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5 Common Ninja Coffee Maker Issues And How To Fix Them [Troubleshooting Guide]

5 Common Ninja Coffee Maker Issues And How To Fix Them [Troubleshooting Guide]

Ninja Coffee Troubleshooting Dec 07, 2023 5 Comments

Ninja coffee makers, like many others, will run into some issues after being used daily for a long period. While it is inconvenient, there are many fixes that you do yourself to fix them. This is why I created this simple-to-follow troubleshooting guide.

Here are the top Ninja coffee maker issues that you can easily fix yourself:

1- coffee maker says ‘Add Water’ even when it is full

2- Beeping and brewing issues

3- The coffee pod adapter not working

4- the display is not turning on

5- Coffee grounds are overflowing

Below, you’ll find an explanation of each of these problems and how you can fix them. You can use the table of contents to skip to the part that you need.

    Ninja Coffee Maker Says Add Water

    How To Identify This Error: If your Ninja brewer display says ‘Add Wtr’ even if the reservoir already has water

    Why The ADD WATER Error Happens and How To Fix It

    This could be caused by several different factors:

    First, ensure there is enough water in the reservoir (more than the minimum amount) and that it is seated properly in place.

    If those things check out okay, it may be a sign that the pressure valve has become clogged or damaged and needs to be cleaned or replaced.

    Clean the Screen Around the Water Reservoir Valve

    5 Common Ninja Coffee Maker Issues And How To Fix Them [Troubleshooting Guide]

    All you need is to clean the valve. Fortunately, cleaning the pressure valve is a simple process that can usually be done in a minute or two:

    1- First, carefully remove the water reservoir from the machine and dump out any remaining water.

    2- Then, use a damp cloth to wipe off the inside of the reservoir, paying special attention to the part where the valve is located. If there is any build-up or debris on the valve, you can gently scrape it away with a plastic utensil until it looks clean.

    3- If you look at the bottom of the reservoir where the valve is, you’ll notice a small screen around it. This is used to trap any dirt or debris from ending up inside your coffee. After a long time of daily use, this screen becomes clogged and prevents water from flowing through it. Luckily, cleaning the screen is also a simple process that requires only a small brush and some warm water. Simply place the screen under running water and scrub away any debris with the brush until it looks clean again.

    Most of the time, this takes care of the problem. But if it persists, follow the steps below for the next fix.

    Drain The Valve from Any Trapped Water or Air

    1- Remove the water reservoir.

    2- If you look where the reservoir sits in the machine, you’ll see a valve inside which lets the water into the machine.

    3- You’ll want to be at a sink for this step. Turn your machine upside down and using your finger, you’ll want to press on that valve while the machine is upside down.

    This will cause all trapped water or air to come out of the machine. You might see water leaking from other parts of the machine, too. It’s okay. Just hold this position until the water stops dripping. Then, dry your machine and start a brew cycle.

    Ninja Coffee Maker Beeping And Stops Brewing

    Common Causes For Beeping:

    1. Clogged filters or valves.

    2. You’ve accidentally closed the ‘Drip Stop’ valve.

    3. The machines need to be cleaned and descaled.

    How to identify which problem you are having:

    The number of beeps will help you identify the problem your coffee maker is having. Listen carefully to how many beeps it is making.

    Sometimes the continuous beeping will be combined with another issue like the brewing stopping mid-cycle or not brewing at all.

    Coffee Maker Beeps 5 Times and then Stops Brewing

    This is a common issue with an easy fix.

    The ‘five beeps of death’ are anything but…. this pattern of beeps comes after you have hit the brew button. The machine will brew for a few seconds and then stop.

    Why it happens: The water reservoir valve is clogged and needs to be drained.

    To fix this issue, follow these steps:

    1- Unplug your machine then remove the water reservoir.

    2- You’ll also want to remove the coffee basket and carafe.

    3- If you look where the reservoir sits in the machine, you’ll see a valve inside which lets the water into the machine.

    4- You’ll want to be at a sink for this step. Turn your machine upside down and using your finger, you’ll want to press on that valve while the machine is upside down.

    What will happen is, you’ll see a flood of water coming out. Sometimes you’ll hear trapped air coming out, too (like the sound of a bubble bursting). Hold this position until the water stops coming out, then put everything back into place. Now start your brew cycle and it should run to a complete.

    Coffee Maker Beeps 3 Times then Stops Brewing

    This could be an issue with the brew basket or ‘drip stop’.

    Why it happens: The Brew basket is not pushed in completely or the drip stop valve is closed.

    Here’s how you can fix this problem

    1- Check and make sure the brew basket is fully pushed in.

    2- If the drip stop valve is closed, make sure it’s fully open. Your ninja coffee maker should start brewing normally again once you have done this.

    These two issues will also cause automatic brew to cancel if you have not fixed them before your set brew time.

    If you use the drip stop mid-cycle to pour yourself a cup and then forget to open it again, the machine will beep to remind you to open it for the machine to continue the brew cycle.

    Other Reasons Beeping

    Along with the potential issues listed above, there could be other causes for your Ninja coffee maker to beep and not brew, including an empty water reservoir or cleaning issues. These can be easily identified in the display. you’ll see the letters ‘CLN’ or ‘Add WTR’ where the clock usually is.

    Pod Adapter Not Working

    If you insert a K-Cup pod, and hit the brew button but no coffee is coming out, or a little comes out then stops, this means that the pod adapter needles are clogged.

    There are a few reasons why your Ninja coffee maker gets clogged. It’s a normal thing for all coffee makers to get clogged at some point. But this happens especially if you leave your used K-Cup pods inside the machine for a long time.

    By regularly cleaning the adapter and discarding the pods as soon as you are done, you’ll rarely face this issue again.

    How to Fix Clogged Adapter Needles

    5 Common Ninja Coffee Maker Issues And How To Fix Them [Troubleshooting Guide]

    The nice thing about this brewer is that it uses a removable adapter to brew k-cup pods, which means, you can easily remove this adapter and clean it thoroughly.

    • To clean the needles, remove the pod adapter and use a paper clip to rotate in each of the three holes. Rinse thoroughly with water.
    • There is also a needle on the bottom of the adapter. You’ll want to clean it using the paper clip and rinse it out, too.
    • On the side of the adapter, there’s a hole where the water runs through to the needles. You’ll want to rinse that one too.
    • When you are done manually cleaning the adapter, run a fresh water cycle by brewing an empty K-cup ( no K-cup inside, just select the pod setting) on 6 ounces classic brew setting.

    Display Not Working

    5 Common Ninja Coffee Maker Issues And How To Fix Them [Troubleshooting Guide]

    If your coffee machine is powered on, but the display isn’t turning on or won’t let you select anything, this is because the adapter is not placed in correctly.

    When you place your pod adapter (or even the carafe adapter), you have to put it in and then slide it forward to lock it in place. As soon as you do that, you’ll see the display activate and you’ll be able to select your brew.

      Overflowing Coffee Grounds

      This is a common issue that happens with all coffee makers, and not just the Ninja brewer.

      The number one reason for overflowing coffee grounds is using the wrong grind size.

      For a drip coffee maker like the Ninja, your coffee has to be medium-ground. If you use fine ground coffee, like coffee grounds used for Espresso or moka pot, this grind size is too compact and won’t allow water to flow freely through the other end, which leads to overflowing from the top.

      If you are grinding your coffee beans, make sure to use the medium grind setting on your grinder. If you are buying pre-ground coffee, look for a medium ground coffee, or one that says for Filter coffee.

      How To Avoid Future Issues and Keep Your Coffee Maker Clean

      5 Common Ninja Coffee Maker Issues And How To Fix Them [Troubleshooting Guide]

      The best way to keep your coffee machine running without any issues is to clean it often. This can help avoid clogs and other problems that can cause your ninja coffee maker to beep or not brew.

      Don’t wait until the Clean light comes on, and most importantly, don’t ignore it when it does come on. Instead, set a regular cleaning schedule to keep your machine running smoothly.

      1- Quick Clean Cycle

      The easiest way to do this is by doing a full carafe cycle, once or twice in a row (without adding any cleaning solution). This will get rid of any coffee ground residues inside the pipes or filter basket. You can do this once a week or biweekly.

      2- Deep Clean Cycle or Descale

      For a more thorough cleaning, you’ll want to use a descaling solution, or a natural cleaning solution, like white vinegar. This will involve adding the cleaner (or other recommended solution) to the water reservoir and running the cycle with this added.

      How To Know You Cleaned Your Ninja Coffee Maker Correctly

      Many times, users will try every fix, especially cleaning, and will say that none of these fixes worked. But I want you to make sure that you have indeed cleaned your coffee maker correctly by checking these points:

      1- Did you run the cleaning cycle once only? I have news for you! Most times, you have to run these cycles several times. Especially if you are descaling after months of use. Run the cleaning cycle until you see the water coming out of your brewer crystal clear.

      2- Sometimes, if you have neglected your machine for too long, you have to let the solution ‘sit’ for at least 30 minutes before discarding it. This will let the solution work its magic on any possible issues causing the internal clogging.

      How To Reset a Ninja Coffee Maker

      If you are still experiencing issues with your Ninja coffee maker, you may also want to try resetting the machine to see if this helps.

      To reset it, you simply unplug the coffee maker for at least 5 minutes. This will clear any temporary errors that could be causing the issue.

      You can then try plugging it back in and following the steps outlined in each of the fixes listed above.

      If this doesn’t work, or you are still experiencing other problems with your ninja coffee maker, you may need to contact customer support for further assistance.


      1. DaveP says:

        I want to thank you for insight on how my ninja needed to be ‘burped.
        It started the 2 pumps and quit routine during cleaning, and continued through rinse. This morning was like driving without cruise control, repeatedly pressing button to make coffee while researching.

        Again, thank you for helping with a real fix and not an obvious, already provided user error from the manual.

      2. CAROLYN F CLARK says:

        WHY does my Coffee maker say Flush?

        1. Dee says:

          Flush appears after the machine finishes the cleaning cycle. It’s the process the machine does to flush out residues from cleaning or descaling solutions.
          Refill the reservoir with clean water (Up to the MAX line) and press the ‘Clean’ button. The machine should start flushing out water into the pot. You have to repeat this step until the Flush message goes.

          Remember that the water needs to be clean (don’t add cleaning solutions or vinegar). And you have to fill it to the MAX line… any less amount of water will confuse the machine and interrupt the cycle.

      3. Dennis says:

        my PB040/050 dose not read my pod application. I have cleaned it….assured that all needled are clean. I have reset it, and still will not make pod coffee. I have returned it once and the new sent me acts the same way. What am I doing wrong?

        1. Dee says:

          Does it work with the ground coffee filter pod? If the reusable pod or filter basket brew just fine then there could be a problem with the pods you are brewing. Are you sure you are using Keurig K-Cup pods? This coffee maker has automatic recognition of pod adapter or brew basket, so I can’t see what can go wrong, it’s pretty straight forward.

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