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The Best in Latte Art [Videos]

Tips & Tricks

I still dream of being able to create a decent Latte art, but unfortunately, I’m still bad at it. Meanwhile though, I will continue to watch videos on how Latte art is made on YouTube, maybe one day I’ll finally pull it off.

Here are my favorite Latte art videos:

1. Animal Latte Art

2. Latte Art Style by Barista Dritan Alsela:

3. How to Free Pour
This will show you the right way to pour milk into your espresso shot as the basic way to start your Latte art

4. Making of 3D Latte Art:
As you’d imagine, this requires A LOT of patience.

5. Amazing 3D Latte Art:
Another great example of 3D Latte art.. this one extends to two cups of Lattes!