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What Pods Can You Use in Nespresso Citiz?

What Pods Can You Use in Nespresso Citiz?

Nespresso Machines & Guides Jun 09, 2023

Nespresso CitiZ pods are those small Nespresso pods that you can buy from Nespresso or from other Nespresso-compatible brands. These type of coffee pods are called Nespresso OriginalLine pods, and if you own a Nespresso Citiz, those are the kind of coffee capsules you want to buy.

Below, I will tell you the exact pods that are compatible with Nespresso Citiz.

What Pods Can You Use in Nespresso Citiz?

Nespresso CitiZ is a Nespresso OriginalLine machine, which means, it uses Nespresso OriginalLine pods.

Nespresso OriginalLine pods are available from:

  • Nespresso,
  • Other brands like Starbucks, Dunkin’s, Illy, Lavazza and many more.
  • Or, as reusable Nespresso pods (which are not recommended by Nespresso).

Nespresso CitiZ Pods

Nespresso OriginalLine Pods

Nespresso OriginalLine pods refers to coffee pods that are manufactured and sold by Nespresso. These are Nespresso’s own brand of pods which can be bought from Nespresso’s own website or from their authorized retailers like Amazon. These pods are not are NOT available in grocery stores or supermarkets.

Generic 3rd Party Nespresso OriginalLine-Compatible Pods

If you want to buy Nespresso Citiz pods from other brands, you can find a lot of Nespresso compatible capsules at local grocery stores, supermarkets and online retailers.

How To Tell Pods Are Compatible with Nespresso

To make sure that the pods you are buying are compatible with your Nespresso Citiz, or other Nespresso OriginalLine machines, you’ll have to look at the package and look for the words “Nespresso OriginalLine-Compatible Capsules”.

Nespresso Starbucks Pods

If you love Starbucks coffee, you’ll absolutely love these! Starbucks and Nespresso have partnered together to create these capsules and they are available in Starbucks’ most popular blends:

  • Espresso Roast
  • Veranda Blend
  • Pike Place Roast
  • Blonde Roast
  • Colombia
  • Sumatra

Nespresso Lavazza Pods

Lavazza is a leading Italian brand that produces a lot of coffee blends and coffee capsules, including Nespresso OriginalLine capsules.

Nespresso Lavazza Pods

Lavazza for Nespresso is available in many different blends and intensities. My personal favorite are Crema e Gusto, Rossa and Oro.

Nespresso Lavazza Pods

An important note regarding Lavazza Nespresso pods, and Nespresso compatible pods in general, you’ll want to make sure they are made of Aluminum so they match Nespresso’s own quality. There are some older plastic coffee pods for Nespresso that produce lower quality coffee.

Illy Nespresso Capsules

Illy is another world famous Italian brand that people enjoy around the world. Illy produces Nespresso Compatible pods in limited but high quality selection.

They’re available in Classico Classic Roast, which is a medium roast, Intenso bold roast, Forte Extra bold roast and Classic Lungo.

Nespresso CitiZ Reusable Pods

Can You Use Reusable Pods in Nespresso CitiZ

Nespresso Citiz is compatible with reusable pods. But you’ll have to check the brand you are buying the reusable pod from to double check.

Since reusable capsules are not officially licensed from Nespresso, they always come with a little risk of not working or fitting your machine correctly.

Do Reusable Pods Break Nespresso?

Not all reusable pods created equally. Some are made of high quality materials and other are on the lower end.

That said, some reusable pods can actually break the puncture needle of your Nespresso machine. And if that happens, you will void the warranty of your machine.

Nespresso CitiZ Pod Size

Nespresso Originalline pods vs Vertuo pods
What Pods Can You Use in Nespresso Citiz?

Nespresso CitiZ pods are small in size (the pod on the left) in comparison to Nespresso Vertuo pods which is the right one in the photos above.

Nespresso OriginalLine pods (Nespresso CitiZ pods) brew either espresso or lungo, and contain between 5g to 7g of coffee grounds.

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Are Nespresso Pods the Same Size as Dolce Gusto?

What Pods Can You Use in Nespresso Citiz?

Nespresso and Dolce Gusto pods are totally different in size and are NOT compatible or interchangeable. Dolce Gusto pods work with Dolce Gusto machines only, while Nespresso OriginalLine pods work with Nespresso machines only.

To identify the difference between them:

  • Dolce Gusto pods clearly state the name ‘NESCAFE DOLCE GUSTO’ on each pod.
  • Dolce Gusto pods are larger in size and are made of plastic.

Is Nespresso Discontinuing Original Line?

Since the start of rise of Nespresso Vertuo machines, the question of ‘Is Nespresso discontinuing Original Line‘ has been more relevant than ever. Nespresso is not discontinuing OriginalLine. They will continue to produce Original Line capsules and keep their OriginalLine machines. They’ve just shifted their focus to Vertuo because it’s exclusive to them, which means, they make more money from their Vertuo systems than OriginalLine.

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