or Lattissima. So, why would you choose Nespresso KitchenAid over those?

It’s all in the design.

The Nespresso KitchenAid has an iconic design that KitchenAid has always been known for. It’s the retro look, the iconic red color (although it is available in other colors), and how the machine operates. It still works as easily as the other Nespresso machines, you insert a capsule and push a button. But the Nespresso Kitchenaid has a lever for puncturing the capsule (the level closes the lid, which in turn punctures the capsule), it gives the machine an old feel of operating a retro lever espresso maker.

It’s not just the look of the machine, but the quality and feel, too. The Nespresso KitchenAid has a premium full die-cast metal housing. This gives it its fancy looks as well as durability.

Nespresso by KitchenAid vs. Nespresso Gran Maestria, What’s The Difference?

The Gran Maestria by Nespresso also has a beautiful retro design that is comparable to the Nespresso KitchenAid. It comes in two models, Maestria and Gran Maestria, which you can read more about here.


  • The Maestria and Nespresso by KitchenAid  both have a retro feel to them. But the KitchenAid version has the well-known KitchenAid design that you just can’t miss.
  • Gran Maestria and Maestria have anodized Aluminum bodies while the Nespresso KitchenAid has a die-cast metal body. Both models have premium finishes.

Selections and Programmability:

  • The Grand Maestria has two drink selections, Espresso and Lungo. And then you can select from 5 volume settings for each of these drinks.
  • Nespresso KitchenAid also has two drink selections, but it has 6 volume settings for each drink.

Milk Frothing:

If you like milk coffee drinks such as Cappuccinos or Lattes, then having a milk frother is a must. Nespresso usually offers their Aeroccino frother either as a separate purchase, bundled for a discounted price or in some models, it is built it.

  • In the Gran Maestria, the milk frother is built into the machine’s base. Although it is detachable, but it powers up with the machine.
  • In the Maestria, it has a steam wand for manual milk frothing. This is a great option for someone who wants a more creamier texture and enjoys texturing milk manually.
  • With the Nespresso KitchenAid, you have the option of buying a bundle or buying the frother separately.

Buying a frother separately gives you the option of looking at frothers from other brands, too. You can see our recommendations here.

More About Nespresso OriginalLine Capsules:

Since Nespresso KitchenAid is an OriginalLine system, you’ll find many compatible coffee capsules to enjoy, either officially from Nespresso or from Nespresso-compatible brands. Here are some recommended reads on the topic:


How To Use Nespresso KitchenAid Espresso Maker:


Breville has always been a maker of premium espresso machines that give you professional coffee quality, yet it’s accessible and user-friendly for beginners. Breville’s Oracle Touch is just that, it has the look and feel of a professional manual espresso machine but without the complications that might intimidate a home-user or a beginner.

Breville Oracle Touch Automatic Espresso Machine:

  • Automated touch screen operation shows you how to make your favorite coffee house drinks.
  • Easily adjust coffee strength, the milk texture and temperature to your preferred taste.
  • Customize your favorite drinks and save them under unique names.
  • Built-in conical burr grinder with automatic grinding and dosing.
  • Precise water temperature using digital temperature control technology to ensure the water remains at its optimum range.
  • Optimal Water Pressure thanks to OPV (Over Pressure Valve), which is a commercial feature of the Oracle Touch. OPV is used to limit the maximum pressure when the coffee is being extracted. This prevents the espresso shot from turning bitter.
  • Steam wand automatically textures milk as you request it to. It also has automatic self-cleaning feature to keep it clean and ready for next use.

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Technical Specs:

  • Touch screen operation.
  • 5 Customizable coffee drinks: espresso, long black, latte, flat white and cappuccino.
  • Automatic milk foaming and texturing.
  • Stainless steel Dual boilers.
  • Built-in conical burr grinder with half pound (1/2 LB) capacity.
  • Dedicated hot water dispenser.
  • Water tank capacity: 84 oz
  • Full stainless steel housing.
  • 58mm Portafilter.
  • Shot timer to display shot extraction duration as a guide.

The Touch Screen:

This is by far the most exciting part of the Breville Oracle Touch. It is the part that truly simplifies the process of making your favorite espresso and coffee drinks. The touch screen is a colored display that shows you icons identifying each coffee drink your Breville machine can make. Select the drink you want to make and from there, the screen will give you step by step direction on how to customize it, and will finally prepare it for you. You can also save your customized drinks under any name you want.

Automatic Milk Texturing:

Cappuccino and Latte is probably one of the most popular coffee drinks around the world. But making a coffee-house quality Cappuccino and Latte isn’t easy. This is because these drinks rely heavily on how the milk is textured and at how temperature it is heated. With the Breville Oracle Touch, all of these things are done for you automatically! Select the type of froth, texture you need and your desired temperature, place the jug under the steam wand and watch it do its thing! After the task is done, the steam wand will clean itself automatically, too.

Automatic Grinding, Tamping and Dosing:

You really can’t go wrong with a machine like Oracle Touch. With automatic grinding and dosing, the machine will use the built-in grinder to grind the perfect amount of coffee for your drink. This way, you know you’re grinding the right amount at the right level, and your shot will come perfect every time!

Breville Oracle Touch is the perfect choice for anyone who wants an automatic espresso machine but with the customization a manual machine can offer.

Breville Oracle Touch BES990 vs. Oracle BES980XL, What’s The Difference?

TitleBreville BES980XL the Oracle The Dual Boiler with automatic grinding, tamping and milk texturing.Breville Oracle Touch Automatic Manual Coffee Machine BES990
FeatureAutomatically grinds, doses & tamps the required amount of coffee, mess free
Programmable hands-free milk texturing with automatic purge
One Touch Americano delivers water directly into the cup after extraction. 3 preset & 6 customizable settings
Dual stainless steel boilers & dual Italian pumps. Boilers can be descaled by user
½lb removable bean hopper
Breville Oracle Touch
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Another great espresso machine by Breville is the Oracle. A machine that also automates the hardest part about making quality coffee drinks at home. It has automatic grinding/dosing as well as automatic milk texturing and foaming. So how is it different than the Oracle Touch?

  • The biggest difference here is that the Oracle lacks the touch pad that Oracle Touch has. On the Oracle, you can’t select a drink, there’s no walk-through of how to prepare your drink and no way to save customized drinks.
  • When it comes to customization of milk texture and temperature on the Oracle, you’ll see a small display next to the steam wand that shows you the temperature and texture level, which you can change and select using a dial button.

Other than that, you get the same specs on both machines:

  • Same conical burr grinder with half a pound capacity.
  • 84 oz water reservoir.
  • 58mm portafilter.
  • Over Pressure Value, Pre-infusion function, Triple heat system.
  • Stainless steel dual boiler.
  • Timer.
  • Hot water dispenser.

READ: Comparison between Breville Oracle vs Dual Boiler

Which Do You Buy? Breville Oracle Touch or Oracle?

For starters, there’s a rather big difference in price between the Oracle Touch and Oracle. So, your budget might dictate which one you will choose. But assuming there’s no budget to think of, here’s how to pick between the two:

  • The Oracle Touch is a lot easier to use. The display will walk you through each step of making your drink to simplify the process even more. And if you’re a fan of customization: as in changing the volume of coffee/milk, texture, temperature, The Oracle Touch allows you to save these settings under names you choose. So next time you want to make the same customized drink, it’s just one click away.
  • The Breville Oracle on the other hand, takes two of the hardest things from manual espresso prepping and automates it, and that is: coffee grinder/dosing and milk texturing. But there’s no walk through of each drink, so preparing each drink and how you customize it is up to you every time. What the machine does for you is grind, dose, tamp and texture the milk to your taste.

Video Reviews:


If you’re a new or existing Nespresso machine owner who lives in the UK, there are many ways you can get your Nespresso capsules, either in store or online. Our focus here is going to be buying your capsules online, since it’s more convenient and you can get more varieties than in-store. But if you prefer to buy your capsules in-store, visit the Nespresso Boutique locator here.

Buying Your Capsules Direct From Nespresso’s Website:

You can buy your Nespresso capsules directly from their website. However, buying from Nespresso’s website comes with some rules:

  • Your purchase must always be in multiples of 50 capsules (5 sleeves). So, you can order 50, 100, 150 capsules and so on. You can mix the varieties you want.
  • Free shipping is available for orders of 200 capsules and more.

For that reason, many customers choose to buy their Nespresso capsules from Amazon. Although it is slightly more expensive than buying direct from Nespresso, you get more freedom in choosing the number of capsules you want to buy, and you’ll get free postage even on orders less than 200 capsules.

Type of Nespresso Capsules Available on Amazon UK:

There are two type of capsules available for Nespresso machines:

  • Original Nespresso Capsules – these are capsules that were made by Nespresso and are part of their official selection.
  • Nespresso-compatible Capsules – these are capsules manufactured by brands other than Nespresso. But are made to work perfectly with Nespresso machines.

Usually, Nespresso-compatible capsules are a less expensive option and available in more varieties. But it’s always best to look at prices at the time of purchase and compare prices.

Best Original Nespresso Capsule Variety Packs:

Nespresso Capsules Variety Pack: This mixed pack includes 5 blends/types of capsules that range in intensity from medium to strong. The pack includes: 10 x Arpeggio , 10 x Ristretto , 10 x Roma, 10 x Livanto , 10 x Capriccio.

Click here to learn more, read the customer reviews and buy it.

Nespresso Capsules Intenso Variety Pack: This pack includes 5 sleeves of the strongest Nespresso capsules. It includes: 10x Ristretto, 10x Arpeggio, 10x Kazaar, 10x Dharkan, 10x Roma. This pack is perfect for anyone who prefers their coffee on the strong side.

Click here to learn more, read the customer reviews and buy it.

Nespresso Limited Edition Flavored Variety Pack: This pack of 3 sleeves includes limited edition flavors: 10 Vanilio, 10 Caramelito and 10 Ciocattino. These flavors are best enjoyed with milk, but of course, you can enjoy them anyway you prefer.

Click here to learn more, read the customer reviews and buy it.

Best Nespresso-Compatible Variety Capsule Packs:

VIAGGIO Nespresso-Compatible Espresso Capsules: a premium pack that includes 60 capsules in total, and 6 different varieties. It includes: Ristretto, Intenso, Arabica, Espresso, Decaffeinato and Lungo.

Click here to learn more, read the customer reviews and buy it.

Barista Italiano Nespresso-Compatible Variety Pack: this pack includes 90 premium capsules compatible with Nespresso machines. It includes 4 premium blends: 36 Intenso Napoletano, 18 Top Espresso, 18 Ristretto, 18 Delicato Arabica. Each blend is available to be purchased separately as well.

Click here to learn more, read the customer reviews and buy it.

Belmio Nespresso-Compatible Capsules: What makes Belmio’s capsules special is that they’re the first Nespresso-compatible brand to offer aluminium capsules just like Nespresso’s. This means it packs more fresh coffee ground and it is recyclable. This variety pack includes 5 different blends/varieties.

Click here to learn more, read the customer reviews and buy it.

Gourmesso Trial Bundle for Nespresso Machines: Gourmesso packs Fairtrade certified coffee in its Nespresso capsules. This pack includes 10 different blends in a variety of intensities.

Click here to learn more about this pack, read the customer reviews and buy it.

Popular Nespresso Machine and Capsule Accessories:

Brabantia Nespresso Capsule Holder: This elegant capsule holder has a capacity of holding up to 30 capsules. In the middle, it has a canister that can hold items like spoons, stirrers or sugar. This canister is fully removable and dishwasher safe.

Click here to learn more about this capsule holder, read the customer reviews and buy it. 

Horwood double-wall glasses are beautiful to look at. They are sold in a set in of 2, with different sizes suited for drinks like latte, cappuccino, espresso and more.

Click here to learn more about these glasses, read the customer reviews and buy it.


Sometimes when researching for Nespresso machines, you’ll come across some models that are under brand names other than Nespresso, especially if you’re in Europe. These brand names include KRUPS, DeLonghi and Magimix. Is there a difference between these machines and other Nespresso machines?

Nespresso KRUPS, Magimix or  DeLonghi, What’s The Difference?

Let’s take the Nespresso Essenza Mini or CitiZ and Milk by KRUPS as an example. Would these be any different than the Essenza Mini or CitiZ we’ve featured long ago (that don’t have KRUPS to their name)?

The short answer to this is no, there’s absolutely no difference to them. They are still the same Nespresso machines sold everywhere around the world.

But why do they have the names KRUPS or Magimix (like the Nespresso Maestria by Magimix, for example)? This is because Nespresso has partnered with these brands to help them distribute their machines around the world. But by technology and design, they are still the same Nespresso machines, brewing the same delicious coffee you’ll get from any Nespresso machine. You’ll also get your customer service from Nespresso, if needed.

What About Nespresso by DeLonghi?

Now, Nespresso and DeLonghi have a different type of partnership. There are a number of espresso machines designed by DeLonghi but are powered by Nespresso. These machines combine the design and technology of two great brands to bring you a top-notch at home coffee experience.

An example of these machines is the DeLonghi Lattissima PRO:

This automatic espresso machine prepares your favorite coffee drink with a push of a button. It has a built-in milk frother that uses DeLonghi’s patented Cappuccino system and uses Nespresso’s Original capsules exclusively. You can learn all about the Lattissima Pro here.

As this particular model isn’t available in the UK, our readers from UK can have a look at the Nespresso Delonghi Lattissima Touch instead.

Does It Matter If You Choose a Nespresso by KRUPS, DeLonghi or Magimix?

Whatever brand you choose, as long as it has the Nespresso name, it will brew Nespresso’s capsule the same way and you’ll get the same quality of coffee drinks. If you go for a Nespresso machine by DeLonghi, you’ll get a slightly different experience due to the Cappuccino system by DeLonghi and different design, but the coffee quality and taste will remain the same.

Video Reviews:

Review of the Nespresso CitiZ and Milk by KRUPS:


Essenza is one of the first models Nespresso ever released and it has been discontinued for years. But to our surprise, Nespresso has released an entirely new and redesigned Essenza Mini, the smallest machine by Nespresso yet (as of mid-2017).

Features of Nespresso Essenza Mini:

  • Compact and light design. Weighs at 5 pounds, Dimensions: (WxDxH) 4.3×8.0x12.8
  • Available in  two designs and 3 different colors.
  • Removable water reservoir with 20.3 oz capacity.
  • 19-bar pressure.
  • 2 programmable cup sizes: Espresso and Lungo.
  • OriginalLine capsules.
  • Used capsule drawer capacity: 6 capsules.

Click here to learn more about Essenza Mini, read the customer reviews and buy it.

Essenza Mini DeLonghi or Breville? What’s The Difference?

When buying an Essenza Mini, you’ll find it available under two brand names: DeLonghi or Breville. As you can see from the picture, the difference between the two brand names is the design as well as a available colors. Essenza Mini by DeLonghi is available in black, red and lime green, while the Breville design is available in black or white. Other than that, both machines perform in an identical way.

Essenza Mini vs. Inissia, What’s The Difference?

Before the Essenza Mini, Inissia was the most compact Nespresso machine available. So, what has changed for Essenza Mini to earn this title?

TitleNespresso Inissia Espresso Machine by De'Longhi with Aeroccino, BlackDeLonghi America, Inc EN85BAE Nespresso Essenza Mini espresso Machine by De'Longhi with Aeroccino, Black
FeatureNespresso Inissia by De'Longhi offers an impeccable barista-style coffee every time, thanks to it's simple one-touch operation and patented extraction system which delivers up to 19 bars of pressure
In just one touch and 25 seconds, the water reaches the ideal temperature to make 9 coffees without having to refill the 24 oz tank
Adjustable cup size with two programmable Espresso and Lungo buttons; An energy saving mode automatically switches off the machine after 9 minutes
Includes the Aeroccino 3 that provides a smooth, finely textured hot or cold milk froth for your coffee recipes via an ultra simple and fast automatic system
Each machine includes a welcome set with a range of Nespresso capsules with unique aroma profiles; Items sold seperately valued at $248; Desgined for use with Nespresso capsules
Power rating (in watts)- 1260 Watt
2 programmable buttons for Espresso and Lungo; 19 bar high pressure pump
Intuitive and easy to use; Ultra light and compact; 20.3 oz water tank
Heat-up time in under 30 seconds; automatic Power-Off after 9 minutes; low Energy consumption after 3 minutes
Capsule tasting pack included; designed for use with Nespresso capsules
The bundle includes the Aeroccino 3 milk frother. It provides a smooth, finely textured hot or cold milk fresh milk froth for your Coffee recipes. Items valued seperately at $248
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  • Inissia: (WxHxD) 7.5 x 12.9 x 13.5 in
  • Essenza Mini: (WxHXD) 4.3×12.8 x 8.0 inch

Clearly, The Essenza Mini is smaller in width and depth, but is almost the same hight as the Inissia.

Water Reservoir Capacity:

  • Inissia has 24 oz capacity.
  • Essenza Mini: 20.3 oz capacity.

Used Capsule Drawer:

  • Inissia can hold up to 11 used capsules
  • Essenza Mini can hold up to 6 used capsules.

So, for Essenza Mini:

  • The water reservoir is smaller than Inissia by about 4 oz.
  • The uses capsule container holds less capsules.
  • But, it is 3.2 Inches less in width than Inissia. Which saves you a lot of counter space.

Essenza Mini vs. Pixie, What’s The Difference?

Pixie is one of the higher end machines from Nespresso. Although they all produce the same delicious coffee, Pixie has a more premium feel to it thanks to its stainless steel finish, LED indicators and overall retro modern design.

TitleNespresso Pixie Espresso Machine by De'Longhi with Aeroccino, AluminumNespresso Essenza Mini Espresso Machine by De'Longhi, Red
FeatureNespresso Pixie by De'Longhi has a 19 bar high-pressure pump that allows for a barista-style result, unlocking the delicate flavour of each coffee capsule; Designed for use with Nespresso capsules
The fast heat-up system reaches the ideal temperature in just 25 seconds. The machine automatically turns off after 9 minutes, consuming less energy
The one-touch buttons with two cup capacities (Espresso and Lungo) can be reprogrammed to custom volumes. Red backlights light up to let you know when you need to refill the 24 oz. water tank
Includes the Aeroccino 3 that provides a smooth, finely textured hot or cold milk froth for your coffee recipes via an ultra simple and fast automatic system
Each machine includes a welcome set with a range of Nespresso capsules with unique aroma profiles; Items sold seperately valued at $328
2 programmable buttons for Espresso and Lungo; 19 bar high pressure pump
Intuitive and easy to use; Ultra light and compact; 20.3 oz water tank
Heat-up time in under 30 seconds
Automatic Power-Off after 9 minutes; low Energy consumption after 3 minutes.Capsule tasting pack included; designed for use with Nespresso capsule
Water container capacity (oz):0.6
ReviewsRead ReviewsRead Reviews
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Pixie is more comparable to Inissia (our previous comparison can be found here), it has the same water reservoir capacity and the same used capsule drawer capacity. However, Pixie’s dimension is smaller than Inissia (WxHxD): 4.4 x 9.3 x 12.8 in

So when it comes to sizes, here’s the machines ranking from smallest to small (since they’re all compact really):

  • Essenza Mini
  • Pixie
  • Inissia

But if we’re going to compare designs, Essenza Mini has a plastic body much like Inissia. So while they still look great and colorful, they have a less premium finish that Pixie’s metal plates and LED indicators which pump up its look and feel.

Buying Capsules for Nespresso Essenza Mini:

Essenza Mini is part of Nespresso’s OriginalLine machines. So to brew coffee, you can choose:

Should You Upgrade to Essenza Mini?

Essenza Mini is mostly targeted to newcomers to the world of Nespresso. If this will be your first time buying a Nespresso machine, and you’re looking for a compact and cool design, the Essenza Mini would make a great choice.

On the other hand, if you already have an OriginalLine Nespresso machine at home and looking to upgrade, Essenza Mini will give you the same experience, so it won’t be much of an upgrade. Maybe you should consider trying VertuoPlus by Nespresso which brews espresso and coffee, uses different capsules than OriginalLine machines and should give you an new experience. Another great upgrade would be the Creatista, which includes a built-in steamer that creates professionally textured milk automatically.



If you’re a Nespresso owner as well as a Starbucks coffee fan, you’ll be happy to know that now you can enjoy your Starbucks coffee with your Nespresso machine! It’s been a long wait til the two coffee brands came together to give us what we wanted. So, here’s everything you need to know about Starbucks Capsules for Nespresso.

The Capsules, Blends and Compatibility:

  • Starbucks Capsules for Nespresso are available in 4 choices, 3 of them being a single-origin:
    • Guatemala, Kenya, Colombia and a dark Espresso roast.
  • The capsules are compatible with Nespresso OriginalLine machines only. Which means, these are Espresso capsules and will work with models such as Inissia, Pixie, Citiz, Lattissima, Gran Maestria and will NOT work with any VertuoLine machines like VerutoLine, Vertuo, Evoluo and so on.
  • Unlike Nespresso’s capsules, Starbucks’s capsules are not ranked by intensity. But like their usual coffee, it is labeled as Medium or Dark roast. With Espresso capsules being the only Dark Roast.

Are These Officially Licensed Starbucks Capsules?

Yes, indeed! These Nespresso capsules are officially released by Starbucks and are made especially to work with Nespresso OriginalLine machines (find the press release here)

Where Can I Buy Starbucks Capsules For Nespresso?

If you’re in the US, you can buy the capsules on Amazon.com. Customers in UK and some European countries can buy it directly from Starbucks on their website.

Other Nespresso-Compatible Capsules:

If you’re in the mood for trying different type of Nespresso-compatible capsules, read our past recommendations:



It’s no secret that we’re big fans of Jura’s superautomatic espresso machines. Leaders in their domain, Jura make the best coffee machines that do it all with a push of a button. Our post here is dedicated to two of Jura’s high-end models: Jura Giga 5 and Jura Z9 Impressa. These two machines are equipped with great technology and design, and they do come with a hefty price tag, but don’t let that scare you just yet, because we’ll also tell you how you can buy them for an insanely discounted price!

Features of the Jura Giga 5 Superautomatic Espresso and Coffee Machine

  • Two built-in grinders and Two heating systems, this machine allows you to prepare one or two specialty drinks at the same time.
  • Double grinders and the machine also allow you to blend two kinds of coffee (from each hopper) in a single drink.
  • Ceramic burr grinders that don’t produce heat and are whisper-quiet.
  • Dual spout dispenses the liquid into the cup and can be height & width adjusted. From 2.75″ to 6.25″ high and from .78″ to 2″ wide.
  • 18 Programmable specialty coffee drinks.
  • Creating your drink is super easy thanks to the colored screen display and rotary selector.
  • Programmable strength, grind and temperature.
  • Automatic milk frothing and dispensing.
  • Integrated rinsing, cleaning and descaling program.
  • Bypass doser allows you to use ground coffee instead of using the grinders.
  • Made in Switzerland.


  • 87 oz water reservoir.
  • 9 oz bean hopper for each grinder.
  • 20 oz thermal milk container.

Where To Buy Jura GIGA 5:

Features of Jura Z9 One Touch Impressa Espresso and Coffee Machine

  • Fully automatic coffee center.
  • Makes a single drink at a time.
  • Built-in ceramic burr grinder.
  • Two heating systems, one for coffee and another for steam.
  • Color screen display for easy programmability of your coffee.
  • Ability to use pre-ground coffee instead of grinder.
  • Programmable coffee strength, grind settings and temperature.


  • 96 oz water reservoir.
  • 9 oz bean hopper.
  • 20 oz thermal milk container.

Where to Buy Jura Z9:

What Is The Difference Between Jura GIGA 5 vs. Z9 Impressa?

For the most part, in features and programmability, the two models are the same. The biggest difference between the GIGA 5 and Z9 is:

  • The GIGA 5 has TWO grinders and TWO heating systems. This means you can prepare either one or two coffee drinks at the same time without the need to wait.

This is a rather useful feature if the machine is going to be used by a lot of people (say in an office, or in a large family), where you may need to process two drinks at the same time. But that’s not the only thing. Another great feature is that the JURA Giga 5 allows you to create a mixed coffee blend from each hopper. Say for example you have one hopper that has regular beans and the other is filled with decaf, you can program your machine to create a half-caff drink by grinding coffee from each hopper in one drink.

The GIGA 5 and Z9 have the same TFT color screen that shows you a clear menu of the drinks available with a photo. You can use the same screen to select your customization like temperature, strength or volume. It’s very simple to use.

One small difference is the water reservoir capacity: The Z9 has a larger 96 oz capacity while the GIGA 5 has 87 oz. The bean hopper capacities are the same, although on the GIGA 5 you get two bean hoppers of course. Also included with both machines is a 20 oz thermal milk container that allows the machine to automatically froth and dispense milk.

How To Save On Your JURA Coffee Machine Purchase?

Like we said at the beginning of this post, Jura machines come with a rather hefty price tag. With their technology, design and well manufacturing (They’re made in Switzerland!), they’re very much worth their price. But you still don’t have to pay full price for them. How? By buying a factory refurbished machine instead.

If you choose to buy a refurbished JURA machine, you are guaranteed a clean and like-new machine and you can save hundreds or thousands of dollars (yes, you read that right, thousands!).

Where To Buy a Refurbished JURA Machine?

Our favorite retailer for refurbished JURAs is 1inCoffee.com, all their JURA line is guaranteed factory refurbished, have been tested to be in perfect working condition and come with a 1-year warranty. You also get FREE shipping on your order.

Prefer to buy your JURA brand-new? 1stInCoffee has new Jura machines, too. Check them out here.

Video Reviews

Review of the Jura GIGA 5:

Review of Jura Z9:


Saeco Philips are makers of the best superautomatic espresso machines. You can find a range of super autos from Saeoc with cool features and at a range of prices that make it affordable to many people.

In this post, we’ll be looking at the Saeco Philips  Intelia Deluxe, an easy to use, bean-to-cup espresso maker that will brew your favorite coffee drinks with simple push of a button.

The Intelia Deluxe is a superautomatic that will make you a fresh cup of coffee, as fresh as can be, thanks to its built-in grinder that grinds the beans as soon as you push a button for your favorite drinks. It is available in two models: HD8759/47 and HD8771/93 (also known as Intelia Deluxe Cappuccino), which we will be comparing later in the post.

Features of the Saeco Intelia Deluxe Cappuccino HD8771/93:

  • Prepares all espresso based drinks like Cappuccino, Latte, Macchiato, Americano and more with a push of a button.
  • Built-in ceramic grinders that last longer and never overheat.
  • Built-in milk frother pitcher automatically froths milk and adds it to your cup.
  • Milk frothing pitcher is detachable, which allows you to store left over milk in the fridge.
  • Quick Heat boiler allows you to prepare your drinks with no wait time.
  • Choose from 5 strength settings, 10 grind settings and temperature settings.
  • LCD display allows you to easily program your machine.
  • Dedicated buttons for each coffee drink for quick operation.
  • Water reservoir capacity: 50 oz.
  • Bean hopper capacity: 10 oz.
  • Made in Italy

Click here to learn more about Saeco Philips Intelia Deluxe Cappuccino, read the customer reviews and buy it.

What Is The Difference Between Saeco Philips Intelia Deluxe HD8759/47 vs  HD8771/93


This is the Intelia Deluxe HD8759/47. It is identical to the Intelia Deluxe Cappuccino but with one slight difference:

The Intelia Deluxe lacks the milk frother carafe. Instead, it has a a hose that connect to the frother at one end, and you have to put in in a milk jug so it draws the milk, froth it and add it to your cup. After the milk in added, you’ll have to manually move your cup to the coffee spout for the next step. You can also use a frothing wand, which means you’ll have to froth the milk manually.

Click here to learn more about Saeco Philips Intelia Deluxe, read the customer reviews and buy it.

Video Reviews

Review of Intelia Deluxe:

Review of Intelia Deluxe Cappuccino:

Common Questions:

Can I Use Non-dairy Milk like Almond or Soy Milk?

Yes, you can use whichever kind of milk you like. However, the results of froth will vary and it’s not guaranteed that you’ll get the best results.

Can I Use Pre-Ground Coffee or Do I Have To Use the Grinder?

There’s an option to turn off the grinder so you can use any ground coffee you like.

Can I Adjust the Temperature Settings to Make My Coffee As Hot As I Like?

Yes, there are adjustable temperature settings. You can also adjust the grind and strength settings, so you can make your coffee exactly to your preference.




Nespresso continues to evolve and upgrade their line of espresso and coffee machines VertuoLine, tweaking the design and features to make it even better. The VertuoPlus is an example of this, it’s a newly redesigned machine to add to the VertuoLine collection from Nespresso. What is it and how is it different from the VertuoLine and Evoluo? That’s what we will talk about in this post.

Features of the VertuoPlus Espresso and Coffee Maker:

  • Espresso and Coffee maker by Nespresso – designed to work with VertuoLine capsules only.
  • Slim design with moveable water reservoir that can slide right, left or behind the machine.
  • 40 oz water tank capacity.
  • Automatic capsules recognition adjusts the machine to the optimal settings for that capsule.
  • Three cup sizes: 1.35 oz espresso, 8 oz and 14 oz coffee.
  • The top of the machine (the lid that lifts to insert the capsule) is motorized. It opens up and closes automatically.
  • Used capsule container.
  • Includes a sample pack with each available Vertuoline capsule for espresso and coffee.
  • Available in Gray or Red.

Click here to learn more about VertuoPlus espresso and coffee maker, read the customer reviews and buy it.

Nespresso VertuoPlus Deluxe, Is It Different Than The VertuoPlus?

No, features wise, both are exactly the same. The VertuoPlus Deluxe has a larger 60 oz water reservoir and design wise, it has some chrome accents. Everything else is the same as the VertuoPlus.

Click here to learn more about the VertuoPlus Deluxe, read the customer reviews and buy it.

Why Is The VertuoPlus Branded with DeLonghi and VertuoPlus Deluxe Branded with Breville?

We’ve been getting this question for a long time, ever since the release of machines like the DeLonghi Lattissima and more recently Breville Creatista Plus, which all are basically Nespresso machines but have other brand names.

The answer for this is rather simple. These good companies are not trying to confuse you, that’s for sure. Actually, they partner up to bring you the best of their technologies to make the best coffee makers possible. This the case of VertuoPlus, Nespresso has partnered with DeLonghi and Breville to help them distribute their machines. The VertuoPlus and VertuoPlus Deluxe are still Nespresso machines and are made exclusively to brew VertuoLine capsules.

Watch How The VertuoPlus Works:

How Is VertuoPlus Different Than VertuoLine and Evoluo Nespresso Machines?

TitleBreville BNV450GRY1BUC1 Nespresso Vertuo Plus Coffee and Espresso Machine with Aeroccino, GrayNespresso A+GCC1-US-BK-NE VertuoLine Evoluo Deluxe Coffee & Espresso Maker with Aeroccino Plus Milk Frother, Black
FeatureSimple and convenient 1 button operaton
Fast heat up time: 15-20 sec
Descaling alert
Automatic OFF mode after 9 min of non-use
Different cup sizes
Includes Aeroccino Plus milk frother: rapid one touch preparation of hot or cold milk froth. Items sold separately valued at $348
New revolutionary Centrifusion technology to gently brew both Coffee and Espresso with one touch of a button
Capsule recognition and code reading technology for blend-specific parametric brewing. Two capsule sizes, large for Coffee and small for Espresso
Easy insertion and ejection of capsules. For use with Nespresso VertuoLine capsules only. Not compatible with Nespresso Original Line capsules
Removable used capsule container holds 17 used capsules. Automatic off mode after 9 minutes of inactivity. Removable 54 oz. water tank
ReviewsRead ReviewsRead Reviews
LinkMore InfoMore Info

The similarity between all Vertuoline machines is:

  • They all use VertuoLine capsules (coffee or espresso) exclusively. Other OrignialLine capsules by Nespresso will NOT work with these machines.
  • They use Nespresso’s Centrifusion technology. Unlike other machines that use a pump to force water through capsules to produce the coffee, Centrifusion spins the capsules rapidly while mixing it with water to extract the coffee. When you start the brewing process, you’ll notice is sounds kind of like a fan is spinning. Yet, it is still much quieter than other coffee and espresso machines.

The differences between these models are mainly in the design:

  • The VertuoPlus has the biggest design difference with its moving water reservoir. You can set it up in a way that fits your counter top without any issues. Rotate it to the right side, left side or keep it in the back. As of this time of writing this post, only the VertuoPlus has this design feature.
  • Another thing that only the VertuoPlus has (as of now) is the motorized head. You might think this isn’t an important thing, but it really makes a huge difference since you’ll be closing and opening this part of the machine multiple times on a daily basis. Without automating this part, there are chances of breaking it by slamming it down or flipping it up too hard. But when it closes down slowly, on its own, there’s less force on it and less chances of it breaking.
  • Other differences has to do with the water reservoir capacity: With the VertuoPlus and Evoluo, both have 40 oz water reservoir. The Deluxe version of the VertuoPlus has 60 oz capacity but the Deluxe version of the Evoluo has a 56 oz capacity.

What About the first-gen VertuoLine?

We don’t recommend the first VerutoLine over the newer Evoluo or VertuoPlus for one reason. That original model has a design flaw that produced a coffee that is not hot enough. Since then, Nespresso released the Evoluo and VertuoPlus with a fix that makes hotter coffee than the VertuoLine. It is an outdated model for sure and it’s not worth it to buy.

How To Make a Cappuccino or Latte Using VertuoPlus?

If you happened to enjoy milk based coffee drinks like Cappuccino or Latte, we highly recommend that you get your VertuoPlus in a bundle that includes a milk frother. On its own, the VertuoPlus does not have a built-in milk frother so it only brews coffee or espresso, the base of those delicious coffee drinks. By getting a bundle, you get your VertuoPlus with an Aeroccino electric milk frother. This frother automatically heats up and froths milk with a touch of a button, and can create cold froth, too. If you don’t like Nespresso’s milk frother, you can always get one from another brand. See our recommendations here.

Click here to see this VertuoPlus bundle, read the customer reviews and buy it.

Should You Upgrade To The VertuoPlus?

  • If this is going to be your first Nespresso Vertuoline machine, then yes, absolutely! VertuoPlus is definitely worth it and you’ll enjoy having it.
  • If you’re currently an owner of a Nespresso Evoluo, then we don’t see a reason for an upgrade. The VertuoPlus and Evoluo offer the same performance and the difference between them is only aesthetic.
  • If you’re a VertuoLine machine owner, and you’re not happy about the temperature of the coffee your machine is producing (but you’re satisfied with the taste and quality), you should consider an upgrade as the new models fix this issue while offering you the same great coffee.



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