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Jura IMPRESSA C9 vs. S9: What’s The Difference Between Them?

Super-Automatics Over $1000 Aug 13, 2015

Jura IMPRESSA C9 vs S9

Jura is the brand to go to when it comes to high-end super automatic espresso machines. With a touch of a button, you can have your coffee, cappuccino or latte made to your taste in a matter of minutes and without any work on your part.

In this post, we’ll be looking at two machines from the IMPRESSA line from Jura. We’ll look at the features and difference between the Impressa C9 and Impressa S9.

Features of the Impressa C9:


  • Automatic coffee and espresso maker with 1450-watts power.
  • 15 bar power pump.
  • Built-in conical burr grinder with 6 adjustable settings.
  • Bypass for using pre-ground coffee of your choice.
  • 64 oz water tank capacity.
  • Includes 14 oz milk container for automatic milk frothing.
  • 8-ounce bean container.
  • Programmable coffee cup size and strength.
  • Hot water dispenser for preparing other drinks like tea.
  • Height adjustable coffee spout 2.6 to 4.4 inches
  • Screen for text display.
  • Includes a DVD for instructions on how to use the machine.

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Features of the Impressa S9:


  • Fully automatic espresso and coffee maker with 1250 watts of power.
  • 15 bar pressure.
  • Built in Aroma+ grinder, which is a JURA grinder that grinds twice as fast and adds a touch of Aroma for better coffee.
  • 3 programmable hot water temperature.
  • Separate by-pass for using ground coffee.
  • 90.3 oz water tank capacity.
  • 9.9 oz bean hopper.
  • Adjustable coffee size, strength and temperature.
  • Hot water dispenser.
  • Height adjustable coffee spout, 2.6 to 5.8 inches.
  • Height adjustable cappuccino spout 4.7 inches.
  • Screen displays text and graphics.

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C9 vs. S9,  What’s The Difference?

The Jura IMPRESSA S9 is a more advanced model than the C9. It features a number of upgraded features.

The Built-In Grinder:

  • S9: it feature’s Jura’s new Aroma+ grinder which promises to grind coffee twice as fast with an Aroma Boost function that provides you with an extra coffee kick. It has 5 adjustable settings.
  • C9: uses a conical burr grinder with 6 adjustable settings.

Programmability and Adjustments:

  • S9: allows you to program your drinks size, strength as well as temperature. Choose from 5 adjustable strength, 3 levels of hot water temperature and 2 brewing temperatures.
  • C9: you can adjust coffee volume and strength, choose from 3 coffee strengths. Brewing and hot water temperature cannot be adjusted in the C9.

The Display:

  • S9: the screen can display text as well as graphics.
  • C9: the screen displays text only.

The Spouts:

  • S9: both the coffee and cappuccino spouts can be adjusted in height. This helps you accommodate cups of any size and length.
  • C9: only the coffee spout can be adjusted.

Water Tank and Bean Hopper:

  • S9: has a larger water tank of 90.3 oz capacity and a larger coffee bean hopper of 9 oz with Aroma seal lid.
  • C9: has a 64 oz water tank and 8 oz bean container.

Automatic Maintenance:

  • Both machines feature automatic one-touch maintenance features like rinsing and descaling. However, the C9 has automatic milk rinse that the S9 doesn’t have.

Milk Frothing Container:

  • S9: does NOT include a milk container or frothing jug.
  • C9: includes a 14 oz insulated milk container.

Which One Is Best To Buy?

Looking at the comparison, you’ll notice that the S9 has many upgraded features over the C9, but doesn’t mean it’s necessary what you have to buy. Overall, both machines are fantastic, but you’ll have to look at your specific needs to know which is the best one. For example:

  • Are you someone who mainly brews milk-based drinks? then the C9 is a great option since it has the milk container included your purchase. And it has a milk-rinse feature that will ensure your machine is always clean.
  • On the other hand, if you’re specific about your coffee’s temperature, the adjustable temperature on the S9 will be an important feature for you. This is a special feature that isn’t available in many coffee and espresso makers.

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Reference for the information in our comparison is Jura’s official website.