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KRUPS EA9000 Barista Full Automatic One Touch Espresso/Cappuccino Machine

KRUPS, Super-Automatics Over $1000

KRUPS EA9000 Barista Full Automatic One Touch Cappuccino Machine with Automatic Rinsing and KRUPS Two-Step Frothing Technology

Get ready to be completely blown away by this truly SUPER automatic machine from KRUPS. This is a new generation super-auto machine that is simply very impressive, with many new features that the older super-automatics are missing. With color display touch screen, programmable options and exclusive frothing technology, this is one super machine to invest in.


  • Thermoblock heating system – 15 bar pump power.
  • Conical burr grinder with automated grind selection. 1.7L water tank.
  • Colored touch screen display.
  • Select from different recipes and drink customization options.
  • Save your favorite recipes and customized drinks, save up to 8 recipes and 8 profiles.
  • Exclusive 2-step frothing technology with automatic rinsing and cleaning
  • Includes a cleaning solution for steam nozzle, descaling powder and cleaning tablets; comes with a 2 year worlwide warranty


KRUPS EA9000 Barista Full Automatic One Touch Cappuccino Machine with Automatic Rinsing and KRUPS Two-Step Frothing Technology_

The display touch screen and programmability of the KRUPS Barista One Touch is what sets it apart the most from other machines. If you’re in a house with many people who’ll be using the machine, or maybe in an office.. saving your favorite drinks into your profile comes in quite handy! Simply navigate to your profile and choose one of your favorite drinks which you’ve already customized to your taste. And you’ll never have to re-create those drinks (unless you want to, of course!)… making your favorite drinks will be as simple as a touch of a button of a screen!

Another great and exclusive feature of this machine is the 2-step frothing technology that heats and froths the milk directly into the cup.

The exterior of the machine is modern, bold and sleek. It’s easy to clean and maintain with a simple wipe. Internal cleaning of the machine is done automatically but the machine itself. It rinses itself out after every use to it stays clean and ready for the next use.

If there’s one down-side to this machine it’s probably it’s hefty price. It will cost you over $2000 to buy, but that’s expected from a top-of-the line 2013 model with these advanced features.