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Lavazza Blue vs Expert Capsules – Are They The Same?

Lavazza Coffee Machines Feb 22, 2023

Lavazza, the world famous Italian brand for coffee, has two proprietary single-serve espresso machines to their names: The Lavazza Blue (Classy Mini) and Lavazza Expert (Classy Plus). If you want to learn about the difference between these two machines, you can read about it here.

But I’m sure since you landed on this page, you want to know if these two machines use the same pods or each has its own line of pods

Lavazza Blue vs Expert – Can You Use the Same Pods?

The answer is a yes – you can use the pods interchangeably between these two systems. But let me break down the difference for you…

Lavazza Expert Pods

The Lavazza EXPERT has 6 coffee presets, including milk based coffee drinks. But for the black coffee options, you have espresso, lungo and 8 oz coffee.

So pods that are labelled for EXPERT mean that they are available in that variety: espresso, lungo and 8 oz coffee.

Lavazza Blue Pods

the Blue model can only brew espresso and lungo, so pods labelled for ‘Blue’ or Classy Mini machine, are only available in that variety, either espresso or lungo.

Pod Sizes

Lavazza Blue vs Expert Capsules - Are They The Same?

All of Lavazza’s Blue or Expert pods are actually the SAME SIZE. Which is why they are compatible with both systems, they pods will fit just fine. But where’s the real difference then?

The only difference between those pods are roasts or grind size. The 8 oz coffee pod for the Expert model has grounds that are coarser, which is what coffee uses traditionally. Espresso grinds are very fine, as espresso should be.


So technically, if you have a Lavazza Expert (Classy Plus), you can use ANY Lavazza pod for the Expert or Blue system. If you have the Blue system (Classy Mini), you can use the espresso or lungo pods, regardless of them being labelled for Expert or for Blue machines. The 8oz Coffee pod will still fit in the Lavazza Blue, but there’s no option to brew a long cup of coffee on it, so that would be a total waste.

The Blue and Expert machines are only compatible with their own pods. You can’t use pods from nespresso, dolce gusto or keurig.

How To Read Lavazza Blue and Expert Capsule Labels

Telling which pod is which shouldn’t be hard, follow these guidelines to quickly tell which pod is which…

Lavazza Blue vs Expert Capsules

Like mentioned above, for Lavazza Expert, you can use any pods made for the Lavazza System. For Espresso or lungo, you can use capsules either from the Expert or Blue line. What the Expert has special for it is the x2 double espresso, which is to be used with the x2 Espresso button and the 8 oz coffee capsules for the Coffee selection. The serving sizes and names are clearly labelled on the boxes and the pods.

Lavazza Blue Pods

For Lavazza Blue, use any espresso or lungo pod for either Lavazza System. The coffee and double espresso pods from the Expert collection will still fit this machine, but there’s no buttons for them, you’ll have to use either espresso or lungo button to brew them, which is a waste of a good pod.

Lavazza Blue vs Expert Capsules - Are They The Same?

This is a really important part: a lot of people confuse Lavazza pods for other single serve systems for the EXPERT and BLUE system, or vice versa.

Lavazza also makes pods for Keurig (K-Cup pods) and they make pods for Nespresso OriginalLine machines. NONE of these will work with either the BLUE or EXPERT machines.

Commonly Asked Questions

Is Lavazza Blue the Same as Nespresso?

No, they’re not the same. Although both are single serve espresso machines, each use their own design of pods. But, Lavazza Blue only uses pods made by Lavazza, yet, for Nespresso OriginalLine machines, you can use pods made by Nespresso and pods made by Lavazza (made especially for Nespresso).

Do Starbucks Pods Work with Lavazza Blue or Expert?

No, Starbucks pods are available for Nespresso, Dolce Gusto or Keurig, but not for Lavazza machines.

Does Lavazza Make Hot Chocolate?

Yes! Lavazza has a hot chocolate pod compatible with both Blue and Expert. But do note that it’s a European style hot chocolate, made in a small espresso or lungo serving size only.

Does Lavazza Make Milk Pods?

No. You’ll have to use fresh milk with your milk based drinks.