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Keurig Vue vs. Rivo: What’s The Difference and Which Should You Buy?

Espresso Machines Under $300, Coffee Makers Nov 11, 2021

Keurig offers a wide range of single-serve coffee makers, two of them are the Keurig Vue and Keurig Rivo. We’ve already talked about Rivo and how it works in a previous post, we’ve also compared it to the popular Nespresso machines. What we’ll do in this post is compare the Rivo to Vue, since both are by Keurig but they’re in fact quite different from each other.

Keurig Vue vs. Rivo:

Let’s start by looking at the features of each brewer individually:

Keurig 2700 Keurig® Vue® V700 Single Serve Coffee System:

Keurig 2700 Keurig® Vue® V700 Single serve coffee system

  • Single-serve coffee brewer with the option to brew tea and iced drinks.
  • Choose from 8 cup sizes
  • Program and control brewer using a touchscreen display.
  • 74 oz water tank.
  • Brews Vue Packs ONLY (does NOT work with K-Cup coffee pods).  You can brew K-Cups using an unofficial adapter.
  • Variety of Vue pods available from many coffee brands. Tea, hot chocolate and other variety drinks are available too

Keurig Rivo 500 Espresso and Cappuccino Brewing System:

Keurig Rivo 500 Cappuccino & Latte System
  • An espresso maker with automatic milk frother.
  • Makes milk based espresso drinks automatically.
  • The machine brews Rivo Packs ONLY (No K-Cups or Vue Packs compatible with this machine).
  • Rivo packs are made by Italian coffee brand Lavazza exclusively.
  • 2 espresso sizes (espresso 1.4 oz and lungo 2.8 oz).
  • 3 frothing modes: Cappuccino, Latte or Cold froth (froths milk without heating to use with iced drinks).
  • Lavazza Rivo packs are available in 4 varieties: Classic, Delicate, Intense and Decaf.

So, What Is The Difference Between Vue and Rivo?

  • The main difference is that Keurig Vue is a coffee maker while the Rivo is an espresso maker.
  • Vue allows you to brew coffee and tea with capsules available in a wide variety from different coffee brands.
  • Rivo creates specialty coffee drinks like Cappuccinos and Lattes automatically and quickly. But it does NOT make regular coffee or tea.

Difference In Coffee Capsules:

Rivo vs Vue Capsules

Like we mentioned earlier, both systems have their own line of coffee capsules. With the Keurig Vue, you’re getting a larger variety of coffee drinks. While the Rivo works exclusively with one brand, Lavazza, which is known for its fine Italian espresso.

Usually, when you’re buying a single-serve machine, you’re committing to its special pods. So before you decide on either system, we advice you have a look at their available pods.

Which Should You Buy, The Keurig Vue Or Rivo?

The choice between these two brewing systems is relatively easy if you know what you want out of your machine. If you’re looking for brewed coffee, tea or other hot or iced beverages, the Vue is an excellent choice. But if you’re looking for specialty coffee drinks like espresso, cappuccino or latte, Rivo is the way to go.