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KRUPS XP5280 vs. XP5240 – Here’s The Difference Between Them

Espresso Machines Under $300, KRUPS

KRUPS XP5240 vs KRUPS XP5280

KRUPS’ XP line of espresso machines make a great addition to a beginner’s kitchen. The machines are built of stainless steel housing with few plastic parts, making it of great quality.

General Features of KRUPS XP Espresso Machine:

  • 15 bar pressure pump.
  • Thermoblock heating system provides ideal and consistent temperature.
  • Portafilter with universal basket that can hold coffee ground or e.s.e pods.
  • Precision tamping feature: the machine will do the tamping depending on your choice of coffee (single, double or e.s.e pod)
  • Steam wand for heating and  frothing milk
  • Cup warming tray on top.

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What’s The Difference Between KRUPS XP5280 & XP5240?

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There is one functional difference between the two machines:

  • The KRUPS XP5280 has auto flow stop for brewing. This means that you can program it to save your desired volume for your espresso shot.
  • The XP5240 does not have this feature.

Which brings us to the design difference…

  • The XP5280 has push buttons, this makes the option to program the auto-flow easy by continuing to press until you’ve got your desired volume.
  • On the other hand, the XP5240 uses dial knobs to go from brewing to steam function or to stop the flow.

Watch It In Action:

How To Use the KRUPS XP5280:

How To Use the KRUPS XP5240:

Which One Is Best To Buy?

We highly recommend the KRUPS XP5280 over the XP5240:

  • The programmable volumes are quite handy and makes coffee brewing more convenient.
  • It has received more positive reviews from customers than the XP5240.

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