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Saeco Pure vs. Minuto Focus Super Automatic Espresso Machines, What’s the Difference?

Automatics Over $500 Jul 16, 2021
SAECO Pure vs Minuto

When I first stumbled across the SAECO Pure super-automatic espresso machine, the SAECO Minuto immediately came to mind, thinking they were the same machine but under different names. Upon further investigation, turns out, they’re not the same. So in this post, we will be discussing the difference between these two machines.

SAECO Pure vs. Minuto:


Both machines have similar basic features like:

  • Push-button bean to cup operation.
  • Classic wand milk frother/ hot water dispenser.
  • All options are reprogrammable.
  • 5 grind settings from fine to coarse.
  • Automatic grinding and descaling.
  • Adjustable coffee spout to fit different cup sizes.

How Are They Different?

  • The Saeco Minuto is actually more advanced than the Pure;
  • The Minuto has a ceramic grinder that preserves as much oils and flavor as possible without burning the beans, where the Pure has a metal grinder.
  • The Minuto’s pressure can be adjusted to low so it brews a regular cup of coffee and adjusted back to 15 bar for espresso brewing. The Pure does NOT have this feature and can only make espresso and espresso based drinks.
  • The Minuto has an LED screen and memorization features so it can save different drink settings at the same time. The Pure does not have any display.

Which One Should You Buy? The Saeco Minto Focus or Pure?


By now it’s obvious the Saeco Minuto Focus offers more features that the Pure, but you have to decide for yourself if they’re features you need or not. One of the Minuto’s most notable features is its dual pressure feature that allows you to brew coffee as well as espresso, a feature that many super-automatics lack.

Another factor that will affect your decision is budget. The Minuto is more expensive than the Pure, around $300 more, so that’s another thing to consider.

You can visit our post about the SAECO Minuto Focus to learn more about it by clicking here.